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Activity of 19 religious organizations banned in Kyrgyzstan

2016-05-26 Source:Kaiwind Author:Hu Jie


Activity of 19 religious organizations is banned in Kyrgyzstan. Deputy Director of the State Commission for Religious Affairs ZakirChotaev said at a meeting with journalists.

According to him, the organizations were recognized by the court as destructive and terrorist. "Only the court may recognize the legitimacy of a religious organization," ZakirChotaev said.

The list of banned in the Kyrgyz Republic organizations include Al-Qaeda, Taliban movement, East Turkistan Islamic Movement, Kurdish People's Congress, Liberation Movement of Eastern Turkestan, Hizbut-Tahrir, Jamaat Jihad, Islamic party of Turkestan (Islamic movement of Uzbekistan), Jaysh al-Mahdi, JundulKhilafah, Ansarulloh, Al-Takfir Val-Hijra, Unification Church of Moon, Akromiya, Church of Scientology and others.

As it was announced at the meeting, there are 2, 601 registered Islamic religious organizations, 380- Christian and 12- other religious organizations in Kyrgyzstan.

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