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Shen Yun is a sham, full of strange propaganda

2020-03-09 Source:www.santacruzsentinel.com Author:Lisa Lachlan

It was the holiday season and looking for a last minute gift, I had found the perfect solution – a vibrant dance performance full of history and culture. Little did we know Shen Yun is a sham. After seeing a few beautiful dances, the show quickly turned into a strange mix of robotic narration and discrete propaganda for Falan Gong.

Songs beckoned the audience to avoid the “dangerous deceit of evolution” noting the destructive forces of “modern life.” Dances show a Falun Dafa member was stabbed in the eye. Playful “games” enticed the audience to say “I love Shen Yun” in Chinese. Yes. Falan Dafa members have been persecuted by the Chinese government, but why so persistently advertise a dance performance and then spend an hour dramatizing your religion? Classic “bait and switch.”

Consider this a warning to all those late gift givers. If you want a show free of strange propaganda, avoid Shen Yun.

— Lisa Lachlan, Santa Cruz

Source: https://www.santacruzsentinel.com/2020/02/06/letter-shen-yun-is-a-sham-full-of-strange-propaganda/