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The 'Miracle' stories advocated by Falun Gong
Adjust font size:   Close Facts.org.cn China Association for Cultic Studies 2008-10-13

2.2 Falun Gong's intention for advocating absurd "miracles"


Minghui specially set up a column about "human mind and causality," which put up some "miracles" every day. In eye of normal people, these Falun Gong "miracles" are so absurd and funny, but why Falun Gong is so glad and spares no effort to make up them?


2.2.1 Inducing and controlling Falun Gong addicts spiritually


We should say that the intention of Li Hongzhi's making up "miracles" is very clear, and it intends to entice more people to believe in Falun Gong by these absurd "stories," to strengthen the worship to the "Hierarch" by "miracle" stories, and to control Falun Gong practitioners spiritually.


This spiritual control can be analyzed in two aspects.


Firstly, controlling Falun Gong addicts by repeatedly spiritual "enticement" and psychological hint. Falun Gong claims that Li Hongzhi has great theurgy including telekinesis, freeze, thinking control and invisible supernatural power. These words have been repeatedly propagated exclusively at different Fa conferences and Falun Gong media, and really made numerous addicts pay homage to him, and the addicts may reflect it is the Master's playing a role for whatever abnormal or unexplainable phenomena in life.


Many practitioners are religionized to Li Hongzhi's personal narration of "miracles," regarding Li Hongzhi as the benchmark of "Falun Dafa" highest level, imagining some day they themselves can also go up to Li's "level." Li Hongzhi repeated that one could be cured of all kinds of illness, prolong life, flee from disaster and consummate without "taking an injection or medicine" but through practicing Falun Gong. Moreover, the practitioners are higher than common people, through cultivating Falun Gong, one can "break through traditional science," "get super power," "reach supernatural state." These words draw a strong "attraction" to Falun Gong practitioners, once they have similar experience or feeling, they would have association or self-suggestion spontaneously, thinking they have achieved the effect said by the Master such as of healing, longevity and avoiding disaster, and have reached the "superhuman" state.


In addition, Li Hongzhi requires "Dafa disciples" to read large amounts of his "scriptures" every day, and mechanically, repeatedly meditate, when they enter the still state by practicing Gong, these contents will emerge and become a kind of hint or delusion, and is easily to make the practitioners enter hypnotism. For example, Li Hongzhi's saying of "open the third eye," "many Dafa disciples have seen some truth in future, but it is not false," which easily induce many addicts to incur hallucinations, delusions and other psychotic symptoms.


Secondly, making the addicts believe the occurrence of "miracle" is specific embodiment of "going up to a higher level" by practicing. The "miracles" put on Minghui are mainly made and posted by Falun Gong members in different regions. Being enchanted by Li Hongzhi, Falun Gong practitioners are controlled spiritually increasingly to follow blindly, believing that they are at higher "level" than common people, and believing the occurrence of "miracle" specific embodiment of "going up" by practicing. As to the "miracles" of other people, some addicts maybe remain suspicious, but Li Hongzhi soon let them to find problem inside that the "miracle" is not falling on them because they "are not elevated in study or proficient in practice." Furthermore, as long as they access Minghui to exchange with addicts, what they see and hear are almost "miracles" occurrence by sincerely meditating of Falun Dafa is good, "repeat a lie enough times and it will be believed," the addicts cannot help but believe. Some may make up a "miracle" with a "show-off" mentality to show their hard practicing and their piety to "the Master."


Some "miracles" themselves are daydreams made by practitioner, and moreover, some have already suffered from psychotic symptoms of psychoauditory and visual hallucination.


On February 24, 2008, Minghui released an article titled An Miracle in Airplane[1], claiming: One day in 2003, I took plane to an adjacent city on business. On the night before, I had a dream taking a plane with a lot of people, and the plane was breaking down and falling. Then two dragons flied down, tangled my body and rescued me up, they asked me: "Shall we just save you?" I said: "Save all people in the plane, please." They flew down at once, tangled the entire plane and lifted it up stably. Then I was wakening up. When I was taking the plane the next day, an arc appeared in the sky, other passengers didn't respond at all and all were in trance...till the plane landed...Today this plane would have an accident, while a Dafa disciple on the plane sent forth thoughts the night before to save the people in the plane. The protagonist of the story was in another world and regarded a dream as reality.


On March 5, 2008, Minghui released an article titled Dreadfulness Sienes of Lust Seen by Third Eye Owner[2], the writer cracked up he has reached the realm of "the third eye open," so that he could see "clouds of deities and celestial troops, the Master was sitting on the central lotus throne." Obviously it is auditory and visual hallucinations.


