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The 'Miracle' stories advocated by Falun Gong
Adjust font size:   Close Facts.org.cn China Association for Cultic Studies 2008-10-13

1.4 Falun Gong omnipotent


It includes increasing yield of farming, success in college entrance examination, hole mending of house, labyrinth guidance, mosquito and fly expelling, rodent prevention, watch & clock repair, rusty lock opening, magcard restoration, corpse rotproofing, printer fault clearance, mobile talking with no cell, passwall walker, ascension, god's eye opening, immortal infant falling on body, animals connecting with Falun, the husband and wife produce a baby without cohabitation, an old lady has emmenia after cutting off womb and etc.


1.4.1 Omnipotent "Falun repairer"


Source: Minghui


On February 25, 2005, Minghui released an article titled Vehicle Miraculously Starts Off, saying: "In the last 10-day of December 2004, two young men in Lingyuan City, Liaoning Province, drove to Jianping to carry goods. When they were driving to Niuheliang, at the juncture of Lingyuan and Jianping, the vehicle suddenly stopped. The two men hurriedly got down and check but they failed to start quite a while. It was very cold, they were worried in a sweat, but the vehicle still couldn't start off. They were at wit's end. Suddenly one reminded his grandma was a Dafa disciple, who used to tell him: meditating 'Falun Dafa is good,' natural and man-made disasters would flee. He was quick-witted and shouting 'Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is the true Fa!' in succession. As soon as he said this, the vehicle miraculously started off."[1]


On October 25, 2003, Minghui released another article Believing in Falun Dafa, Television and Water Pump Automatically Repaired, telling: "A female Dafa disciple in a village of Liaoning Province always activelytells the truth and saves people by any means, and she often hand in the scrape-and-screw money to the practicing station to print material, actually she was not rich. The followings were two miraculous stories occurred to her: once her television was broken, and the repairer said the key part was broken and needed to be exchanged with lots of money. She hesitated, thinking: repairing a television is far less than saving a person, if I spend money to repair the television, the money for saving people will lessen. So she decided not to repair and donated the saved money to the station again. A few days later, her husband tried to turn on the television, then found it was good unexpectedly. Another story is the water pump in her home was broken, and it would also cost some money for repair. She said in her mind to the Master: 'The Master, I really have no money!' As a result, Dafa again shown a miracle and the water pump was repaired automatically."[2]


1.4.2 Meditating "Falun Dafa is good," and succeeded in key high school and college entrance examinations


Source: Minghui


On June 20, 2008, Minghui released an article titled Meditate Falun Dafa is Good, an Average Student Gets in Key High School, telling such a story: a female student in a town whose study was average in the class. Before examination, she was meditating "Falun Dafa is good, truthfulness, compassion and tolerance are good." Then a miracle appeared, "she unexpectedly got in the county key high school by excellent remark of 569, and was classified into a key class, with a score nearly 100 higher than routine examines."[3]


On December 14, 2007, Minghui released another article titled Different Fates of Two Senior-high-school Students, telling, "A female Dafa disciple has two neighbors whose daughters studied in the same senior high school, one wore Falun Gong periapt, meditating 'nine-word authentic scriptures' before examination, and she successfully enter a key university in the south. The other girl doesn't believe Falun Gong. Before taking examination, she suddenly suffered from nasal bleeding, and was diagnosed as 'leukemia.' Now she is seriously ailing."[4]


Note: This is the typical Falun Gong logic: believing Falun Gong, one can create a miracle, no matter how absurd it may be. Contrarily, one will come to a bad end.


