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Obsessed with a Cult, Female College Student Ran Away from Home Twice
Adjust font size:   Close Kaiwind Huang Hong 2017-06-12

At five in the morning of 1 May 2012, a shepherd from the second group of Lijia Village, Baoshan Town, Fengcheng City, Liaoning Province, found a women lying on a pile of firewood, which belonged to Ma Yongxiang, while he herded sheep up the mountain,. He knocked on Ma’s door. Ma and his wife came out and found that it was their daughter lying there, who had disappeared for two years. 


This is the place where the shepherd saw Ma Ning, who had fainted. 

She got to know a tall, rich and handsome man through the Internet and let the wolf into her house. 

Ma Ning was an excellent student in the eyes of the villagers. In 2005, she was admitted to a leading university with a score of 582 points in the college entrance exams. In 2009, she entered a public institution after graduation. She had become a symbol of success in her poor, rural village. During the Spring Festival of 2010, Ma returned home with a tall, rich and handsome boyfriend. He said his name was Zheng Wei, he was two years younger than Ma and the son of a real-estate company boss in Harbin City. It’s said that they got to know each other through the Internet. This was the start of a nightmare for Ma’s family. The man was actually a backbone member of the Almighty God cult. He fabricated his learning experiences at the Harbin Institute of Technology, and his background as the second generation of a rich family. By means of the Internet, he ensnared female college students and Ma was one of them. During Spring Festival, the man went to Ma’s hometown with a lot of discs and books. When they visited Ma’s relatives, he would give them a DVD player and a MP4 player. Many farmers came to Ma’s house to ask for the electronic devices so Ma’s house became like a market. Ma Yongxiang thought it was Christianity, so didn’t mind. The man spread doomsday prophesies among the villagers, saying that doomsday would arrive in December 2012 when the earth would be destroyed. He claimed that, since the Chinese don’t believe in God, betray him and oppose him, God had chosen to come to China. Further, he claimed that the person who found God was in Harbin. He said seriously that God had arrived in China and that Christ had secretly come twice. For the first time, he came as Jesus. This time, he returned as a Chinese woman, who was like an oriental flash, lighting up the west. She worked secretly and gave secret help to Chinese people. Only Almighty God could save humanity. Only by believing in Almighty God, could people be blessed by God and protected from being enchanted by Satan. Considering it to be Christianity, which is lawful in China, the villagers believed the man. The books he brought back were all distributed in a short time. On the seventh day after the Lunar New Year, the couple drove back to Shenyang. 

She quit her job to evangelize and her family never heard from her. 

In May 2010, the couple returned to Lijia Village. Their acts were a little more secret this time. They went out at night and visited the villagers door by door. They asked the villagers to sign on a printed guarantee paper which said that they joined Almighty God voluntarily, would keep secrets for them and obey Almighty God absolutely. The villagers went to the gathering point in town to read scriptures, chant and evangelize. In a short time, more than ten people joined the cult. Then a call from Ma Ning’s workplace broke the quietness of the village. For long absenteeism, Ma has been fired. Because Ma Ning could not be reached, the call went directly to the village committee, asking it to contact Ma. Ma’s family was shocked at this news. Ma Yongxiang questioned his daughter, “Why have you quit your job and believe in Almighty God?” Ma Ning answered that, as doomsday would come in 2012, what was the use of working? She had come to save the whole village on the orders of the female Christ. Ma Yongxiang and his wife beat Ma Ning and the man, threw their baggage into the street. Ma Ning and the man left home and nobody heard from them anymore.  

She had sex with many men and nearly lost her life. 

Who brought Ma Ning back and why did she sleep on a pile of firewood? Ma Yongxiang and his wife carried Ma Ning back home and found her unconscious. Ma Yongxiang sent her to Fengcheng Central Hospital. Examinations showed that Ma Ning’s blood flow per 100 grams of brain tissue was only 30ml/min. Her electroencephalogram featured high pressure and slow wave. Ma Ning was 4 months pregnant, which was partly the reason why she had fainted. The hospital rescued her and terminated the pregnancy. A lengthy time in a coma made her lose a lot of memories. She tried very hard to recall how she was cheated. 


Ma Ning was sent to the Urgent Care Centre of Fengcheng Central Hospital. 

After Ma Ning began to work after graduation in 2009, her former boyfriend went abroad, leaving her alone and lonely. While chatting on the Internet, she met a person named “Lonely” and they became good friends online. They met in Harbin two months later. This boy called himself Zheng Wei and said that he was a student of the Harbin Institute of Technology. His father was the boss of a real estate company and his family assets amounted to over 100 million RMB. Apparently, he was a tall, rich and handsome boy, which was very attractive to girls. They slept together in a hotel for two days. In fact, this boy was a rascal who swindled women for money and sex. He was actually a technical school graduate from Yichun of Heilongjiang Province. After graduation, he came to Harbin and engaged in pyramid schemes. He made a fortune in the notorious scam of “Building Forests”. After the “Building Forests” scheme was banned by the state, he joined the Almighty God cult. Thanks to his cunning and caprice, he became a deacon of the parish. Ma Ning easily became his prey. As a result of repeated brainwashing and temptation, Ma Ning was convinced by the doomsday prophesy and joined Almighty God and evangelized in the three northeast provinces. Ma Ning herself couldn’t remember how many men she slept with in order to seduce people into the cult,. She didn’t know whose child she was bearing. She couldn’t remember who dropped her on the firewood or what happened.  


Ma Ning slipped away from the hospital. 

After hearing what Ma Ning said, Ma Yongxiang and his wife were sad and angry. They hit Ma Ning in hospital and claimed to cut relations with her. During that night, Ma Ning ran away again, immediately after the abortion surgery. Nobody knew where she went in the dark night. 


Lijia Village, Baoshan Town 

In October 2016, the author of this article went to Lijia Village. The village committee director told us that Ma Yongxiang spent about 30 or 40 thousand RMB to find his daughter but without any result. They reported to the Harbin police many times. The police did their best, but couldn’t find her because of lack of useful information. Ma Yongxiang can do nothing but wait for a miracle. 

(Editor in Chief: Zi Tong) 


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