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"My body was possessed by Master’s spirit”

2011-09-02 Source:Kaiwind Author:By Cai Rongfen

Cai Rongfen, a resident from Binyang Community of Miyun County in Beijing, was introduced to Falun Gong by neighbors in 1997 when she had just retired and had nothing to do at home. At the beginning, she deemed Falun Gong as a kind of Qigong which could strengthen her health, and joined the group without much thought.

After that, as long as the weather was fine, she would practice Falun Gong in the park nearby and soon felt her health conditions improved a lot.

One day a fellow practitioner told her that Falun Gong cultivated both nature and longevity, so she should not only cultivate Gong but also study the "Fa". The fellow practitioner suggested her to read a book titled Zhuan Falun, the exact book that eventually tempted her to pursue being "elevated to a higher level” and reaching "Consummation” instead of the simple notion of strengthening health. Since then she was totally obsessed by the cult and couldn’t free herself from the blatant lies compounded by Li Hongzhi.

She began to exchange with other practitioners what she had learned from Dafa. Even after Falun Gong was outlawed, she kept close contact with several fellow practitioners in secrecy. However, during the exchange meetings, everybody said she was slow-witted in understanding the Faand was at too low a level. Actually when other people kept on talking about their understanding about Falun Gong, she was unable to get a word in and had to stand by as a listener most of the time, which embarrassed her very much. "Losing face,” she often thought.

As the fellow practitioners slopped over their achievements and continuously elevated to "higher levels”, Cai Rongfen got more and more anxious and felt chagrined at her own stagnancy. She just wished one day the Master could give her directions in person so that she could surpass all the other practitioners.

One day in 2001, when Cai read Zhuan Falun aloud and came to the chapter about "Body Possession”, a bold idea occurred to her: pretending to be possessed by the Master would be a wonderful showoff of her capability and surely she would enjoy due respect from others.

Cai Rongfen was too impatient to plan and prepare the details which were implemented three days later when her husband went to attend his niece’s wedding and her son went to downtown to work.

That day, Cai Rongfen called several fellow practitioners telling them that when she was sitting in meditation, the "law body” of the Master appeared and asked her to summon several disciples to come here to give instructions face to face. Everybody was excited about this news without any doubt and all promised to be there at night.Cai Rongfen knew perfectly that what she had done was against the Fa’s principles of abandoning fame, material interest, and emotion. "But to save face and restore my dignity,” Cai said to herself after announcing the news in telephone, "it’s of no importance at all.”

By 7:50 in the evening, everyone came as they promised. Cai Rongfen told them that the Master would show up at 8:08 and no one should move or speak no matter what might happen.

All practitioners sat cross-legged in meditation in a line as ordered by Cai Rongfen who instead sat up on the bed looking down at everybody else. They waited in silence for the crucial moment. Cai closed her eyes and from time to time stole a quick glance at the clock on the wall. As the "auspicious” occasion arrived, Cai Rongfen shook her body violently and then fell down on her back with a shout of "ah”.

After a while, Cai Rongfen sat up slowly, looked directly ahead round-eyed and said in the masculine voice of the Master she imitated from tapes: "How are you! From today on, all of you present here today, your Gong powers will be elevated by two levels.” Cai Rongfen scanned the fellow practitioners who all stared at her earnestly, as a pack of wolves at a piece of meat.

"You are practicing Fa in a diligent manner. I know everything about that because my law bodys are next to you all the time. Now I use the body of Cai Rongfen to talk to you just because I see how hard you have practiced and decide to give some extra power to you. Now close your eyes and I will give my Gong power to you through the acupuncture point on top of your head.”

Then Cai Rongfen closed her eyes and murmured: "Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance are good…” About three minutes later, she said again: "I have passed the power equal to your ten years’ cultivation. Keep practicing and do not let me down. I’m looking forward to your Consummation.” After that Cai fell on the bed again.

Cai lay there for some time on purpose until all people swarmed forward to help her up. She opened her eyes slowly and asked in a controlled weak voice: "Was the Master here?” They nodded enthusiastically: "Yes, the Master was here and he gave his power to us.” Cai Rongfen stretched herself and said: "That’s fine. Please go back home, all of you. I’m tired and need a rest." They expressed a thousand thanks and all left with delight.

After everyone had gone, Cai Rongfen said to herself: "From now on, no matter what a high level you are at, you have to show me respect." 

Now, whenever she recalls the farce she directed, 69-year-old Cai Rongfen feels funny and ridiculous.


(From: Kaiwind.com)