Minghui is very grateful to get these articles and would like to release them all, then the "miracles" are spreading around. These "miracles" may be ridiculous to normal people, but to addicts, they are not funny at all. Because they are surrounded by a "magical" logic: Other people produce "miracles" because they have done according to the Master and have gone up to a highter level, you fail because your Gong is not enough or you are not loyal to "the Master" so that you shall keep on doing according to Falun Gong's words. It just gets into Li Hongzhi's trap and satisfies his intention.


As to "brain-washed" Falun Gong practitioners, they are awed and made a fetish of Li Hongzhi, and made an imperial edict of the words in Minghui. Because Li Hongzhi has apotheosized himself as the omnipotent "Lord Buddha in universe," stressing "Major issues depend on the attitude of Minghui." The Falun Gong addicts are convinced of the "miracle" stories released by Minghui, some even imitate them. Therefore, "miracle" stories mean both spiritual poison and misguidance of conduct to Falun Gong addicts.


2.2.2 Affecting the foundation and fate of Falun Gong


In recent years, along with continuous exposure of the evil cult nature of Falun Gong, its existing space is increasingly shrinking worldwide. More and more Falun Gong practitioners have awakened and gotten rid of the spiritual control of Li Hongzhi. In order to develop a stable Falun Gong team, they cannot help but strengthen the report about "miracles," because the cheapest and easiest measure to bind the Falun Gong practitioners is to satisfy their psychological need, let them continue to live in a dream in pursuit of "Consummation" and reaching "Buddha, Dao, and God."


Of course, the intention of Li Hongzhi and Minghui is obviously shown in the "miracles" that are to let the addicts accept and practice the Falun Gong doctrines without scruple, and serve Falun Gong wholeheartedly.


On January 2, 2008, Minghui released an article titled Talk About How to Treat Children's Study[3], a self-proclaimed "mainland postgraduate" saying: "During the grade three in senior high school, I was busy with study, but I was worried I would not see classmates any more in future and would not save them, therefore I was devoted to tell the truth. I spent a lot of time and energy...It's time to check the marks of university entrance examination, I opened Zhuan Falun and gazed at the Master, thinking: The Master, can I get good marks? It turned out my marks were unexpectedly good, exceeding the provincial admission line to key universities!...Said and done, it is an issue if one can hold responsible for one's own practice, if one can treat practice as No.1 in life, and if one can give up the basic attachment." Because of the "miracle" that Falun Gong helped him realize his university dream, he would treat the issue of practicing Falun Gong as No. 1 in life.


The "miracles" are always ended by such expressions: "In witness of the miracle of Dafa, so as to believe in the Teacher and the Fa, believe in the Master and believe in Dafa."[4] "I will advance bravely and vigorously, do three things right in order to leave no regret in the end of practice, walk along the road arranged by the Master, and fulfill the prehistoric great vow."[5]


2.2.3 Advocating for Falun Gong and cheating the ignorant people


This is another intention of Falun Gong's making up "miracles": They attempt to attract the "eyeball," attract "attention," and attract the ignorant people by stories that are absurd but cater to specific group's taste so as to expand and enlarge their organization. The targets include the people who are skeptical, low cultured, and superstitious, who are of mental or physical diseases and dissatisfied with the society, who are around the Falun Gong cultivators, and very few people who are unaware of the truth of Falun Gong.


Having read the last paragraph of some "miracle stories" released on Minghui in August 2008, you will understand the intention of their making up such stories.


1. Falling Down to the Ground by Head Heavily but Uninjured Miraculously: "In this accident, I personally witnessed the miracle of 'Falun Dafa,' I sincerely utter again heartily: 'Falun Dafa is good!'"


2. Escaping from the Disaster under Master Li's Protection: "I have escaped from the disaster under the protection from Master Li Hongzhi! Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness, compassion and tolerance are good! People shall admire the miracle of Dafa together!"


3. The Master Protects Me Several Times: "I was safe and sound, and I know the Master protected me."[6]


4. Sincerely Meditating Falun Dafa is Good, Brain Cancer Vanishes Without a Trace: "The Villagers have all heard of the miracle of Dafa, and many people also know 'Falun Dafa is Good, and truthfulness, compassion, tolerance are good'."


5. Sincerely Meditating Falun Dafa Good, All Lodged Corn Stalks Erectes Again: "I've written out to tell all beings and all people, whatever disasters you meet, big or small, don't forget to sincerely meditate 'truthfulness, compassion, tolerance are good! Falun Dafa is Good!' You must believe 'three quittings' can save your life."[7]


6. "Falun Dafa is good," and I Really Believe: "I'll go to my mommy's home tonight and let my parents quit (Editor Note: Quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations). I also want to practice Falun Gong, and you teach me. My daddy, a good man, is ill, and I will advise him to practice, too."[8]


Minghui has released "magic" stories one after another, with more "novelty" in content, trying to use the logic that a lie repeated a thousand of times would become the truth to cheat the ignorant people and transform them into Falun Gong cultivators. In fact, these "miracles" are like drug and may cause addiction by a toke. This can explain although most people have known "miracles" are false, Falun Gong is still glad to do it repeatedly.


