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The Miserable Story of Zheng Zhiming
Adjust font size:   Close Kaiwind ZHOU Xiaoyou 2017-04-25

I am a volunteer in Guanshanhu District of Guiyang City. Through the activity “Showing Love for the Community”, I met Aunt Bao Chunling and learnt the miserable story of her husband Zheng Zhiming. The details are as follows: 

BAO and ZHENG met and formed a happy family. 

Zheng Zhiming was born in 1938 in Fenggang County, Zunyi City of Guizhou Province. When he was young, he was 1.81 meters tall and weighed 80 kilograms. He was a secondary school student in the 1960s and later became a public servant. Bao Chunling was a manager in a SOE. She was three years younger than Zheng, and was thin and beautiful. They were introduced by a matchmaker and fell in love on their first date. Then, in 1962, they married. Colleagues and neighbors all said that they were a perfect match. 

The couples raised two sons and three daughters, and lived a happy life. Zheng loved literature and art, and sang and laughed with their children every day. However, time flew by and the children grew up, went to work in other cities and got married. Gradually, only the aged couple stayed at home. As he loved drinking when he was young, Zheng was diagnosed with diabetes. However, Zheng still maintained a good condition through taking medicine or doing exercise. 

He was incited by other people and started to practice in a cult. 

The father-in-law for Zheng’s second eldest daughter was Xu Shuwei. Xu was very curious and paid great attention to his health. After retirement, Xu practiced every “Gong” spread by the elites, for example, Xiang Gong, Puti Gong and Zhong Gong. In the early autumn of 1996, Xu went to see Zheng, and told him immediately about a new method and imitated some gestures: “Zheng, I am practicing a new and powerful type of Gong which can cure your diabetes.” Zheng’s interest was piqued and he urged Xu to explain further. The Gong Xu introduced was Falun Gong. Then, he said extravagantly that Falun Gong allowed practitioners to remove viruses and karma. Also he said that after practicing, his health had been much improved and a virus been eliminated. Therefore, he did not feel tired when walking. He recommended Zheng to practice, and finally Zhng was pleased to practice “Falun Gong”. The next day, Xu sent Turning the Law Wheel to Zheng and taught him five methods. Under Xu’s guidance, Zheng began to practice Falun Gong. 

After three months’ practicing, Zheng was affected by Li Hongzhi’s theory of “practicing for eliminating karma” and secretly hid his medicine for diabetes. Every day, he stayed alone to learn, practice meditation, and to read “Turning the Law Wheel” “Falun Dafa Essentials for FU” and other books written by Li Hongzhi. Zheng became obsessed. At first, he stayed in his study for hours. Then, he would not leave the study if he did not need to have meals or go to the toilet. Bao felt that there was something wrong with her husband, but had no evidence. Therefore, she allowed him to practice as he pleased. Zheng felt that his condition had been improved and walked more quickly. More importantly, he felt he did not need to take medicine anymore. 

He was indifferent to family members and was controlled mentally. 

One day, after practicing for over six months, Zheng said to Bao: “It can eliminate disease, increase one’s capabilities and open the immortal eyes to see the truth of the universe, so how about practicing with me?” Bao said: "You are practicing every day and do nothing. If I practice also and do nothing, then how can we make a living?” Zheng was displeased at his wife’s words. Bao continued to say: “You practice every day, but your health hasn’t improved much.” Zheng responded: “You see, I’m still healthy even without taking medicine.” Bao was quite surprised to learn that, after practicing, Zheng had stopped taking medicine. Bao advised Zheng not to stop taking medicine, but he said that his wife was an ordinary woman and did not know the benefits of Falun Gong. They argued with each other. 

After finding out that her husband did not take medicine, Bao felt upset. She repeatedly advised Zheng to take medicine, but he refused. She had no choice but to call their eldest son to tell him about her concern. Days later, the eldest son came and told Zheng immediately: “Dad, mom said that you practice Falun Gong and take no medicine. You should not continue in this way. How can you survive, if you fall ill?” Zheng became angry. He pointed at Bao and asked his son to leave. Bao could not bear any more. She found medicine and asked her husband: “Now, you must take medicine. If you have this pill, we will continue our marriage as usual. If you won’t and continue to practice this evil cult, I’ll divorce you!” Bao was only releasing her anger, but Zheng was filled with anger when hearing “the evil cult” and slapped her across the face. Bao was stunned and looked at her husband in shock with her hand on her face. Then, she burst into tears. The son came to comfort Bao and condemned his father. Zheng ignored the scene and went to his study. Bao was so angry that she called to ask Xu for help. However, Xu responded that, if Bao obstructed Zheng, she would become a demon! 

