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The 'Miracle' stories advocated by Falun Gong
Adjust font size:   Close Facts.org.cn China Association for Cultic Studies 2008-10-13

Chapter 2 Why Falun Gong Crazy about Making up "Miracles"


2.1 Features of Falun Gong "miracles"


Some outstanding "features" can be combed out by analyzing various "miracles" of Falun Gong:


2.1.1 "Miracles" on Minghui made up by Falun Gong members and those "magic" stories personally fabricated by Li Hongzhi derive from the same origin


Overlooking the "magic" stories of Falun Gong made up on Minghui, an obvious feature is that they did not depart from the pattern of Li Hongzhi's fabricating "miracles," all of which were republications of "miracles" told by Li Hongzhi in Zhuan Falun and the "lectures," and Li Hongzhi is the intiator of "miracles," his followers just copy his. Here are some examples:


Contrasting Case I: Turn bad luck into good on the occasion of car accident


Zhuan Falun Lecture III: Another case happened in Beijing. In winter it gets dark earlier and people go to bed a bit earlier. The streets were empty and all was quiet. One of our students was rushing home on a bike. Only a jeep was moving along ahead of him. It was moving along steadily when all of a sudden it braked. The student wasn't paying attention and kept on peddling ahead with his head down. But the jeep suddenly started to back up then, and it was backing up fast, mighty fast. Those two forces worked together to take away his life. Right when they were about to collide, a force suddenly pulled his bike back more than half a yard, and the jeep instantly stopped against the wheel of his bike. Maybe the jeep's driver realized someone was behind him. The student wasn't scared when that happened. Nobody who runs into this type of thing gets scared, although they might get scared when they think back about it. The first thing he thought was, "Phew! Who pulled me back? I have to thank him." He turned around to say thank you, only to find the street quiet, without a person in sight. Then it hit him, "It was actually Teacher protecting me!"[1]


On February 15, 2008, Minghui released an article titled Quitted the CCP and Wearing a Periapt, the Driver Fled from a Car Accident: One day in April 2007, a coach driver who drove the coach full of passengers was passing a fork road and ready about to turn right. Suddenly a motorcycle was flying toward from the right front,...in a moment an accident would happen. In such an occasion hung by a thread, he acted somehow very sober and agilely, and spontaneously turned the steering-wheel sharply to the left, concurrently it broke harshly, and the head of coach abruptly stopped one meter ahead of the motorcycle, almost at the same time, the motorcycle magically stopped too...He would not flee from the accident without the protection of Falun Dafa and the Master, otherwise, the result would be dreadful.[2]


Contrasting Case II: A man was in a crash with a car, the car damaged but the person was safe


Zhuan Falun Lecture III: When I was giving a class in Beijing, there was a student who'd crossed the street on her bike. As she was going around a turn, a luxury sedan hit this student of ours at that sharp turn. The student was a woman in her fifties. That car hit her with a bang, and it was a real whopper. People heard a big "Thud!" as her head hit the car, and her head hit the top of the car squarely. When that happened the student's feet were still straddling the bike. Her head was hit but she didn't feel any pain. Not only didn't she feel any pain, but there wasn't any bleeding, either - not even swelling. But the driver was scared stiff. He jumped out of the car and hurried to ask her, "Are you hurt? How about we go to the hospital?" She replied that she was fine. Of course, that student of ours had high character and didn't want to bring the driver trouble. She said she was alright, but there was a big dent left in the car.[3]


On January 25, 2008, Minghui released an article titled Accident Turning into Good Luck, Driver Quits the Communist League Immediately: On the 2nd ring highway in Shenyang, a Suzuki car that was speeding up to run a red light was directly knocking to my led while I was riding a bicycle. The windshield of the car was crashed to pieces after violently knocked to my body, and the bicycle I rode was thrown off far, and then I heard a sound "Ping," feeling my body was falling to the ground weightlessly...The car stopped more than one meter afar to me. The driver was scared...he continuously asked to send me to the hospital to examine if I was injured. I said "Never mind, I am well and the bicycle can work as usual. Don't worry..."[4]


The only difference of the two articles is one bumped the car with a dent and the other crashed the windshield to pieces.