2.2.4 Satisfing the psychological need of Falun Gong addicts


The contents reflected in "miracles" can be induced to: Believe in "Falun Dafa," which can protect safety, remove disaster, and get benefits, while disbelieve and object, which may cause evil results. This is the common expectation of all "Dafa disciples." The first intention for "Dafa disciples" cultivating Falun Gong is to "remove illness build up one's body and obtain a blessed result," and to "become a Buddha, god and get Consummation" is their second intention.


Though Li Hongzhi has offered a lot of empty promises such as "illness removal and body building," "supernatural power" and "Consummation" in Zhuan Falun and other his "scriptures," none has realized. In anticipation of as long as more than ten years, the Dafa disciples have quite vacant mind, and nervous. Especially since July 22, 1999, China's government has banned Falun Gong lawfully, the mainland Dafa disciples feel more nervous. They are badly looking forward to the emergence of "miracle," to make them completely "extricated," and even partial "extrication" is ok. Therefore, when the "miracles" showed up on Minghui, the obsessed Dafa disciples thought they had grasped a straw and obtained great console and satisfaction mentally. Based on it, on one hand, the Dafa disciples like to read "miracles", and on the other hand, the Falun Gong media like to make up "miracles." Therefore Minghui likes to cheat, and the Dafa disciples are willing to be cheated.


2.2.5 Threatening anti-cult people and organizations


As to people and organization in disapproval of Falun Gong, Falun Gong organizations led by Li Hongzhi regard them as "evil," and continue to attack, curse and menace them. The "miracles" from Minghuit often make the affairs an appalling result: People who disbelieve in Falun Gong, who don't shout "Falun Dafa is good, truthfulness, compassion, tolerance are good," who don't wear a periapt, would get karma, such as low marks of examination, vehicle accidents, illness, drowning, lost of job; if you undoubtedly fight against Falun Gong, the result would be more miserable, basically you would pay a cost of life. In fact, it is a kind of bare threat and intimidation, which is nothing but to make the disbeliever of Falun Gong become obedient, and make the objector not become an enemy of Falun Gong.


In a word, Li Hongzhi and his Minghui have made up a lengthy list of "miracles," aiming to deadly grasp the residual disciples by these "miracles," develop "Dafa disciples" in a specific group, so as to maintain a relatively stable team of followers. On the other hand, the Falun Gong addicts also need to use their own special thoughts and words to rely on, recognize, and encourage each other in form of exchanging of "miracles."


Although Falun Gong has made up numerous "miracles", some facts are unneglectable: firstly, Falun Gong has been outlawed by China's government, and the core backbones Li Chang, Ji Liewu, Wang Zhiwen have been imposed criminal penalties, Li Hongzhi has been wanted for arrest by Chinese police so that up to now he doesn't dare to walk half a step on China's territory. Secondly, many overseas Falun Gong core members have died from some illness. Li Guodong, senior official of American "New Tang Dynasty Television", died from liver cancer in March 2006 in New York. Feng Lili, lionized by Falun Gong as "Chief Scientist," died from pancreatic cancer on June 22, 2006 in Houston, USA. Liu Jinan, Falun Gong known member in North America, fell and died on construction site of Falun Gong Base on May 3, 2008 in Hope Hill, New Jersey, USA.




From the above-mentioned fantasticated "miracles," we can see Falun Gong members have suffered complete or partial mental disorders under the spiritual control of Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong through "studying the Fa" and "cultivating Gong." In these false stories that are incredible to common people, auditory and visual hallucinations, illusions, phrenitis, conscious disturbance, cognitive impairment, affective disorder, feeling of passivity, feeling of being revealed...almost including all typical symptoms of mental disorders.


From these absurd "miracles" maybe people can see such a special group. The "humanity" they possessed before is completely "formatted" by Falun Gong. The standards of true or false, right or wrong, good or evil, beautiful or ugly, honorable or disgraceful, love or hate are completely upside-down. They have lost the basic perception, thinking skills and judgement, can only use Falun Gong doctrines to explain any existences and causalities in the world. Their own words and deeds and decisions can only be done or rejected according to Li Hongzhi's requirements. Their goal of life has completely simplified to "Consummation," that is to depart from the earth and become a "Buddha, Dao and God" in a paradise. In order to consummate, they have to study and cultivate Falun Gong continuously, such as telling the "truth" like "miracles", "sending forth righteous thoughts" to curse those people and organizations who are opposed to Falun Gong; they have to give up "fame, interest, and emotion" such as normal people's affections and desires, and get rid of the last remaining "human smell," and turn into otherworldly "Dafa disciples." This is the course that Falun Gong cultivators are becoming incurable gradually, as well as a course turn flesh and blood into wood and stones.

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