1.4.3 Zhuan Falun can scare off the incarnated boa


Source: Minghui


On February 29, 2008, Minghui released an article We Whole Family Grateful to the Master and Dafa, saying: I was possessed by a boa bodily for dozens of years...My health was gradually broken down, seeing this, my family were worried, trying every mean to make a diet and medicine prescription, they also made inquiries here and there, and used a lot of bizarre remedies and folk prescriptions, such days of suffering personally and encumbering my family were really spending one day like spending years. Advised by my family, all I could do was to get Dafa book Zhuan Falun from a friend. When I was holding the precious book, begining to read, the Master began to take care of me: in the very night, when I just felt asleep, unconsciously, I touched a cool and smooth thing behind me. I was so horrified that I turned on the lamp and got off my bed promptly, it was a boa as thick as a bowl! In the emergency, I couldn't help but blurting out: "The Master, come hurriedly, save me!" As soon as I shouted, that thing vanished in a flash, fleeing away![5]


1.4.4 Dogs can also understand Falun Gong's "truthfulness, compassion and tolerance"


Source: Minghui


On September 29, 2007, Minghui released an article titled Dafa is Miraculous, introducing: In order to tell the truth and save the people, I always bring the periapt and brochures of the truth, walking and telling. Once I went to a friend's family to tell the truth, the dog yelped when seeing me, a stranger. I said: "Dog, don't bark. Go over there and move no more, you should be assimilated with truthfulness, compassion and tolerance." Unexpectedly, it really ran under the table, crouching motionlessly. The most supernatural is that the dog's tears flowed. I said to myself that another life was saved. My granddaughter said: "Grandma, your words are so efficacious, the dog doesn't move, and it'd like to do as you tell. Look, it's bursting into tears."[6]


1.4.5 Falun Dafa can stop bullfight


Source: Minghui


On October 4, 2007, Minghui released an article written by a self-claimed Spanish Dafa disciple titled Mother Experiences Magic of Falun Dafa, saying: Several months ago, my mother (at age 74) began to study Gong and read Zhuan Falun. A few days ago, mother attended the Encierro. After coming back, mother recalled, at that time they were watching in the safe area with guardrail on both sides of street, suddenly, a strong bull was rushing to them. Such a bull has great strength and impulsive force, so that it could knock down the guardrail at once. Mother was pushed to the ground by so fierce force, and the dull was rushing toward mother, it was so critical! In general condition, once the dull rushes to the person who fell down, it would prick the fallen body by its horn. My father was at wit's end, and desperately shook the falling guardrail in order to attract the dull. But the dull was reaching at my mother! In such a critical condition, the only word my mother recalled was "Falun Dalun Ayuda Me (Save me, Falun Dafa)." Then a miracle happened: the dull suddenly stopped at a distance of 10 cm to my mother! In such a case before the dull would never give up an attacking chance, but now it suddenly turned around and ran away.[7]


1.4.6 Li Hongzhi can let an egg grow a handle


Source: Minghui


On January 19, 2002, Minghui released a mini-novel titled: An Egg with a Handle. In the novel, a Falun Gong disciple aunt Zhang, who innumerously advised her husband Zhang Mantun to practice Falun Gong in vain. But aunt Zhang was still insisted, then Zhang Mantun had a bet with her: "Want me to practice Falun Gong? Unless the hen laid an egg with a handle." One day, the hen in his family really laid an egg with a handle. Zhang Mantun asked his wife anxiously: "The egg grows a handle. Could it really be that deities exist in the world?!" Aunt Zhang said: "Of course, as the saying is: 'There are jinns right above your head.' Now you should have some wits." Then, Zhang Mantun hurriedly pulled aunt Zhang back the room, standing at the figure of Master Li, respectfully saying: "Master Li, you think much of me, now I, Zhang Mantun, am convinced wholeheartedly." And he told his wife, "Why do you stare blankly here? Why don't you pray Master Li's Zhuan Falun for me? I am about to practice Gong today."[8]


1.5 Rejuvenation


Minghui also tells a lot of stories such as "a dead tree blossoms," "a 70-year-old madam has her period."


