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Conflicts between Falun Gong teachings and western moral & ethic principles
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3. Li Hongzhi's Idea on Aliens


Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong says that the future of human being is dark as the aliens from other planets will, by means of introducing modern sciences and technologies to human being, control human being and then eventually replace human being.


Below are several dialogues between Li and a US Time Magazine reporter when Li was interviewed in May, 1999.[1]


Time: Why does chaos reign now?


Li: Of course there is not just one reason. The biggest cause of society's change today is that people no longer believe in orthodox religion. They go to church, but they no longer believe in God. They feel free to do anything. The second reason is that since the beginning of this century, aliens have begun to invade the human mind and its ideology and culture.


Time: Where do they come from?


Li: The aliens come from other planets. The names that I use for these planets are different. Some are from dimensions that human beings have not yet discovered. The key is how they have corrupted mankind. Everyone knows that from the beginning until now, there has never been a development of culture like today. Although it has been several thousand years, it has never been like now. The aliens have introduced modern machinery like computers and airplanes. They started by teaching mankind about modern science, so people believe more and more science, and spiritually, they are controlled. Everyone thinks that scientists invent on their own when in fact their inspiration is manipulated by the aliens. In terms of culture and spirit, they already control man. Mankind cannot live without science. The ultimate purpose is to replace humans. If cloning human beings succeeds, the aliens can officially replace humans. Why does a corpse lie dead, even though it is the same as a living body? The difference is the soul, which is the life of the body. If people reproduce a human person, the gods in heaven will not give its body a human soul. The aliens will take that opportunity to replace the human soul and by doing so they will enter earth and become earthlings. When such people grow up, they will help replace humans with aliens. They will produce more and more clones. There will no longer be humans reproduced by humans. They will act like humans, but they will introduce legislation to stop human reproduction.


Time: Are you a human being?


Li: You can think of me as a human being.


Time: Are you from earth?


Li: I don't wish to talk about myself at a higher level. People wouldn't understand it.


Time: What are the aliens after?


Li: The aliens use many methods to keep people from freeing themselves from manipulation. They make earthlings have wars and conflicts, and develop weapons using science, which makes mankind more dependent on advanced science and technology. In this way, the aliens will be able to introduce their stuff and make the preparations for replacing human beings. The military industry leads other industries such as computers and electronics.


Time: But what is the alien purpose?


Li: The human body is the most perfect in the universe. It is the most perfect form. The aliens want the human body.


Time: What do aliens look like?


Li: Some look similar to human beings. U.S. technology has already detected some aliens. The difference between aliens can be quite enormous.


Time: Can you describe it?


Li: You don't want to have that kind of thought in your mind.


Time: Describe them anyway.


Li: One type looks like a human, but has a nose that is made of bone. Others look like ghosts. At first they thought that I was trying to help them. Now they know that I am sweeping them away.


Time: How do you see the future?


Li: Future human society is quite terrifying. If aliens are not to replace human beings, society will destroy itself on its own. Industry is creating invisible air pollution. The micro-particles in the air harm human beings. The abnormality in the climate today is caused by that [pollution], and it cannot be remedied by humans alone. The drinking water is polluted. No matter how we try to purify it, it cannot return to its original purity. Modern science cannot determine the extent of the damage. The food we eat is the product of fertilized soil. The meat we eat is affected. I can foresee a future when human limbs become deformed, the body's joints won't move and internal organs will become dysfunctional. Modern science hasn't realized this yet. At the beginning you asked why I did such things. I only tell practitioners, but not the public because they cannot comprehend it. I am trying to save those people who can return to a high level and to a high moral level. Modern science does not understand this, sogovernments can do nothing. The only person in the entire world who knows this is myself alone. I am not against the public knowing, but I am teaching practitioners. Even though the public knows, it cannot do anything about it. People can't free themselves from science and from their concepts. I am not against science. I am only telling mankind the truth. I drive a car. I also live in the environment. Don't believe that I am against science. But I know that modern science is destroying mankind. Aliens have already constructed a layer of cells in human beings. The development of computers dictates this layer of body cells to control human culture and spirituality and in the end to replace human beings.


4. How Does Li Hongzhi Treat the Disabled


The disabled is a weak social group which need special care from families, communities as well as government. And the welfare of the disabled reflects the degree of social civilization.


Yet Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong not only shows a callous indifference to but also insults the disabled in every possible way. He even prohibits his disciples from helping and taking care of the disabled.


