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Falun Gong sets against laws and regulations
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Ⅰ Illustrative Cases of Falun Gong Confronting Laws and Regulations

Case 1:My Day on April 25

Case 2:The Whole Story of Falun Gong Diehards Sabotaging CATV Network to Broadcast Illegal Programs

Case 3: Blindness, Death and Rebirth

Case 4: An American Citizen Punished by Law in China

Ⅱ What Is the Attitude of Falun Gong toward Laws and Regulations?

1. Falun Dafa is at higher level above all human laws

2. The principles of human society and the cosmos are inversed

3. The human laws mechanically restrict people


Ⅰ Illustrative Cases of Falun Gong ConfrontingLaws and Regulations


[Case 1]


My Day on April 25[1]


I am Tang Liangyou, male, aged 40, finished primary school education only, I live in Haian County of Jiangsu Province with a living of barber. As a victim of Falun Gong, the memory of "4.25 Incident" in 1999 is unforgettable, every detail of the day flashes back vividly.


Let's go back to the day of April 24, 1999. At 8:00 a.m., Mr. Xu, a person in charge of the Falun Gong practice spot where I did practice, called me and said that the upper level of Falun Gong Assistant Center informed that all members of this practicing spot were requested to go to Beijing by train to "clarify" and "protect Falun Gong." At that time I was accompanying my son, Tang Jie, at Shanghai Baoshan People's Hospital (before 2004, I was a barber in Shanghai). Receiving the call, I hesitated, however, Mr. Xu repeated the purpose of the trip was to "clarify" and "protect Falun Gong," and to improve the practicing environment of Falun Gong . He said it was a rare opportunity and we should go. I asked my wife Yuemei to take care my son and I hurried back home and took the book Zhuan Falunwith some pocket money then boarded the No. 1462 train heading for Beijing together with six other disciples, we left hurriedly without even eating anything.


On the train I was talking to myself: never before had I been to Beijing, where and how were we going to "protect Falun Gong"? I raised these questions to the other six disciples, they were confounded as well. At about midnight (before dawn of April 25), we arrived in Beijing. As we begrudged spending money on hotels, we had to stay in the railway station's waiting room. At dawn, a young woman stood at the door and shouted: Disciples from Shanghai please join me. We quickly woke up and followed her to take taxis. After a short drive we got off and walked a while, then we were told not to run about, stay where we were and wait for other disciples. She said that was the place to gather all members from South China, and she was responsible for taking care of those members Then she left to pick up other disciples.


We were afraid of getting lost because it was our first trip to Beijing. While we were waiting, some disciples bought bread from a shop nearby and we gulped down them. Then more people mobbed the place, the size of disciple mob kept growing. No one knew each other, however, when disciples were identified, people mingled together quickly. Soon after a big guy with a crew cut came, he said he was the authorized organizer from Falun Dafa Research Society to maintain peace and order, he said disciples from various places should stay where they were and discipline themselves. He also mentioned, the primary reason the Master summoned all disciples to Beijing was to "clarify" that, the nature of Falun Gong disciples were truthfulness, compassion and tolerance, and we were to be good persons; the second was that demanding the government to free the disciples put into prison in Tianjin, and appealing the government couldn't punish our Falun Gong disciples, because we gathered in Beijing just to "protect Falun Gong."


We moved quickly with the crowds and found a clean place to rest. One of disciples said, in front of us is Zhongnanhai, where the government office was located. My feeling was agitated slightly with some superiority complex to get so close to government officials, before today they were only attainable on TV. At noon, more people poured into the meeting place, I could not even see the end. Later I heard over 10,000 people joined the gathering! I was sitting there watching and listening, sharing Falun Gong practice feelings with others, quite often there were other disciples walking by. I did not have any exact idea about what actions to take, as a result, I followed others.


