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Jesus Returns?


Perhaps you’ve heard of Dongfang Shandian or in English, Eastern Lightning, also called Seven Spirits Sect, Second Savior Sect, and New Power Lord's Church among others, after all news about a new religious movement that says it was founded by Jesus Christ who has returned to Earth as a Chinese Woman and who predicts that the world will end on December 21, 2012 (oops) is going to generate publicity no matter what.

Sure there are all kinds of sects and cults and whatnot anyplace you care to look, but one that can lead to over 1,400 people believing in it enough to get arrested has to say something about its appeal to some, I mean how many are there for aside from those who were arrested?

While for years just sort of a rumor they now have a web page! (Who doesn’t?) and I have to say they are a little on the off putting side, what with a whole page on it being devoted to the horrid things that are supposed to have happened to people who went against them, usually them wasting away to skeletons, but darn little about healing the sick or the like!

However while I have run into a fair amount about Dongfang Shandian, I have yet to find even one picture of their leader Lightning Deng, the female Chinese Jesus Christ.

So I went looking and found a number on Chinese language sites here and there and enlarged, white balanced, put them them in a collage,

That is she above.


(flickr.com,February 19,2013)



Original text from:http://www.flickr.com/photos/gulliverarkham/8491382562/