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Miserable Experiences in Unification Church Told by a Japanese Woman
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In her blog of July 29, 2009, Ms. Anonymous narrated the miserable experiences of her sister who had been brought to South Korea and became a serf after being brainwashed by the Unification Church cult:

I would like to narrate the personal experiences of my sister as a serious warning to all Japanese women. I declare that all the following stories are true facts.

My sister is outgoing and beautiful. She used to have contacts with South Korea and Koreans, that’s the reason why she was brought there and then became a serf. I know people would doubt the story, “How could such a damning story be possible?” But in fact, several thousands of Japanese women, like my sister, have been brought to South Korea in the astonishing and “tricky” manner and suffered from miseries. I will elaborate the despicable methods of the Unification Church so that all women can take warning.

It was already three years ago. My sister told us: “I’ve made friends with South Koreans.” This remarks the beginning of her misfortunes. Back then, my sister was in her junior university year. One day, when she was resting on the bench in the campus, a South Korean student accosted her. Soon they became good friends. I met that South Korean student several times afterwards. In our first meeting, I had a good impression about her because she was quite polite. She said she had joined a group carrying on peaceful movements.

Looking back into the past, I should have been alert to that. Under her persuasion, my sister joined a “cultural training class” hosted by the group. According to my sister, it was a workshop on “studying peaceful movements” with repeated video watching and lecture listening. However, they were about “how Japan tortures the South Koreans?”. After a long period of video watching, the speaker of the group would say: “why don’t the Japanese atone for their crimes; what’s worse, they keep treating the South Koreans in an irresponsible way.”

During the cultural class training, my sister gradually changed her world outlook. She said: “I feel ashamed being a Japanese. Japanese people should atone for their crimes. Our prosperity today is at the cost of sacrifices made by South Koreans.” Therefore she abandoned her university study and started learning Korean.

She said: “I want to apologize to South Korean people in Korean.” I didn’t think it’s necessary for her to do so, but I thought it was good to be able to have international exchanges, so I did not stop her. One day, my sister told me: “You should also learn Korean because it is a universal language, the best language in the human history.” I was shocked hearing that. So I stealthily checked her room: there was a book titled The Divine Principle and a brochure titled “Degeneration”, reading that “Japan is a country ruled by the demon, a criminal torturing South Korean who is the leader of world alliance; Japan should pledge loyalty to South Korea, the kingdom of Adam, which will be the ruler of Asia and even the world after the unification of the North and South Korea.” The books were full of these disgusting and wrathful words. I consulted from a university teacher, who told me that these were doctrines of the Unification Church. So I discussed with my parents, planning to persuade my sister to quit the group, but it was too late. My sister dropped out and insisted going to South Korea. She said: “Those who insult the father of the savior and South Korea, the leader of world alliance, are demons.” My parents and I felt helpless and burst into tears.

One day my sister suddenly said she was going to attend a group wedding ceremony in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Then she left home, disappearing without a trace.

I protested to the South Korean student who induced my sister into the cult: “Tell me truth. The group you persuaded my sister to join is Unification Church, isn’t it?” She pretended not to know: “I don’t know what you are talking about.” I continued: “The look of Mun Yong-myeong is disgusting.” Flushed with wrath, she sprayed brutally: “Dare you say that again!” Thus I confirmed that the group my sister joined is the Unification Church. Since then, we started to worry about her fate and dissolved into tears. Not long after, my sister wrote to us, saying that she has married someone in a South Korean village. It was from that moment we started to feel a little bit relieved. After a while, my sister kept writing to us, asking us to send her money and home appliance. From her letters, it seemed that the “relatives” of her husband demanded her to ask these things from us. To safeguard her safety, we had no choice but to send whatever was required. In order to find out her real life in South Korea, I went to the country. To facilitate communication and ensure my safety, I hired a Japanese student studying in South Korea to be my translator and bodyguard.

We went to the countryside of South Korea according to the address of my sister’s letter. The place was far more backward than that in Japan. Roads were made up of dirt and therefore were very bumpy. I found my sister in the village. Her husband’s family was impoverished. She was very happy to see me. My sister, less than 25 years old, married a South Korean man of over 40 years old, who was an ungracious countryman. Though feeling a bit rude, I euphemistically said that my family opposed this marriage and wanted to take my sister home. My translator turned pale during the translation after hearing the answer of the ugly countryman: “I paid to marry your sister. Of course we should live together.” Laughing indecently, he continued: “I am lucky. The Japanese woman has a nice figure. I’ve got a real bargain.”

Though furious, I was still concerned about the safety of my sister. I had to hold back for fearing of injuring her. My sister replied: “Japan has committed heinous sins in South Korea in the past. I should atone for that.” She also said that she had to work the full day. The translator told me in a low voice that according to the family, my sister worked during the day and suffered from the sexual desire of the countryman at night. She was nearly a slave.

I could do nothing but to go back to Japan. In the Seoul airport, the translator told me that Japanese women of the Unification Church in Seoul are forced to work all day long and participate in anti-Japan demonstrations.

Driven out of my mind, I went back to Japan. I dared not tell my parents the actual situation of my sister.

The Unification Church brainwashes Japanese women to make them feel ashamed and willing to atone for the crime. Afterwards, it sells these Japanese women, including my sister, to rural areas in South Korea, where the demand is high. The Unification Church, followers, Korean General Alliance in Japan and human right activists in Japan are all liars. Promoting the so-called “morality and virtue”, in reality they do human trafficking business. Bewildered by the Unification Church, today many Japanese women are aiding the cult with the dirty business.

After being sold to South Korean farmers, Japanese women become serf in strange places after a group wedding ceremony. They live in hell: poverty, discrimination, home-sickness. According to the Shukan Post of May 4, 2011, over 7,000 Japanese women have married to farmers in South Korean villages after being deceived by the Unification Church. The Unification Church also said that Japanese followers in South Korea are the elite squad sent from the heaven with a special mission, which is to sacrifice for South Korea. Many female Japanese followers live a miserable life in poverty after getting married. The Unification Church tells single men in South Korean villages via related groups that if they believe in the Unification Church, they can marry Japanese women. Educational degree is important in South Korea, but these farmers usually only have high school diplomas. So it is difficult for them to find a job. After they marry the farmers who are unemployed and live off usury, these Japanese women have to work in towel factories to earn a living.

How do the victims accept the induction of the Unification Church and get brainwashed in the end? At first, their family members do not perceive any change of the victim. Once they find out the changes, the victims are already brainwashed. And it is nearly impossible to persuade them to quit the cult. Regarding the induction and brainwash, traces after the group wedding ceremony and the status quo of these Japanese women, the pretext of their “husbands”, the Japanese government and the media fail to take any effective measures. The Unification Church cult deceives innocent girls, brainwash them to create a self-abuse mentality so that they can be sold to poor single men who can’t afford to find wives in South Korea and other countries. This is the way the cult increases its followers.

Note 1: Author: Soubou Mannka, from Hiroshima, Japan. Used to be a company employee after graduation. She is a housewife now.


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