When it was getting dark, I got exhausted and began to starve, some said we should find accommodation, then the big guy, the self-claimed authorized organizer from Falun Dafa Research Society, stood out and said: "Do not leave until there is clear-cut feedback from the government. We will sit until dawn if no reply is received. We won't stop on our way to reach our destination!" Later at about 9:00 in the evening, a tall guy with a bag under his arm came, he allowed all to leave and kept all the requests not settled to their responsibilities for tomorrow. Upon hearing this, the mob all left, we were thinking, since the head let us go, then why not. Mixed up with the crowds I left as well. I grabbed something to eat at train station and took the night train back to Shanghai. I returned home the very next midnight. The trip to Beijing cost me money and two-day-and-two-night starving. After I was back, at the end of July, I watched the program Topics in Focus on CCTV, I suddenly came to understand, we were made goblin in a play with director behind the stage, and this person was Li Hongzhi!


The memory of "4.25 Incident" is unforgettable and unbearable to recall. If on that specific day Li Hongzhi reached his goal, what the world would look like today...


[Case 2]


The Whole Story of Falun Gong Diehards Sabotaging CATV Network to Broadcast Illegal Programs[2]


At about 19:00 on March 5, 2002, many families in Changchun City, Jilin Province were watching CCTV news program as usual. At 19:19, to their surprise, the signal was interrupted, and after a few seconds, the programs of the cult Falun Gong appeared dimly on the TV...


The evil broke the silent and peaceful night. The audience called the 110 Police Service... It didn't take long for the police to find out that it was a malignant crime made by Falun Gong practitioners who had been instigated, organized and directly instructed by Falun Gong. After investigation, the police found that more than ten Falun Gong diehards were involved in the crime. And they were Zhou Runjun (alias as Aunt Zhou), Liu Chengjun (alias as Tian Li), Liang Zhenxing (alias as Xiao Zheng), Liu Weiming (alias as Xiao Wen) and some others.


They confessed the plot that they invaded CATV network and preached the cult illegally was hatched at Li Hongzhi's indication and directed by Falun Gong organizations outside China. In January 2002, two Falun Gong diehards, 52-year-old Zhou Runjun and the other Liang Zhenxing who had learnt from Minghui how to insert illegal programs into CATV network, schemed to use TV transmission lines to go in for their activities of cult agitprop. And they asked help from the local Falun Gong diehards Liu Chengjun and Liu Weiming, so they prepared for it together on the stick.


Liu Weiming was working in an electronic company in Changchun, and he was very familiar with the CATV transmitting technology, so he played the role of engineer for the other practitioners. And Liang Zhenxing was the fund provider, spending more than 10,000 Yuan buying the equipments to play the Falun Gong disks. Then, Zhou Runjun and Liang Zhenxing gathered and collected more than a dozen Falun Gong diehards to join the team, including Liu Chengjun, Yun Qingbin, Lei Ming, Zhao Jian and Zhang Wen.


In the following two months, Zhou Runjun and other Falun Gong members began their illegal activities with various plots hatched at their rendezvous, a room rented in Kuancheng District of Changchun City. Liu Weiming led the technical training for plugging Falun Gong program disks; Liang Zhenxing was responsible for gathering hands and funds; Zhou Runjun acted as "logistics minister" – cooking for them; Liu Chengjun was the manager to allocate the members. After the training, most members were able to broadcast Falun Gong disks on the CATV network, and then they bought the tools such as VCD players, branch amplifiers, and electrician knives and so on. Zhang Wen and his partners draw the CATV main line sketch and the assembling order indication, and they made four sets of broadcasting equipment by themselves.


At about 19:00 on March 5, after furtive investigations, Zhang Wen, Lei Ming and five other members took a set of broadcasting device and tools to the area near Jingyue Hutong in Nanguan District of Changchun. Zhang Wen climbed up to the top of a wire pole, and then he cut off the main cable and connected the device which was broadcasting Falun Gong disks to it; the others were covering him. At the same time, Zhou Runjun and Liu Weiming were doing the same, and they cut off the main TV transmission lines near the National Revenue of Jilin Province and broadcasted the cult Falun Gong programs.


In that morning, Liu Chengjun, followed by Li Dehai and three other members, invaded the CATV network in Songyuan City, too; and they also caused serious consequences.


The police resources in Changchun told reporters that Zhou Runjun had made a detailed scheme for the crime. Before they did it, they had dispatched someone to examine furtively the spots in Yanji City, Jilin City and Tonghua City; because the condition didn't permit, they cancelled their plots in those cities.