Contrasting Case III: The object falling high above the ground can't injure the Falun Gong cultivator


Zhuan Falun Lecture III: There was also something that happened in Changchun. A building was being built near a student's home. Nowadays, buildings are built so high, and the scaffolding is made up of steel rods that are two inches thick and four yards long. The student was walking not too far from home when a steel rod dropped from that tall building, and it was coming straight down toward his head. Everyoneon the street was petrified. But he just said, "Who patted me?" He thought that someone had patted him on the head. Then, he turned and saw that a big Law Wheel was there rotating over his head. The steel rod had slid down along the side of his head and stuck into the ground, sticking up. If it really had hit somebody, think about it, it was so heavy it would have gone all the way through his body, like a skewer through marshmallows. It was that dangerous![5]


On July 29, 2005, Minghui released an article titled A brick Nearly Falls Down to the Head Before Flying Away, mentioning: In the autumn of last year, Xiaoling's husband was working at the worksite. Suddenly a brick flew down from the roof toward his head, the people around him were stunned, but he was unaware. However, the brick flew away before it touching his head, and crashed to the ground to pieces, but he was safe and sound.[6]


On August 6, 2005, Minghui released another article titled Tamped by a Bundle of Steel Bar, 90-Year-Old Lady Remains Uninjured, claiming: I was a Dafa disciple in Zhengzhou, Henan Province...My 90-year-old grandma was tamped to the ground on her back by a bundle of steel bar when closing the door. The bundle of steel bar consist of 12 rods of 7cm thick, more than 2m long, and 4 rods of 1cm thick and more than 1m long, totally 16 in a bundle...The daughter-in-law (the author) asked her: "Mam, how about you, have you been hurt?" But grandma said: "I'm fine."... "I have practiced Falun Dafa for 6 years, and my mother-in-low always understood me and supported me, who often helped me protect the Dafa books. Mother's good thoughts to Dafa brought her the blessed reward, so that she could turn a risk into good safety in danger. It was the merciful Master who protected her."[7]


Contrasting Case IV: Practicing Falun Gong, old ladies have gotten their periods back after many years of menopause


Zhuan Falun Lecture I: There's nothing far-fetched about it. A lot of the veteran students here in the audience know this. Also, older women are likely to get their period back, because a practice that cultivates both your nature and longevity needs to have the qi of essence and blood to cultivate longevity. They'll get their period, but it won't be heavy. They'll have just a little bit at this stage, only the amount that's needed. That's another thing that's common.[8]


On November 6,2002, Minghui released an article titled Grandma and Grandson Obtain the Fa Together by Cultivating, Returning Home with the Master, saying: I was born in a declining, poor literary family, now I'm up to seventy...My mommy is already 91 years old, who is an old Dafa disciple. In 1996, my mother mailed, two books Falun Gong and Zhuan Falun to me...I read it through eagerly...I've understood the mystery of cosmos and truth of life, and I'm also enlightened so that I have a right faith, and what I send forth are righteous thoughts. The Master said: "The righteous thoughts of Dafa disciple are mighty. " My body and heart have bigger changes. I have gotten my period back after many years of menopause due to old age.[9]


2.1.2 The main characters in "miracles" haven't true names


Most "miracles" put on Minghui haven't true names. They are just Grandma Wang, Elder Uncle Li and the like. For example, on January 11, 2008, Minghui released two similar articles, one titled My Cancer Vanishs by Performing Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance[10], the other said Old Lady's Life Saves by Sincerely Meditating "Falun Dafa is Good"[11]. The former "I am seventy-eight, and I live in Naxi District, Luzhou City," it is the dramatis personae of the "miracle"; the latter one said "there is a Family named Xie in a village in the northeast region, and Old Lady Xie is more than seventy now"...The "Old Lady Xie" is the "true person" of the "miracle."