1.5.1 75-year-old madam rejuvenates and has her period


Source: Minghui


On September 27, 2003, Minghui released an article titled 75-year-old Madam Rejuvenated, telling:


In a remote village of Beijing, a 75-year-old madam came back to life last year. Her husband, seeing her true rise again, carefully took care of her. But her diseases didn't relieve but deteriorated. Tormented by increasingly heavy diseases, the old lady looked sallow, difficulty in walk, even under the support of stick. Maintaining her life with a lot of medicine, she lived such a torment life.


One day, a guest dropped by, telling her by meditating "Falun Dafa is good", "truthfulness, compassion, tolerance are good" every day sincerely, she would have good luck. She really kept on meditating these. Gradually, the blood pressure became normal; the pain all over her body reduced; her face was ruddy, and she had the spirit of talking. Later, her family prevented her from practicing Falun Gong, but she firmly replied, "You don't care, and I have made up my mind." After that, the old lady didn't need a walking stick to walk, more surprisingly, not long ago, she was rejuvenated with having her period. The family took her to see the doctor, then the result even shocked the doctors. All is normal, and the old lady said herself "was rejuvenated."[9]


1.5.2 Studying two weeks of Falun Gong, a 76-year-old woman has her period again


Source: Minghui


On November 27, 2001, Minghui released an article titled Cherish the Chance of Obtaining Fa, introducing a successful case of mother and daughter performing "dual cultivation of spiritual nature and bodily life." The daughter said: "I often encourage those young people saying 'can't study it' by the example of my mother's (at age 76) trying of self-study. My mother used to catch a sick illness 30 years ago at my age of two (I am the youngest in my family). My father recalled mother had made clear the funeral affairs, but she couldn't feel assured of me and was unwilling to go, so that she seeked a doctor here and there, and passed through the disaster. Perhaps we both have the opportunity of practicing Dafa. Today my mother obtained the Fa from me. She studied Dafa as soon as I mentioned it, firstly she learnt "Falun Zhuang Fa (standing skill)", and then practiced every day by herself. Two weeks later, she called me, saying she had her period again and asked how she could do. I was scared she was really the person in the way, so that I told her the Gong we were cultivating was "dual cultivation of spiritual nature and bodily life." The Master once said in his Zhuan Falun: "Old ladies would have her own period once more."[10]


1.5.3 Meditating "Falun Dafa is good," an 85-year-old lady has her period


Source: Minghui


On May 25, 2005, Minghui released an article titled An 85-year-old Lady's 90-degree Humpback Straightened, telling the narration of self-called Xia Cuizhen from Jingzi District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province:


I am 85-year-old. I don't believe anything in my life. I have suffered from lumbago for nearly 20 years, and failed to be cured by any means. I even bought two kinds of medical apparatus, but those were of no help to me. As the time passing, the pain in my waist became more serious. I felt difficult to wear socks and I dared not sit in car; my waist bent down nearly 90 degree, and I gasped in several steps, don't mention how painful it is.




Since then, I began to meditate "Falun Dafa is Good." As a result, a miracle occurred to me: serious pains in my waist were disappearing after my meditating "Falun Dafa good" for only several days. The pain tormenting me for nearly 20 years were healed, thus, I couldn't tell how happy I was. I was so grateful to the Master who saved me! I still meditated "Falun Dafa is good" everyday, and gradually I strengthened my back, that's so miraculous. I continued to meditate for twice and a half months in total, unexpectedly I had my period once again, for seven days, of big amount. My family couldn't understand and urged me to check in hospital. Because in the past such phenomena happened with an old woman is a kind of illness which is incurable. I went to Dalian New Century Hospital in order to make my family feel relaxed. The result of test proved I had no woman disease. The doctor felt strange but I knew it was the Master help me clean my body, soon everything would be normal. Now I feel comfortable, and I don't feel a bit tired, even going up 4 or 5-storey stairs.


I was cured of the incurable disease by meditating Falun Dafa is good, what a miracle of Dafa![11]

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