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Trilogy of Li Hongzhi’s Deceptions
Adjust font size:   Close Kaiwind Wu Dena 2017-02-12

 Recent Portrait of Yang Qixiang 

Recently, this author visited Yang Qixiang, a former Falun Gong practitioner, and learned about her personal experience of mental control by Li Hongzhi. During the conversation, she exposed the trilogy of methods for how Li deceives people into practicing the cult. The following is an account of her revelation:   

My name is Yang Qixiang. I am 68 years old, a local of Yongli Village, Changning County. In 1997, by coincidence, I was exposed to Falun Gong and fell into its trap. In order to achieve the so-called completeness, I neglected my children and went out to distribute booklets and slogans of Falun Gong. Luckily, my superiors at work and my colleagues didn’t abandon me. Instead, they showed me the facts and helped me patiently. In this way, I was gradually awakened from the tricks of Li Hongzhi and was freed from the traps of the cult. Looking back on my 10 years of practicing Falun Gong, I feel it was a waste of time and I sincerely appreciate the help of the government and the Party. I split with Falun Gong and will never practice it again. I realized that Li Hongzhi is nothing but a liar and I would like to expose his trilogy of methods for cheating people.  

Step 1: Achieve completeness to enter the Heavenly Kingdom  a bait to lure the followers  

I used to be a nurse and witnessed miserable scenes of families crying at the deaths of their loved ones. After I lost my husband, I had some new understanding of life and felt that man was vulnerable and weak. My two sons have both married and live separately from me. Thus I often suffer from loneliness, frustration and the pain of illness. One day, I heard that some friends practiced Falun Gong to keep fit and ward off misfortune, so I tried it myself. As I was brainwashed by its doctrines of truthfulness, kindness and tolerance, I became obsessed with the cult and practiced it for 10 years. In the end, I could sacrifice anything for completeness and for entering the Heavenly Kingdom. I disregarded the advice of my family and friends and the crazy desire for completeness was put above the family, morality and even law. I also convinced many others into practicing the cult and went out to distribute booklets and slogans of Falun Gong. In this way, I became the accomplice and tool of Li Hongzhi. With the patient help of anti-cult volunteers, I was eventually awakened. In fact, the so-called completeness was but bait used by Li Hongzhi. In preaching, he claims to be the highest Buddha in the universe who can travel anywhere and change into numerous Dharmakaya. According to him, the primordial spirit will not disappear, all creatures are created by gods and they all have a spirit. He even touted himself as being able to delay the time when the earth will be destroyed, and distorted the meaning of a number of scientific items such as particles, quarks, radiation and fields. He misinterpreted many historical facts including prehistoric culture, anthropogenesis, and structures of the cosmos and earths explosion. As a result, many followers who desired for completeness were deceived by his theory. In fact, the kind of completeness and heavenly kingdom talked about by him can never be reached and Li himself cant do that, either. It is nothing but bait used by Li to attract followers.  

Step 2: Brainwash the followers to abandon obsessiveness 

In Dhammacakka, Li Hongzhi said, as a practitioner, we must get rid of obsessiveness, be it material gains, vanity, jealousy or any other desire. Before my enlightenment, I did according to the book and gave up any obsessiveness. I intended to be a good person and wherever I went, I told people Falun Gong practitioners are good people who never fight with others. We seek nothing and we neither steal nor gamble. In this way, how can we be bad? This theory seems to be persuasive, yet in reality, all these are but common sense and clearly required by law. Li also said, “If you take life and death easily, you will be a God and if not, you can only be a man. Now I have been awakened from the tricks of Li and realized that the reason he asked us to give up obsessiveness was simply to control us mentally. When we have contempt for material gains, Li is pursuing his personal gains; when we take light our family, we will follow him; when we no longer care about fame and fortune, we will spend money on buying his books and videos. The result is that we blindly follow Li Hongzhi and lose our own judgment. He said, The followers who stand out against pressure are the greatest. No pain, no gain. As a result, we kept handing out booklets, hanging slogans and telling the truth. We made crank calls and called on people to withdraw from the Party. On the other hand, when we sometimes had doubts about Falun Gong, Li would blame us for not giving up all of our obsessiveness. However, by giving up fame, personal gain and even family life, we are handing our life to Li Hongzhi without resistance.  

Step 3: Cultivation amid Mist  

In Dhammacakka, Li Hongzhi said, There are different levels of self-cultivation and some practitioners will know it in the process. The level of self-cultivation is manifested in the body of the practitioners, There are 9 colors reflecting the level of cultivation. The first one is red, followed by orange, yellow, green and so on. In fact, with common sense, we know that any Qigong can benefit the muscles and bones. Combined with psychological suggestion, people will naturally feel more comfortable. Moreover, when you keep moving your body, the blood circulation is accelerated and the face certainly turns radiant. Li Hongzhi takes advantage of this effect to mislead the followers into believing that practicing Falun Gong helps them keep fit. How about the effect that is not visible? According to Li, only when the moment of awakening comes can the followers see the effect. It is a process of cultivation. Some might say my eyes are open and I just learned to understand. It is not the case. If a follower understands everything, he doesn’t need to cultivate at all. Cultivation is like going through the mist to see the sunlight. By saying this, Li Hongzhi was telling us that we should practice without knowing why. If you succeed, then it is attributed to your power of comprehension; if not, you cant blame Li. In fact, the Falun Gong followers will never become immortal and no one in real life does. Whatever the result might be, Li Hongzhi is always right and the followers are always wrong. Of course, the victims are always the followers.  

I was trapped by Li Hongzhis heretical ideas for ten years and like other followers, I blindly followed him until I was awakened to reason.   

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