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Is human life still priceless
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4 Experts' view on Falun Gong practitioners' suicide and homicide


Recently, a large number of Falun Gong practitioners suffer from mental disorders or abnormal behaviors which bring about numerous deaths. These occurrences have already drawn public attention to the issue of Falun Gong. Experts and scholars both home and abroad express their opinions on the phenomenon and warn people not to practice Falun Gong.


Shi-min Fang, a famous scholar and biochemistry PhD:


Modern medicine doesn't deny the fact that autosuggestion might cure some diseases and be good to health. But autosuggestion is somewhat dangerous. Sometimes it causes delusion, visual hallucination, and auditory hallucination. Those who have poor psychological traits and self-control or those who suffer from serious setbacks and need self-consolation may confuse the hallucinations with realities. This is the so-called "possessed by the Demon." Giving free rein to it, they might go mad. Therefore, serious schools of qigong are all aware of this risk and emphasize that people should practice qigong under the guidance of a master; otherwise, don't practice it by oneself. (I think those schools popular in China at the beginning of the 1980s are serious. They are not as abstruse as the later ones.) But Li Hongzhi categorically denies the phenomenon of being possessed by the Demon. He tells others that the hallucinations appearing during the process of cultivating Falun Gong are all real existences. It shows that you've got into a higher space. The more hallucinations you have the higher level you are at. He has many items such as opening the Heavenly-Eye (that is, one can see what other cannot see with their ordinary eyes) and "Three Flowers Gathering on the Head" (that is, three flowers from "the other space" sprout on the head). One can see nine colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, chromatic color, and achromatic color when his or her power works. One can also see the Falun world. Purposely advocating illusions or "being possessed by the Demon," Falun Gong is actually a kind of pseudo-qigong which is opposed to the traditional qigong. Under such circumstances, it is not at all surprising that the cultivators go mad one after another. If someone really goes mad, Li Hongzhi will deny that the madman has been a Falun Gong follower.[]


He Zuoxiu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences:


Some graduate students in my institute also began to practice Falun Gong. One of them was led to aberration and caught psychoneurosis because of practicing Falun Gong. He did not drink, eat, or speak. He even did not go to bed. His symptom startled the leaders of our institute. They sent the student to a mental hospital immediately. This shows that practicing Falun Gong can easily cause psychopathy and attention should be paid.


At the beginning of 1999, the editor of Science Review for Juvenile, a periodical edited by the Educational College of Tianjin Normal University, asked me to write a few words for the juvenile. After some consideration, I wrote an article named I Don't Agree with Teenagers Practicing Qigong. I think it is what I really want to say to the juvenile. Because of my bad impression of Falun Gong, I pointed out its two faults in the article. First, it propagates feudal ideology and superstition and advocates "the law of indestructibility of the soul." And second, it is easy to become "possessed by the Demon" practicing Falun Gong. I cited the graduate in my institute as an example.


In the article I emphasized that after being possessed and cured in the lunatic asylum for the first time, the student continued to practice Falun Gong and was obsessed again. This time he kept saying: "My master Li Hongzhi pays close attention to me all the time." This shows clearly that it is Falun Gong that led him to aberration.


The Institute of Theoretical Physics is a small one in the Chinese Academy of Sciences. There are only 50 people in it. Over the past ten years, two postgraduates caught psychoneurosis and broke off their study. The recent one was the postgraduate who would not "drink, eat, sleep, or speak." Finally he was sent to a lunatic asylum. When he was discharged from hospital after recovery, he practiced Falun Gong again and had a relapse. He kept saying "my master Li Hongzhi pays close attention to me all the time" even when he was sent to the lunatic asylum again.


Ever since I set against pseudo-qigong, I have received nine reports saying that their relatives committed suicide by jumping off buildings because of practicing Falun Gong. Eight of them died and one was wounded. I felt it queer at first. Why did the Falun Gong practitioners commit suicide by jumping off the buildings? Those who know the facts told me afterwards that, according to Li Hongzhi, people practicing Falun Gong can live without eating, summon winds and call for a rain; they can even mount the clouds and ride the mist, and separate their souls from their bodies. In order to seek the result of mounting the clouds and riding the mist, some of the practitioners jumped from the balconies. Eight of them jumped from the fourth or fifth floor and one from the second floor. Therefore, eight died and one was wounded. But the wounded still refused obstinately to listen to reason. He said: "I can't mount the clouds and ride the mist because my power of Gong is still insufficient." No one could be more ignorant than him.[]


Duan Qiming, director of China Association for Cultic Studies:


Li Hongzhi asserts that practicing "Falun Buddha dharma" can "open the Heavenly-Eye," and makes practitioners see what common people cannot see. He says: "Practitioners with high-level Heavenly-Eyes can see through this pace into the other. They can see what the common people cannot see. Even those with low-level Heavenly-Eyes have penetration abilities and can see through walls and human bodies."[] Many Falun Gong practitioners believe in these deceptive remarks, hoping that such miracles happen to them after practice. But what really comes out is mental disorder. According to medical staff at the No. 6 Hospital affiliated to Beijing Medical University (the Institute of Pathergasiology), of all the patients with mental disease arising from qigong practice their hospital had received in 1998, one fifth of them were caused by "deviations" when they were practicing Falun Gong. Such patients with mental disorders were also mentioned in the so-called survey made by Beijing General Training Station of Falun Gong.[]