Liu Weiming escaped from the first wave of arrestment, and he planned to use the radio transmitting device technique provided by Minghui Net to "introduce" the Falun Gong programs to places all over the country, so he bought 1,000 sets of devices. Fortunately, he was arrested by the police just in time.


During the questioning in the court, some suspects felt sorry for what they did. The 31-year-old defendant Li Xiaojie and one of the principals Liu Weiming were a couple. Thinking of the serious damages they had caused to the country and people, even to their own family, she couldn't help crying. But some members who mentally controlled by Falun Gong still refused to admit their crimes.


[Case 3]


Blindness, Death and Rebirth[3]




My name is Wang Jindong, 51 years old, used to be a Falun Gong obsessed follower. I lived in Kaifeng City and now I am serving a sentence in Zhengzhou Prison, Henan Province. Recalling the miserable years of being obsessed by Falun Gong, recollecting the idiotic "1.23" self-burning incident and the heart-warming and patient instruction and help I received from the government and all circles of society, surveying my process of waking up after the incident, I realize all these events have witnessed my course of being blind, surviving the death and heading for a new life.


The "1.23" Self-immolation Incident


One day in October 2000, I talked to Liu Yunfang, a fellow practitioner, and expressed my decision to go to Tiananmen Square and conduct self-burning to "protect the Fa." My idea coincided with that of another disciple Hao Huijun who was familiar with Liu. At the end of October, Liu Yunfang asked me to buy two train tickets of sleeper to Beijing. When we arrived in Beijing, Chen Guo, the daughter of Hao Huijun, received us at the gate of the Central Conservatory of Music. Later, Liu Yunfang and I walked around on Tiananmen Square to locate the spots where we would carry out the plan. After that we found a paint store and bought gasoline needed for self-immolation. A few days later, we went back to our hometown. Around January 6, 2001, Liu Yunfang gave me a paper of hand-written "lection" from the Master, it read to the effect that: a Buddha can sacrifice all, including his life, to defend the universe where he lives and the people in it. The lection reinforced my resolution to advocate and protect "Dafa" by immolating my life. After January 8, Hao Huijun proceeded to talk with Liu Yunfang frequently about the self-immolation on Tiananmen Square, saying her daughter Chen Guo would also take part in. On January 10, Liu Yunfang asked me to buy four train tickets to Beijing at the expense of Hao Huijun and said Liu Baorong, another disciple, would also join us. The Next day, I came to Liu Chunling and asked her to buy the tickets, she agreed; and told me she had already heard about the self-immolation and wanted to join in.


On January 16, at the railway station of Kaifeng, I saw all the disciples heading for Beijing: Xue Hongjun, Hao Huijun, Liu Chunling and her daughter Liu Siying. When we arrived in Beijing, we went to the Central Conservatory of Music by bus where we met Chen Guo who later took us to a disciple's home. Then Xiao Li, a youth disciple, led us to a courtyard selected before in Mentougou District where we met another disciple named Liu Xiuqin from Beijing that evening.


The next morning, Liu Yunfang and I called Liu Xiuqin to arrange another meeting, Liu Xiuqin agreed at once. Then we went to Liulichang Antiques Street[4] by subway, where we bought a 40-metre-long plastic bag to contain gasoline (actually the moisture proof bag for mounting calligraphy and picture). At 7 o'clock that evening, we met Liu Xiuqin at her home as planed, and then we told her our scheme of self-immolation. Being surprised and admiring us a lot, she expressed her willingness to help us in fulfilling the plan and told us we could fill the gasoline at her home. On the morning of January 22, Liu Yunfang and I bought four 10-litre plastic barrels in a nearby grocery and then filled the barrels with gasoline in a gas station. We separated the gasoline at Liu Xiuqin's balcony and wrapped the barrels with three-layer plastic to prevent exuding.


On January 23, the day before Spring Festival, we seven disciples woke up early and headed directly for Liu Xiuqin's home after breakfast. Liu Xiuqin warned us the gasoline had exuded and was quite smelly. So I went to Liulichang again to buy bags to prevent gasoline from exuding. It was almost 1 p.m. when I came back.


