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Where did the money of Almighty God come from? (FIG.)
Adjust font size:   Close Kaiwind Bai Yang 2018-05-18

Another criminal activity of Almighty God has been investigated! 

The article, “The Underground Organization of Almighty God in Qingdao was Smashed” on kaiwind.com, from June 28, states that on April 28, 2017, the People's Court of Jimo, Shandong Province made a public judgement sentencing 16 people, headed by the defendant Wang Guimei, who are the members of the cult “Almighty God”, for utilizing the cult to sabotage law enforcement. 14 of them were sentenced to terms ranging from two years and six months to ten years imprisonment. 


At the trial 

People present at the trial applauded the sentence for the members of the Almighty God Organization. We should focus on one detail, "The organization charged and transferred ‘contributions’ amounting to 26.76 million yuan through cash deposits, transfers, online banking and covering for each other, of which 14.33 million yuan has been frozen by the Jimo Public Security Bureau and 12.43 million yuan has been transferred overseas." Nearly 30 million yuan, which is absolutely not a small number, is made up from the modest income of millions of rural families! 

In the face of such a large amount of money, it is inevitable for people to think about the question: Where does the money come from? To solve this problem, we must also talk about how the Almighty God collects money: 

Collecting money through "disaster"speculation  

Since the emergence of the Almighty God cult, there has been a lot of rumors about "doomsday", which is used to induce hysteria in members, thus creating phobia panic in society which enables the cult to collect money from desperate people. In particular, in December 2012, the Almighty God focused on the dissemination of the "doomsday" rumors around the country and then charged "contributions" to collect money. There are many reports about this kind of case in the media, and here’s another case: 

According to the article, “Collecting Money Through ‘Doomsday’ Rumor” of "Hunan Daily" on December 18, 2012: "Recently, the activities of several people with foreign accents are quite frequent in the Arxan region. The left-behind elderly are their main target for spreading rumors of “the coming of doomsday”, and they defraud people out of a lot of money. Among the people who were cheated, Wu has been cheated out of 3,000 yuan which he had accumulated through arduous labor.” 

Affected by some network propaganda, as well as the specific factors, "the doomsday” still has a certain influence. The Almighty God preached" doomsday "rumors, and its intent is quite clear: that is by stimulating people’s panic, it can pull people into its group and take this chance to defraud them of money. When some people get caught up in the "decoy" of the Almighty God’s rumor, handing out money becomes a desperate option, and the Almighty God’s attempt to collect money succeeds. 

Collecting money through selling “peace” 

The most precious thing in life is to live in peace. Peace is the most basic requirement for everyone. For this reason, when Chinese people name their children, "Zhang Ping’an", "Li Ping’an", "Wang Ping’an" are always popular choices (in Chinese, “Ping’an” means peace) and they show parents' simplest wishes; The Chinese government has carried out policies of "peaceful creation" and "peaceful construction", which reflects the urgent expectations of the people. 

The Almighty God used people's pursuit of peace to make up a ridiculous set of absurd nonsense: "Only the believers can be saved and safe"; "only money can buy peace"... As a result, Zhang Jinfang, who comes from Rongcheng, Shandong Province, joined the Almighty God organization with her husband and donated 680,000 yuan to the cult in four years. One of their purposes is to get the "peace" preached by the Almighty God, and avoid suffering from "the curse of God"! (" The Almighty God Deceived Me of 680,000 Yuan") 

Collecting money through pretending to “cure sickness”  

The easiest thing in one’s life is to get sick. The most painful thing is to get sick. These are simple truths. When one becomes sick, the right thing to do to recover is to go to hospital and get medical treatment, based on scientific methods. It's normal in many countries to spend money for these medical expenses. The Almighty God takes advantage of people’s pursuit of health, advocating that "if you pay enough money, we can guarantee you won’t get sick", and that illness can also be cured easily. This has caused millions of believers to hand out their money: 

Zhao Xiuxia, who comes from Nanyang, Henan Province, believed that the Almighty God could cure his son Liang Chao, who had leg disease because of polio, and donated 10,000 yuan to the organization. The "treatment" prescribed by Almighty God was to eat only one meal each day, sing and pray, and hold Liang Chao with wooden boards and press him with a brick, and even ask people to step on it. These “cures” cost the boy his life. Zhao lost her son, and it’s too late for her to do anything but wallow in regret. ("Zhao Xiuxia: The Almighty God Killed My Son") 

The rules of the cult must not be broken, and anyone who breaks the rules will be punished. Zhao Xiuxia spent 10,000 yuan, but let her son lose his life, which is the inevitable result of being brainwashed by the Almighty God, who go against the laws of science. The question is, does the Almighty God cult who receive such money fulfill their promise? No, the results can only be borne by the victims themselves. Thus, "curing sickness" is just a lie told by the Almighty God to make money. 

Collecting money through disguising as "charity"  

Charity, which has a long history, is respected by people for helping many people who need help to solve their problems, and the people who actively do charity work are respected by others. The Almighty God uses this good tradition to preach "charity", asking believers to donate money. "People who do not have good deeds are not human beings and are no different to Satan." 

Many believers have a good wish to do "charity", but the money falls into the pockets of the Almighty God. According to article, “The Almighty God Ruined My Family and Cheated Me Out of My Money”, Zhao Dahai, a believer from Hebei Province, joined the Almighty God cult in 2003, and donated a total of 130,000 yuan to the cult to demonstrate his "benevolence". After 2006, he even donated the assignment fee of his store, which was 70,000yuan, finally falling into poverty. 

It is undoubtedly a tragedy of life that believers do good deeds, but they become people who wait for handouts from others. Who caused this tragedy? Just look at how the Almighty God collected money in this case, and you will know. The Almighty God, under the name of "charity", defrauded the disciples, and the poor disciples are left homeless and hungry. 

Collecting money is an important goal for Zhao Weishan, the head of the Almighty God, and the other leaders, so they try their best to get money from their disciples to enrich themselves. In addition to this despicable trick, there are many more tricks the Almighty God uses to collect money, so people need to be on the alert.  

(Editor in charge: Chang Bing) 

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