One of the most basic human rights is the right of existence. If people's health and existence are in question or even their lives are lost, then it is pointless to mention other rights. The Falun Dafa fabricated by Li Hongzhi, especially "the doctrine of removing Karma," tramples wantonly on the citizens' rights of health and life…In order to fool Falun Gong practitioners Li Hongzhi advocates the "doctrine of removing Karma" and incites Falun Gong group to concoct false reports, cases of illness, and stories about the magic effect of Falun Gong in curing disease and keeping healthy. Among the over 1,400 people who died from practicing Falun Gong, many lost their lives because they firmly believed in the magic powers of Falun Gong. More patients missed the opportunity for treatment and their illness worsened…The fallacy cooked up by Li Hongzhi is completely gross nonsense against the elementary knowledge of science. Li Hongzhi is very clear about this point. He and his family members attend to the doctor and take medicines whenever they fall ill. Li Hongzhi himself has undergone the operation of appendectomy at a hospital. It seems that those Falun Gong practitioners deny treatment and medicine "all on their own initiative." This seeming act of "on one's own initiative" is actually the reflection of Li Hongzhi's mental control over his followers; it is also indicating that the practitioners have totally lost self-consciousness. The ringleader is Li Hongzhi. These practitioners are only the direct victims of Li Hongzhi and his "Falun Dafa." What's more, Li Hongzhi viciously vilifies those who died of practicing Falun Gong, saying they were "devils destructing the Dafa." He says in the book Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa: "It is the most difficult thing to distinguish this kind of devils. Their destructive power is very strong. They also learn the Dafa…. However they died suddenly or go to the contrary to destruct Falun Dafa." []


Guo Zhengyi, a researcher of China Research Institute for Science Popularization:


We often see that Falun Gong practitioners' way of thinking and behavior are different from common people. This is caused by Li Hongzhi's fallacies…Li Hongzhi demands his disciples to read Zhuan Falun time and again. He says every word in the Book is an embodiment of him and it will come out of the Book if they keep reading. Eventually the practitioners can separate their souls from their bodies…. The practitioners run after this exceptional result and metal disorder occurs. This takes effect more quickly on those who have received less education. After reading Zhuan Falun only one week, many practitioners become mentally deranged and run all around unmanageably. []


Zhu Shijun, president of the General Hospital of the PLA:


To practice Falun Gong, the practitioners are required to follow the so-called "methods of practicing Falun Gong (Gongfa)" which have been pieced together by Li Hongzhi. Spiritual shackles will be put on the practitioners once they are hooked up by Falun Gong. Then they get stuck in the mental entrapment. "Sitting there cultivating Gong" for a long time without restraint may make the practitioners' autonomic nerves over excited and their bodies in a state of responding over a long period. The synthesis and relief of neurotransmitters can lead to psychopathy, i.e. "to be possessed by the Demon." Some practitioners may thus commit suicide or homicide.[]


James Randi, president of the James Randi Educational Foundation in Fort Lauderdate, Florida, USA:


(Falun Gong's) poses as a religious organization in very much the way that the Church of Scientology has chosen to do, it is a group based entirely on supernatural and pseudoscientific claims. A few of their outrageous claims serve to illustrate this. For examples, Li declares that he is the greatest god in the universe and that the Earth is a "dustbin." All persons, he says, will go to heaven if they follow him, and that his "magical influence" will protect believers – followers – from dying in any car accidents or in building collapses. He commands that if believers become ill, they should not go to hospitals because Falun Gong can immediately cure any diseases, and they would automatically become well. He even advertises that he himself can fly in the air, etc... This man is simply another scam artist, not worthy of the respect given him by his followers.[]


Samuel Luo, an expert on the Falun Gong issue in San Francisco, USA:


I think in following or should I've, say, brainwashed by this group, they have become a different person, I have to say. But what really alert me, or what I'm really concerned about was that they abandoned needed medical treatment. They used to use Chinese herbal medicine to treat their colds, and it worked for them. After the Falun Gong, they stopped using that. And their cold would last for two weeks or even more. And since 2000, my stepfather has had a very painful gout attack. We have medical insurance, but he just refused to seek a medical help for that. I used to get into argument with them because I want them to, I want to push them. I want them to see some medical help, please, you know. But it is usually going into arguments with my parents. And, well, something did happen to my stepfather when my mother, my sister and I were traveling in China at the end of 2001. He was home alone and he had a stroke. He was home alone for five days. But during those five days, people came. And even though the right side of his body was paralyzed, he was able to open the door for them. But he did not ask for help. And on the day my sister returned. In that morning my cousin had stopped by the house and found him very ill, and asked him if he wanted to be taken to the hospital. He just shook his head. I mean, he refused. And when my sister came back, she asked him again, and he refused again. My sister had a cry and begged for him to go to the hospital. When he went, he was in there for a month. And then even with that, he did not change his mind. He did not seek help for his painful gout attack until 2005.[]

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