Li Hongzhi says the disabled look ugly.


"Spurred on by hordes of demons, they stop at no evil. Moral values and standards are sliding downward as fast as could be...Men sport long hair while women cut theirs short – a reflection of women bull and men bear, an inversion of women and men. Works of art are devoid of moral norms and seek to liberate human nature, making for one giant showing of the demonic...And as for music, you see that 'disco' and 'rock-and-roll' stuff, with people climbing onstage in elegant halls and blaring that noise. With a little hype from radio and television, blind or handicapped singers with hoarse voices and those with repulsive looks become stars."[2]


From Li's point of view, a man is disabled because of the evil things he has done in his previous life, for which ("Karma") he has not paid completely.


"Why do people suffer? While living in this world people create karma. Some people's karma is great, some people's is small. Some people will be in pain before they die. With suffering they can pay off much of the karma created in one lifetime, and in the next life they will lead a good life." If "they don't want to be in pain, they don't want to pay it off. Thus when they are born into their next lives they may come with sick bodies, or even be handicapped or have a short life."[3]


Li Hongzhi prevents his disciples from caring the disabled or participating in activities intended for the well-being of the disabled.


In 1997, Mr. Li taught Fa in Zhengzhou of Henan Province, one follower asked him, "How should we take care of the disabled?" He answered definitely, "Why are you asking me about things of ordinary people? Would you also ask me how to take care of your parents, or how to look after your kids? These are all things of ordinary people. I'm teaching the Fa and things of cultivating to high levels. That said, if disabled people have it too easy, then they can't repay karma. In the next life they might be disabled again."[4]


Another disciple asked in 2003, "There is this lady in New Jersey who came from Mainland China. All four of her limbs were amputated three years ago due to a bacterial infection. But her mind is still sharp. A Dafa disciple lives downhill from her house. How should this Dafa disciple help her?"


Mr. Li answered, "Dafa disciples, the most important thing that you need to do today is to clarify the facts and save sentient beings. You should find out if she's been poisoned or not, and if she has you should go and talk to her. If she hasn't been poisoned, then you should go do whatever you're supposed to do. The government does provide care for handicapped people, after all, so you shouldn't think about it too much. If you're too attached to these things, then I can tell you, you can forget about cultivation."[5]


5. How Does Li Hongzhi Treat War and Natural Disaster


Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong maintains that war is the best way to reduce Karma. And the Nanjing Massacre committed by the Japanese army, the holocaust committed by Hitler and many other war killings were all bought into existence by changes of the celestial phenomena.


"What happened to the temperament of the three million (Editor's note: the number should be 300,000) Chinese people who died in the extremely cruel Nanjing massacre? You ask me? Do you know what happened? Let me tell you, but some people just don't believe what I have said. Three million people (Editor's note: the number should be 300,000) don't count anything. Just consider how many people died of the two atomic bombs? How many people died of war in the history? How many died in World War II? How many were slaughtered by Hitler? To tell you the true, I can say in a word that all these were brought about by the change of celestial phenomena, by celestial phenomena change of the entire universe.'' [6]


"When mankind reaches a certain point in time, its karma is enormous, and it is beyond redemption. Enormous karma such as that is something man can never pay off. He accumulates, over the course of many lifetimes, karma so massive that it is impossible to pay off, and thus these people are destined to be destroyed. What is meant by 'be destroyed'? Small disasters take place and destroy people. War is the most expedient way, and that's why history is what it is."[7]


"Do you know why wars, epidemics, and natural and man-made disasters happen in this world? They're precisely because human beings have karma, and those events exist to remove it. No matter how wonderful a time period may be in the future, there will still be wars, epidemics, and natural and man-made disasters on earth. They are a way of eliminating karma for people."[8]


In Li's view, a man will carry with him "Karma" if he does something evil. If one's Karma grows big enough, he will definitely become ill; and if an area's Karma grows big enough, then earthquakes, floods or plagues will take place in this area. The reason why natural and man-made disasters stroke China is simply that the Chinese Government has put a ban on Falun Gong.