The others were impatient of waiting for me so they decided to use soft-drink bottles instead. Liu Xiuqin bought a dozen bottles of soft drink downstairs, emptied them, and filled with gasoline. Liu Yunfang and I hang the bottles over neck by ropes, fixed them with adhesive tape under our armpits, then put on the sweaters and wadded jackets. Each of us took a single-edged blade and a lighter with us prepared by Hao Huijun, and left all the money we had and promised to take action respectively around 2:30 p.m. We went direct to Tiananmen Square by two taxis: Hao Huijun, Che Guo, Liu Chunling and Liu Siying were in one, Liu Yunfang, Liu Baorong and I were in another. The taxis stopped at the south of the Great Hall of People, we got off and walked slowly to the Square.


At about 2:30 p.m., I cut the bottle open with the blade prepared before, and then took out the lighter. At this moment, some policemen nearby hurried towards me. When they were ten steps away from me, I struck the lighter. The fire devoured me instantaneously; I had no time for a cross-legged sit, so I sat on one leg instead. Being suffocated by the fire, I heard nothing but the whirr of the flame, but I thought my mission was about to be fulfilled. At that time, the policemen used something to put out the fire on me; I refused, twice. However, some other policemen managed to put out the fire with extinguishers. Greatly disappointed, I stood up and shouted, "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance is the law of the universe, the Fa deserves to be respected by all people in the world. The Master is the major Buddha in the universe!"


Later, we were carried onto a police van and driven to Jishuitan Hospital in no time. At the hospital, I lay on an active bed in the emergency room, after a while, Chen Guo, Liu Siying and Hao Huijun had also been pushed into the room on beds. We all lay silently.


[Case 4]


An American Citizen Punished by Law in China[5]


Li Xiangchun, also named Chuck Lee in the U.S., an American PhD, was actually born in February 1965 at Nanyang Town, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province of China. He worked in Wuxi City of his home province since college graduation in 1987. It was not until September 1991 that he went to America for a master's degree on his own expense. There he was granted a PhD degree and was admitted to American citizenship in 2002. It was in 1997 that Li began to practice Falun Gong. In October 2002, he boarded a plane from San Francisco to Shanghai, carrying with him an illegal scheme to cut in the local CATV network of Yangzhou, a city in Jiangsu Province, to put on some Falun Gong programs. However, he was spotted by the local police when he was to carry out his plan and later, managed to flee. When he attempted again to infiltrate into China on January 22, 2003, he got arrested right on his arrival in Guangzhou. On March 21 the same year, he was sentenced to three years in jail, plus banishment for his sabotage on broadcasting and television infrastructure, which took effect from May 12 in Nanjing Prison. Three years later, that was January 21, 2006, on the very day he was released, he was expelled out of the country.


Mr. Li was arrested on his arrival at Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou on January 22, 2003 and put in prison in Yangzhou. However, he complained to American diplomats that he was arrested just because he was blacklisted as a disciple of Falun Gong. Falun Gong mouthpiece Minghui took this lame argument as a basis to slander the Chinese government; and it called on wide attention and even public signature to manage an immediate rescue. The Chinese government must have been out of its mind if what Li and the Minghui Net said were true, it is well known this would undoubtedly invite accusations of human rights infringements. The truth, however, is that it's the Falun Gong organization who is out of mind, to believe what Li has committed in China could be covered up with lies. On October 22, 2002, at about one o'clock in the morning, Li was actually caught red-handed on his way to carry out his illegal scheme; the tools he carried clearly told the police what he was up to: complete sets of devices to send and cut off closed-circuit CATV programs, and scissors and knives of all kinds used for cutting and connecting wires. He somehow managed to escape from the police station at about 5 o'clock in the morning and fled back to America. But discontent with the outcome of this attempt, he felt compelled to venture once more, only to be caught before he could get the chance. Does he really believe, in China, American citizens could go beyond the laws?


