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What Falun Gong disciples do when they meet a thief?

2008-05-29 Author:By: Gengyun

It was on a winter morning in 1999 that three women were newly admitted to the reeducation and labor camp. Unlike other people, they called themselves "Dafa disciples", cultivators and good people. In the following days, they observed the disciplines quietly and got well along with other people, so they didn't attract any special attention. About 20 days later, another "Dafa disciple" named Yang Yufang was admitted. As a retired employee with the Water Resources Bureau at 51 years old, she is talkative. As soon as we met, she began her incessant talk about Falun Gong, "We are disciples of Dafa and cultivators and Falun Gong teaches us to be good people ... " I looked at her curiously, which seemed to encourage her to speak more, so I smiled and said, "Will you tell me in detail on the evening when I am on duty? " She nodded with satisfaction and left my office.

At last the day I was on duty came, Yang Yufang, with another disciple of Dafa named Wu Liqing, knocked at the door and came in the duty room without delay. After they had sit down, Yang Yufang, being out-going, said initiatively, "Captain, what a destiny for us to sit together today!" I felt her words sounded a bit abstruse, with a sense of fatalism, though I kept calm. Then she said, "All these don't happen by chance. Instead, they are arranged by our master."

"Is your master Li Hongzhi?" I burst out.

Unexpectedly, both of them stood up as soon as they heard my words. Wu Liqing, who hadn't said any thing before, told me in a mysterious manner, "Captain, please don't mention my master by his name, or karma will be created, which is not good for you."

"Why not good?"

"You will know that in the future."

Even now I don't know what karma or misfortune has been brought to me because of my mentioning of "Li Hongzhi", an ordinary name for us Chinese by numerous times.

"What we practice is 'Falun Dafa', a universal Dafa which teaches people to be good. Take me as an example. Since I practiced Falun Gong I have begun on my own to clean the public lavatory in our community every day that was very dirty in the past. Now the neighbors speak well of it and praise me to be better since I've practiced Falun Gong."

"Actually, one should take the initiative to clean the public lavatory when seeing it dirty even if he or she doesn't practice Falun Gong." I added.

"Surely you are right," she went on saying, "When I wasn't retired, I initiatively gave up my effort to get the title of technical post because there were more candidates applied for the titles than the numbers of quota of titles. A cultivator should get rid of 'the sense of fame and gain', refraining from striving for such things with other people."

At that time, the more I heard, the more I felt the woman in front of me did have a realm of lofty thought. It is not easy for any common person to clean a public lavatory every day as she had said. As an ordinary person, of course one hopes to be recognized in terms of qualifications and abilities when he or she has worked hard and contributed to the society with his or her expertise. Whether in a contest for the title of a technical post or for the name of advanced worker, everybody hoped his or her values to be properly assessed and recognized. It seemed that she really had some "consciousness" since she could give up the chance on her own and kindly helped others in accomplishing. Thinking of this, I looked at her again yet found a complacent face in front of me. Not knowing why, I felt she had some unspoken intentions. Maybe she wanted me to praise her, "You are a real good person!" "Dafa does teach people to be good!" However, how can I draw such a conclusion only from these two things? I stopped saying so.

In hesitation, a question came up to my mind and said, " If you find a thief stealing in you home, what will you do?" "All the things in the universe have been arranged by our master, " said Wu Qingli slowly and calmly, "They are like the scenario in a movie. If a thief steals something from your home, it indicates that you owed him in the previous life or in the life before the previous one. According to Dafa, there are six rounds of retribution. Now it's your turn to repay him and you have to do so."

"You even think you owe him while not stopping him if a thief steals something from you. Don't you think this will encourage his arrogance?" I felt increasingly that their words were far off the beam. " Do you think you should hand over when a thief is stealing something from you?"

"Yes, we do." Wu Qingli answered frankly.

"Then will you report to the police?" I asked, unwillingly to stop here.

"Why do you report to the police since you are repaying what you owed him in the past?"

"In fact, you needn't report to the police. He is creating karma when he is stealing. Karma is a kind of black essence and to create karma means to damage virtue, so it's difficult for him to reach a higher dharma level. You are accumulating virtue if you don't report to the police when he steals. Virtue is a kind of white essence. When you get more white essence in your body, you can reach a higher dharma level and a higher cultivation degree."

Why do they have such ideas? The answer can be found in the book entitled Zhuan Falun. Li Hongzhi has said it clearly in this book while talking about the transform relations between "virtue" and "karma", "There is a rule in this universe, i.e., and one can't get without losing and has to lose in order to get. If you don't lose, you will be forced to do so ... When some one is scolding or bullying other people, he is throwing virtue to them ... The more severely he scolds, the more virtue he is giving. It's the same with beating or bullying other people ... ordinary people can't see this rule." "Why do I think a lot of virtue? If some one has great virtue, he may get whatever he wants, becoming a big official or making a great deal of money, all of which should be exchanged with virtue. If some one has no virtue, he will be completely exterminated both in body and spirit."

So we can see that the disciples of "Master Li" have their own considerations: when they are stolen, beaten, scolded or bullied, other people give virtue to them and they themselves can accumulate virtue and increase dharma level; on the other hand, other people create karma, damage virtue and suffer retribution or even be completely exterminated both in body and spirit. Those "disciples of Dafa" who looks so kind are more greedy and calculating than "ordinary people": they abandon the visible small "benefit" to get large virtue that other people can't see and obtain in turn a reputation of "good people".

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