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My viewpoint of the alleged 'Sujiatun Camp' and how it is formed
Adjust font size:   Close  By: Wu Harry 2007-11-05

In late February 2006, after half a year's investigation, my team began to write a report on the organ transplant in the Huaxi Hospital in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. My plan was to publicize the report when China's president Hu Jintao visited US in late April, so as to remind the whole world of Beijing's large-scale and long-time theft of organs of the death row prisoners. It is a sever violation of the basic human rights and an appalling violence of the CCP.

(2) In February, the cooperation between the China Information Center and Kan Zhongguo (Secret China News), one of the Falun Gong media, primarily initiated. The front page of the Secret China News web added a new column exclusively for articles from CIC's Guancha and the Kang Zhongguo weekly published three or four articles from Guangcha in each issue.

On March 10, 2006, Falun Gong's leading media, Da Ji Yuan (The Epoch Times) published a headline news report (see Appendix), entitled Secret Chinese Concentration Camp Revealed. The story said

In Sujiatun District, Shenyang City, the CCP has established a secret concentration camp, where over 6,000 Falun Gong practitioners are detained, said Mr. R. The concentration camp has a crematorium to dispose of bodies. There are also many doctors on site. No detainees have managed to leave the concentration camp alive. Before cremation, the internal organs are all removed from the bodies and sold.

More reports appeared at the Falun Gong media in the following days. What follows is quoted from a report on Da Ji Yuan.

Three-quarters of the 6,000 arrested Falun Gong practationers have died, having their hearts, kidneys, retinas, and skins harvested and their bodies disposed of...Since 2001, the concentration camp has secretly detained thousands of Falun Gong practitioners. The hospital removed their kidneys, livers, and corneas. After the organ removal, the emptied corpses were sold as models to the Biological Plastic and Chemistry Factories that sprung like mushrooms because of the sufficient supply of dead bodies and others were disposed of right on the spots. Investigations show that the organs were taking from the arrested Falun Gong practitioners alive. Due to the exceptional brutality, many participating medical staffs suffered from serious psychological problems and there have been reports that some medical workers committed suicide because of the mental pressure...The organs from the Falun Gong practitioners have become the main supply of China's underground organ trade. (from New Witness Confirms Existence of Chinese Concentration Camp in Da Ji Yuan, March 17)

(4) After a careful study of the reports on Da Ji Yuan, I found the two witnesses are not reliable and most probably they had fabricated the story. I tried in vain to contact Zhang Erping, the spokesman of Falun Gong. I made called to his cell phone and asked him to call back and have a talk about the issue of Sujiatun, but he never replied to my call.

Meanwhile, I asked the CIC reporters in China to make an investigation on the Sujiatun allegation. Since March 12, the investigators searched around the whole District of Sujiatun. On March 17, they even managed to visit the two military camps located in Sujiatun. On March 27, they secretly visited the Liaoning Provincial Thrombosis Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine in Sujiatun. On March 29, they visited the Kangjiashan Prison at the neighborhood of Sujiatun. However, with all these first-hand investigations, they had not found anything that could be an evidence of the Falun Gong allegation of Sujiatun Concentration Camp. During and after their investigation, they sent back photos and written reports to me about their findings respectively on March 15, March 17, March 27, March 29, March 30 and April 4 (See the appendix)

(5) At the same time, Falun Gong launched its recessant propaganda on Da Ji Yuan (including its English version) and other media about the Sujiatun Concentration Camp. The Falun Gong backed radio and TV stations, the Voice of hope and the New Tang Dynasty TV, echoed with the clamor. The New Tang Dynasty TV interviewed me and borrowed from me some video tapes about organ transplant and I agreed. Many news media of the US and European countries as well as statesmen contacted me to ask me for my opinion on the Sujiatun story.

(6) On March 19, invited by Professor Nie Sen, representative of Falun Gong practitioners in DC area, I gave a speech in support of their withdrawal from the CCP campaign after the practitioners staged a demonstration along St. Patrick Street and the Divine Land Marching Band assembled before the Lincoln Memorial.

After my speech, I had a talk with Mrs Rong Yi who is in charge of Kan Zhong Guo (the Secret China News) about the cooperation between her website and the CIC's website Guancha.

At this assemblage, I first met Mrs. Wang Wenyi who called herself the manager of Da Ji Yuan's Public Relation Department. Her self-introduction indicated that 1) she graduated from a medical college in China and got her doctor's degree in US and recently moved from California to New York City to do medical research; 2) she had once denounced Chinese President Jiang Zemin for his persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Malta where Jiang made a visit; and 3) when she was working in China she had been to the execution ground to help the surgeons to crop organs from executed prisoners.

As was mentioned above, my team and I were writing a report about the heart harvesting of the death row prisoners in China's Huaxi Hospital and were preparing for a Congress hearing about China's theft of prisoner organs, so I invited Mrs. Wang to give testimony at the scheduled hearing as a direct participant in organ harvest. Wang happily agreed and promised to email me her written testimony in a short time.

On March 22, I wrote a letter to some congressmen to express my opinion about the Sujiatun issue. The letter was sent to altogether twenty or so receivers, including some congressmen and journalists of some news media. The main points of the letter are as below 1) According to our investigation in China, the alleged concentration camp that lock up as many as 6000 people does not exist in Sujiatun District; 2) over the past two decades, the Chinese government did harvest organs from death row prisoners, but neither in theory or in practice it is impossible to conduct the operation to crop organs alive from as many as 4500 people; 3) the report that the CCP crops organs from the Falun Gong practitioners and exports them to Thailand and other countries" is totally unreliable. In the letter, I reiterated my unmistakable stance to fight against the communist regime's persecution of the Falun Gong practitioners and promised that I would continue to support Falun Gong and other organizations or individuals to seek for their freedom of faith. To avoid the possible misunderstanding that I take the same stand as the CCP, I asked the receivers to keep the letter confidential and it was not supposed to be spread outside, published or quoted in publication (See Appendix)

Up till now the letter has not been published or translated into Chinese.

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