On March 21, 2003, Yangzhou People's Court held a session to hear the case of Li. The first instance, viewed by Li's relatives and US consular officials as well, made a verdict of three years in jail plus banishment for the sabotage of broadcasting and television apparatus. On May 12, four days after his appeal was rejected, he was transferred to Nanjing Prison, which gave a clear manifestation of the Chinese government's serious attitude about the law and its enforcement. Obviously the verdict is soundly based: otherwise the US embassy and media would not remain silent, given the fact that the US consulate has been paying close attention to this case, contacting Li as many as 24 times in the process by personal meetings and telephone conversations. Till now, not a word is uttered on the part of US embassy to claim the crime Li has committed as something of a framing by the Chinese government, nor has it said the verdict is wrongly made, which explicitly means it has recognized the justice of this court decision. People may still remember that years ago, when an American youth was lashed by the hip for his illegal graffito in Singapore, the American side has done everything possible to show their disapproval. As if diplomatic protest was not enough, the media even took and publicized photos of the lashed hip to condemn Singapore for its "disrespect of hips." This time, however, what PhD Li has committed is so evidently illegal that there is no room at all for argument, thus the western media have to remain silent, leaving the Falun Gong cult to kick and shout alone.


But not everyone is willing to accept justice. Fu Yongqing, Li's fiancee, organized a touring team of three or four people to complain. On a complaint conference held for Falun Gong disciples, she whined in tears that there were no human rights or justice in China and that it was unreasonable for Chinese government to imprison her fiance. Her words reminded people of the example of Zhang Cuiying, an Australian citizen who similarly and deliberately ignored the truth of her illegal infiltration of country border and accused Chinese government of "illegal imprisoning." When a US journalist asked Fu Yongqing, why people heard that the reason of her fiance's imprisonment was his unlawful attempt to damage the operation of television network, she was struck by the question, unable to find any excuse. It took her quite a while before she came up with the argument that her fiance was not smart or educated enough to carry out a cut-in of television programs. And he was actually caught for his breach of city curfew, which deserves nothing like a three year term. Whoever remembers the three principles that Falun Gong preaches (namely "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance") would now come to understand what the principle of "Truthfulness" is really about: It means "be truly distorting." It's distorting since no city in China has ever had a curfew in recent years, including the serene city of Yangzhou. It was ridiculous of Fu's lies, and of all the lies that Li Hongzhi has taught his disciples to tell about China, like repression, sexual abused torture, city curfew, or whatever could disgrace China's reputation. As if he wanted the western world to believe that China was still living in the Middle Ages. Put the curfew issue aside, Fu's words at least proved that her fiance was arrested on the street deep in the night, making it even less credible that he was innocent. No wonder that not a single word of this conversation has been quoted this time by Minghui.


However, when the verdict was made at the court, Mr. Li surprised all people present with a proud statement of his crime: "On October 5 last year, I came to Wuxi from America. Beside my business plan, I also prepared a trip to Yangzhou, to reveal through the circuit television to the local public how the Falun Gong followers were persecuted on the mainland. I spent three days, from October 10 to 13, inspecting the Yangzhou CATV network. After selecting five sites for this operation, I went back to Wuxi to assemble five sets of devices for it. On the night of October 21, right before my scheduled departure for America the next morning, I came to Yangzhou to do my job. Since too many people were around the first site, I went on to the second, but was interrogated by two policemen because of my roaming at 1 o'clock in the night without an ID card. I was brought to the police station for investigation, but I escaped around 5 o'clock a.m. in the morning." Even more surprisingly, he continued to declare that, "My activity was not violating laws since it served for disseminating the ‘Dafa'." All the audience, including the US consular officials, was stunned by his words.


Knowledgeable as he was, PhD Li somehow accused the Chinese government of imprisoning him illegally after he admitted his aim of cutting off authorized CATV programs to broadcast his own with the purchased devices. What logic! Does he really assume that he were the one to make and interpret laws? Or does he believe he could challenge the laws with his "supernatural power" as a Falun Gong disciple and his privilege as a foreign citizen?

[1] Kaiwind, http://www.kaiwind.com/xs/200804/t79714.htm

[2] Xinhuanet, http://news.xinhuanet.com/newscenter/2002-09/20/content_569268.htm

[3] Kaiwind, http://www.kaiwind.com/redian/123zfa/kfbd/200801/t76453.htm

[4] Liulichang is a small street lined with shops facades bearing Ming and Qing dynasty architectural features.

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