In Falun Dafa Gives the End-Stage Uremia Patient a Second Life, the main character's information is unclear. By sending forth righteous thoughts and meditating scriptures of Falun Gong, the end-stage uremia patient recovered, which created a miracle in the history of medicine, and also a Guinness World Record. Falun Gong that attaches most importance to propagate the mighty of Dafa should never give up such a great opportunity. They should report to the World Health Organization, and invite American experts for verification. On Minghui, the patient "Xiao W" whose name, address, the detailed information of his mommy, the city and hospital of the typical case are all unclear, only saying "it happened in a hospital in a city."


2.1.3 "Miracles" have no specified addresses


In the "miracle" stories of Falun Gong, it is impossible for the readers to learn about the true address of the story. Minghui released an article titled Dafa Cures Diabetes of My Daughter [12], which writes: "My family live in a small town in Liaoning Province, and my daughter is twenty this year..." Liaoning Province covers an area of more than 150,000 sq.km.. Even in Shenyang City, if you don't tell which street and the number, no one knows who's who. "Small towns," how many small towns are there in Liaoning? You will not know without looking up relevant materials. The article I Recovers from Rheumatism in a Day, and another Falling Child Saved[13]are exactly the same, in the former "I am a farmer from Shenzhou City, Hebei province, and I suffered from arthralgia due to damp when I worked out of home last year" is the address, if you want to verify "I" in "farmers from Shenzhou City, Hebei province," it is nothing short of looking for a needle in a haystack. And, in the latter "a fellow cultivator whose neighbor lived upstairs on the 7th floor had a 5-year-old kid...the kid jumped off the building from upstairs to the ground and crashed to a deformed head with just a breath left. The Dafa disciple living on the 2nd floor heard of it, ran down the stairs and lifted the kid, telling the kid's grandma to sincerely meditating 'Falun Dafa is good,' and telling the carotic kid to meditating 'Falun Dafa is good'...He sent the kid to the hospital, and the child's parents also reached. The Dafa disciple told the kid's parents to meditate sincerely 'Falun Dafa is good.' The kid was rescued back to life..." It is more baffling, it only said in the "building," but where the building is is a riddle, you can't think of it, and let alone verify.


2.1.4 Most of "miracles" in "typical cases"


On July 24, 2008, Minghui released an article titled Dafa Miracle Shown in Her Body[14], the general content of which is 59-year-old Zhang Jianfang (alias) took examination for chest stuffiness at the county hospital and was diagnosed as lung cancer. Later she "went to the provincial hospital for interventional treatment, and the result was quite good," but after she went out of the hospital, the cancer cell grew, her hair came off, she couldn't eat anything and suffered from hydrothorax. The hospital issued an ultimatum saying "it is incurable." The children were ready to prepare funeral affairs as the doctor told. Later, with the help of Falun Gong member, the patient sincerely meditated "Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness, compassion tolerance are good" every day. From then on, she became spiritually better and better. Now she could "move freely" and "have a soaring appetite." The article has more than 1,200 Chinese characters, figures, time and hospitals were as if complete, the story happened in several months, and the patient's children were busy with it giving an apparently "true" picture.


Actually, a piece of news consists of what, when, who, where, why, how, all of which shall be objectively and truly recorded. Although the said "miracles" are deceptive to a certain degree, it can't stand inference and questioning: they have rough time instead of specific time, have "some hospital" instead of specific hospital's name, have alias instead of true name, have some village in Hebei instead of detailed address, self-claimed examination in hospital without a medical certificate, and so on. That is to say, they didn't afford any clue or basis for other people's investigation and verification. However, as to Falun Gong addicts, they think these "miracles" happened among "fellow practitioners" during their practicing course. Along with the spiritual control of Li Hongzhi, they think these so-called "miracles" are all true, and they don't know they shall doubt at all, but accept it and follow it blindly.