Bao asked the eldest son and the second eldest daughter to return and discussed Zheng's situation with them. The eldest son was chosen to advise Zheng, “You can practice Falun Gong, but you must take medicine.” However, after they talked for a day, no results were achieved. Zheng insisted on following the “Master’s” words rather than the son’s. Besides, he read a passage about “removing karma” in Turning the Wheel to the son. Zheng confidently said to his son, “According to Falun Dafa, as long as we do good and practice, our levels will improve, our karma will be eliminated and our bodies will change into a form of high-energy material or the so-called ‘crystal white body’. Have you heard about it? It is almost like the body of Buddha. Will a Buddha get sick? Just tell your mother: Don’ t bother me when I’m practicing. After I reach completion, you’ll have numerous blessings!” Looking at his father’s face, the son knew all his words would be useless. The son opened the book and read, finally saying: “Dad, it’s downright nonsense. You are intelligent, so how can you believe in these superstitious things? You should not practice it!” Zheng became very angry and took the book from his son, saying sharply: “Don't make irresponsible remarks. It is supernatural science and an insight into the universe. If you want to oppose me practicing it, just kill me.” The talk ended. After that, Zheng stopped talking to any family members. Instead, he only shut the door to practice or communicate with Xu in their practicing places. The happy and optimistic Zheng changed into a taciturn man. 

ZHENG died because of taking no medicine or treatment. 

Later, Zheng spent more time on practicing and met family members less and less. Bao found that after practicing, her husband was always in a trance on the sofa at night. Bao called out to him several times, but Zheng never responded and, later, he began to sit in meditation again. Eventually, Bao stopped trying to talk to him. After a period of time, Bao found that her husband’s legs were swollen, which made it difficult for him to sit in meditation. BAO attempted to persuade him to see the doctors, but Zheng said, “This is the sign that the body is getting better and a test from the ‘Master’. As long as I keep practicing, my ‘karma’ will recede.” The persuasion from Bao and their children did not work. Then, the eldest son had to ask a few students to help send Zheng to the hospital for examination. Zheng squirmed and disturbed the doctor, making it impossible for the doctor to examine him. They had to send him home. After returning home, he still practiced as usual, but he could hardly sit down, was breathless and always had sweat on his forehead. Bao asked him to take medicine, but Zheng shook his head and refused again. 

One day in late August 1997, when she was sleeping, Bao suddenly heard a “plump” and then the broken sound of a cup. She rushed to the study and found that Zheng had fainted. She asked the neighbors to help send him to Zunyi Medical College for emergency rescue, immediately. After a comprehensive examination, the doctor said that his diabetes had reached an advanced stage with the syndrome of renal failure and complications of uremia and cataracts. Lying on the hospital bed with catheters, Zheng repeated: “I don’t want treatment. The practitioners won’t fall ill, so send me home immediately and don’t obstruct me.” Then, he fell into a coma. After he woke up, he continuously said: “Send me home. I need to practice.” Seeing her husband this way, Bao felt painful and wept tears. 

In April 1998, Zheng passed away with his expectations dashed and confusion about his “Master” Li Hongzhi. Bao was so sad that she became seriously ill. The children were so worried and did not want to leave her alone. Thanks to the persuasion of the children, she recovered. However, despite her filial children, she could not ask them to stay with her all the time and had to live by herself. She then followed the advice of her eldest daughter and moved to live with her in Guiyang. Gradually, she came out of the past sadness. Now, every time she mentions Zheng, the 75-year-old Bao says with indignation, “If I can see Li Hongzhi, I will ask him why he does things like that! What a deceitful Gong he created! Although he hides in the United States, a wicked person like him will be afflicted!” Looking at the silver-haired Zheng, I can hardly think out a word to comfort her. I think: If he was still alive and knew that the government has banned Falun Gong, a wise intellect as he was would retreat from the wrong path… 

(Executive editor: QING Zhu) 

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