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Cult should be rousted from Granville St.

2008-05-26 Author:By: Val Hamilton

Re: "Honour Falun Gong's anti-communism," May 16.

Kathy Gillis wants us to allow the Falun Gong to flaunt our local laws because they are against communism? What a stupid idea from someone living in Ottawa. The boarded-up wall on Granville Street has been an eyesore for far too long. Demonstrations are fine but not for years.

This cult preaches hatred towards homosexuals and people who marry those of other ethnic groups. Read the writings of the man who created the Falun Gong, who now lives in the U.S., if you don't believe me. Look for the websites dedicated to exposing cults.

The Chinese government treats the Falun Gong abominably--this does not mean that we have to embrace them to get back at that government.

Val Hamilton,


(Canada.com, May 23, 2008)

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