2.1.5 "Miracles" cannot stand up to close scrutiny and scientific verification


All the "miracles" made up by Li Hongzhi and Minghui can't stand up to close scrutiny and verification. Minghui used to strenuously report the drowning "miracle," someone is rescued after falling down into a lake (pond), someone is magically saved from sea, someone remains safe and sound after falling down to water by overturn of vehicle, and so on. Analyzed from a scientific angle, the key factor to successful rescue of the drowning people lies in existence of external help: as to a non-swimmer, unlucky falling down into water is very dangerous, and the key of rescue lies in timely shouting for help and discovered by people on the bank as soon as possible, if there is no external help, the possibility of survival of  the drowned is zero. Even if there is some one to help, that if the drowned can be successfully saved also depends on the following points: firstly, the falling time, longer being drowned, less the possibility of survival, the drowned who has been staying more than 15 minutes under water can hardly be survived; secondly, if the person on the bank can swim, if they have saving experience; thirdly, if the saver is equipped with tools for rescuing, such as life buoy, long strap, towel and etc.; fourthly, after being hauled to the bank, some one must has the medical aiding knowledge of artificial respiration. Without the aforesaid key points, it is useless even if you meditate ten thousand times of "Falun Dafa is good," and "Truthfulness, compassion, tolerance are good."


What's more important, according to expert's presentation, there are two cases of non-swimmer's drowning: the first is of the minority of cases that the drowning person slid from shallow water to deep water, then, the drowning person has a short course of reaction to utter a cry for help, and make a motion for help to attract the attention of people on the bank. The second is the majority that sudden drowning people whose first reaction is in a blue funk with blank mind and even loses the language function of crying for "help," they can only struggle instinctively, and grasp anything they can touch madly, how can they have a time to send forth righteous thoughts? The drowning "miracles" put on Minghui are almost kids with unmatured mind, so that it is impossible for them to think the Master, save me, "Falun Dafa is good" such words. It is clear that the precondition of such miracles occurrence doesn't exist, since the precondition is false, miracles can logically be judged as false things.


On July 24, 2008, Minghui released an article titled Meditating "alun Dafa is Good," A Kidney Stone Patient Leaves the Hospital by Infusing of Only One Dropping Bottle[15], claiming: "I have a sister-in-law, one day, she had stomachache so painful as to roll about on bed, the family hurriedly sent her to hospital. After taking examination and testing, she was diagnosed suffering from kidney stone and must be hospitalized...Suddenly she recalled to meditate 'Falun Dafa is good', then she endured the pain to meditate it. Then the miracle happened, the pain disappeared. After infused a dropping bottle, she said to the doctor that she was recovered and would leave hospital...Since then, she has not fallen ill for a long time and the whole family witnessed the miracle of Dafa."


"Miracle" stories have three problems: (1) Since the patient is a Falun Gong addict, why did she meditate "Falun Dafa is good" before "having stomachache so painful as to roll about on bed"? (2) Before going to hospital, didn't the patient never meditate "Falun Dafa is good"? Moreover, after falling ill, why did she cure herself by meditating "Falun Dafa is good" instead of having an intravenous drop, then the miracle finally appeared? (3) After leaving hospital, the patient didn't reexamine to any hospital, how can one say the patient's sickness was healed by meditating "Falun Dafa Good"? What's more, as "a Dafa disciple," she should not get the kidney stone according to Falun Gong's theory. From this case we can see "miracles" cannot stand up to close scrutiny and questioning. "Miracles" spill the beans by a slight poke of pen.


However, as to so much obsessed "Dafa disciples," they will not think what on earth the control or recovery of illness should owe to medicine or the "miracle" by meditating "Falun Dafa is good"? They wouldn't or dared not to doubt the falsity of the "magic" story. Although they are so "painful as to roll about" at home, they cannot help but meditating "Falun Dafa is good" to transfer the pain. Some would use "to pass a test," "to eliminate karma," "to go up to a high level" to console themselves. The makers of "miracles" confused the boundary between "drug effect" and "Gong effect" purposefully. Therefore, among the Falun Gong addicts, the phenomena of refusal to take medicine to cure illness are general, which would lead to delay of therapy, and some even lost their life.


Other "miracles" likewise cannot stand up to scientific and practical examination.


Some people point out that the time of Falun Gong "miracle" is abstract, which can not be identified; the place is extensive, which cannot be located; the people's appellation is popularized, which cannot be verified; the affair is superstitious and catching at shadows; the subject is dull and lack of freshness; the title advocates karma, which is frightening; the end is stereotyped, either by showing loyalty to Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong, or by calling on quitting from the Party or League.

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