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How did Li Hongzhi make his fortune?
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As www.facts.org.cn has confirmed that, the Li Hongzhi(Li) family owns 11 luxurious housing estates. As his family members do not run enterprises or even work, such a considerable fortune is naturally gained through Falun Gong. So how did Li family make his fortune? 


Li deludes his followers with fallacies. 

Li said in his book Zhuan Falun that “I am going to purify your body. The purification is confined to followers who sincerely learn it.” 

In order to “purify” the body, Lin Yiming(Lin) joined Falun Gong in 1997 at the expense of all property, two daughters and his wife. He also actively participated in Falun Gong activities in Macao, Hong Kong and Taiwan. His family, who can be considered as “financier”, contributes average millions Yuan per year to Falun Gong. Li repeated his “ karma-eliminating fallacy” in front of his followers that “I just need to look at you instead of doing something” and “I have helped all my followers get out of hell”. For more than a decade, Lin continued to practice Falun Gong for “eliminating karma and illnesses”. In the second half of 2014, he had hematochezia. But he turned to Falun Gong instead of doctors, and his condition worsened and finally diagnosed with colon cancer. Li sent his ill brother in law to the best hospital in America. However, Li knew better that Lin would certainly die if continued to do like that, but Li still promoted his fallacy instead sending him to hospital. In May 2015, Li personally treated Lin when Lin went to New York branch of Falun Gong. After that, Li claimed that he had already eradicated Lin’s karma and evil things. Unfortunately, Lin finally died of cancer. 


Similar to Lin, Li Dayong, the founder of “three withdrawals”(withdrawing from the Party, Young Pioneers and Communist Youth League), together with his wife, devoted all their property to Falun Gong. After Li Dayong’s death, Li and management of Falun Gong were indifferent to his wife, a down-and-out pious follower. 

Zhangya Qin, director of supply and marketing office of Changchun Medical Bureau got “treatment” at Li’s house in all weathers. Zhang Yaqin couple spent a lot of money with little effect. However, Li claimed that Zhang Yaqin’s disease was caused by karma and gradual treatment done by him would take effect, so he hindered Zhang from seeing doctors. Finally, Zhang lost her life during the so-called “treatment”. 

Li takes advantage of his karma fallacies to control and exploit his followers. 

Li cheats his followers with temptation. 

Li regards his followers as a ready source of money. He constantly tempts his followers that they can culminate one's merit and go to heaven after death. As he always changes the destined time and meaning, so that the temptation becomes a mirage beyond reach. 

Followers of Falun Gong do their part in order to be a Buddha after death. 

The Falun Gong headquarters at Mount Hope was built for more than a decade. Followers were sent there as volunteers to conduct super-strength construction work. Some followers said that they worked at least 12-14 hours a day and overtime work was usual practices there. They were treated like contract labor before liberation in 1949 with bad living conditions and no toilets. Surrounding residents had a lot of complaints as the volunteers relieved themselves anywhere. 


According to Li, the only way for mortals to consummate is to practice Falun Gong. Of course he intends to cheat followers out of money rather than redeem them. Li initially set an donation box in his house and used Falun Gong to treat others for 50-200 yuan once. As is revealed in A Concise Manual on Falun Gong Issues that Li and his Falun Dafa society published and sold lots of publicity materials from 1992 to the end of 1999 with a net profit of 42.2 million yuan. In 1992 and 1993, Falun Gong classes run by Gong Li Hongzhi in Beijing earned 1.5 million yuan; from 1994 to 1997, Falun Gong classes all over the country earned more than 10 million yuan. 

Li begged money from donation. 

On March 1st, 2015, American news review net PanDo Daily or pandori pando.com released a investigation reported by Yasha Levine. This long report The Internet privacy manipulated by ghost: a brief history of Broadcasting Board of Governors had nearly 10,000 words. According to this report, until 2012, Broadcasting Board of Governors had continuously offered 1.5 million dollars to technical bodies run by Falun Gong members. This report confirmed that the Falun Gong organization together with a series of anti-China organizations and activities were manipulated by foreign forces behind the scenes, including National Endowment for Democracy. 

Asian-American social activist Fletcher found that an organization called “Friends of Falun Gong” was the money spinner of Falun Gong on a “guiding star” website. According to debenture links of this organization, more than one million of funds flowed to Falun Gong through it. Evidences gained by Fletcher showed that money flowed to Falun Gong through this organization amounted to over 6 million dollars for five years. 

Li exploited his followers to lead a luxurious life without caring for them. Meanwhile, Falun Gong fabricated rumors of “organ harvesting ” and “three withdrawals” to defame Chinese government. Falsehood has eventually fallen off of itself.   

 Falun Gong ruined many people these years. Li’s ill-gotten gains from his followers are stained with the blood of Falun Gong practitioners who had died. 

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