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Religious cult under fire for denying children health care

2015-10-12 Source:Kaiwind Author:Yun Jing

According to the report of “hivisasa”,A sect in Nakuru County has come under fire from members of the public for allegedly denying children access to health care due to their faith. The famous anti-cult expert Rich Ross also criticized “hivisasa”in his column and promoted his anti-cult work to Kenyans.

'Kanisa La Mungu(Church of God)' which has several branches in Nakuru Town Estates has been accused of causing the death of a teenager.

David Mugo, 19, died six days after falling sick but his parents failed to take him to hospital claiming that their 'church' is opposed to medical treatment.

Ann Wasike, a clinic officer at the Nakuru Provincial General Hospital said that the deceased was admitted at the hospital following intervention of neighbours and some relatives but he died two days due to weak immunity.

“The youth has never gone to hospital. He had never been immunised due to religious beliefs by his parents,” said Wasike.

Njenga Njeru, the spokesman of the bereaved family urged the government to intervene and have the rest of the children of Stephen Ndonge taken to hospital for treatment.

Manyani Chief, Erick Omollo, who attended the funeral of the late Mugo condemned the faction.

“The government will not allow religious sects with extremist or false teachings to undermine the health of children. The Constitution is clear that denying a child a health care amounts to child abuse and we will not tolerate such sects in our society,” said Omollo.

Efforts to speak to t the leader of the ‘church’, Paul Wanjohi, did not yield fruits.