"Due to karma resulting from past wrongdoing, one has illnesses or tribulations…We human beings have developed to this extent today, and almost everyone has karma built upon karma – everyone's body has a pretty big amount of karma…If human beings don't do something about it, Heaven will. When mankind has met with catastrophe it's always been under this kind of circumstance."[9]


"The universe has a law. What's it called? It's called 'no loss, no gain.' To gain, one has to lose. So if you want to eliminate karma for man, people will have to bear the karma. If you don't help them pay off their karma they will accumulate more and more of it. If the karma becomes enormous, it's called 'evil beyond forgiveness.' Annihilation is what comes after the state of evil beyond forgiveness is reached. The person's existence will be annihilated and not allowed to continue – it will be completely annihilated...What happens when people on a large scale have accumulated karma? Earthquakes, fires, floods, and even plagues and wars."[10]


"I can tell you, all of the natural and man-made disasters that have been happening in Mainland China are already warnings for the sins the beings there have committed against Dafa. If they don't come to realize it, then the real catastrophe(s) will begin. All the evil people who have sinned against Dafa, specifically those who are no longer useful in the evil so-called "test" of Dafa disciples, have already begun to meet with retribution for their evil. From now on this will happen on a large scale."[11]


6. How Does Li Hongzhi Treat Charities


The cause of charity is centered on Help, Give and Love values, therefore constitutes an important element of human civilization. The charitarians give a hand to people in trouble and give help to people in need and release aids to people in expectation. Their love and good act promote the humanism, help shape a good social climate of mutual respect, mutual love and help-each-other, and help lift the social morality level.


However, Li Hongzhi thinks that natural disaster is the act of God to eliminate people through selection. The charities,which aim to help the victims from death or suffering,if done, will cause people "not to pay for his debt." And that is doing something bad.


In February, 2005, Falun Gong held an international conference in the Western U.S.. When talking about the massive tsunami just happened in the Indian Ocean, he said, "Problems arise when mankind's karma reaches an enormous amount...When people grow bad they just weed them out. The tsunami's occurrence at this time was a warning to people – three hundred thousand people were gone within a matter of seconds. Back when the big Tangshan Earthquake struck China, didn't hundreds of thousands perish in a flash?"[12]


"Birth, old age, illness, and death exist as such for ordinary people. Due to karma resulting from past wrongdoing, one has illnesses or tribulations; suffering is repaying a karmic debt, and thus nobody can casually change this. Changing it means that one would not have to repay the debt after being in debt, and this cannot be done at will. Doing otherwise is the same as committing a bad deed."[13]


"In reality, what human society takes to be truths are, from the perspective of the cosmos, inversions of truth; when humans go through hardship and suffer it is so that they may pay off karma and thereby have happiness in the future...Going through hardship and suffering is an outstanding opportunity to remove karma, be cleansed of sin, purify the body, elevate your plane of thought, and rise in level – it's an extraordinarily good thing."[14]


"After a certain time passes a large catastrophe occurs, and after some time a small catastrophe takes place. In a small catastrophe people are wiped out on a local scale; when a certain area has turned very bad it is destroyed. There are earthquakes, the submerging of continental plates, the spreading of sandstorms, or famines and wars. A small catastrophe is localized, while a large catastrophe affects most all of mankind. A large catastrophe occurs only after the passage of many years. The shifts that take place on Earth, like the movement of objects, follow certain patterns."[15]


Encouraged by Li's words, the Falun Gong practitioners showed no mercy to the victims of earthquakes and tsunami. They believe that it is the disaster victims, dead or injured, who have actually caused the earthquake due to the tremendous and ineradicable crimes they once committed. These victims should have been "disposed and eliminated." They were dead or disabled just because of their own doings and not worth sympathy.


"As far as earthquake is concerned, it was, like Middle East War, 9.11 Event and tsunami, arranged by the old forces. We come to understand, from the frequently occurring disasters in recent years, that these arrangements by the old forces are, on one hand, to destruct the people and region of great evil, and on the other hand, more importantly to test how much human nature remains in the Falun Gong followers, whether they have been interfered and if they are up to the so-called criterion. As long as we learn more Falun Gong teachings and see through what have happened with the Law-guiding eyes, we will understand everything and keep pace with the correcting progress,"[16] said in an article Don't Get Lost before Disaster on May 29, 2008 published on Minghui Net which always guides Falun Gong members how to practice.


Moreover, Li Hongzhi doesn't agree with Falun Gong practitioners donating blood.


Once a follower asked, "It shouldn't be a problem for someone who cultivates Falun Dafa to donate blood, should it?" Mr. Li answered, "Of course, we aren't saying that you cannot donate blood. But after all, your blood is just too precious to be injected into other people. However, it seems that these things seldom happen to our Falun Dafa students and disciples. I can't be absolute on the matter."[17]

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