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Falun Gong Made Chen Yaru Desperate

2014-08-29 Source:Kaiwind Author:By Li Yujuan
My name is Li Yujuan, Chen Yaru’s classmates. Chen Yaru, born in 1953, was living in the No.3 iron street, Nangang district, Harbin city of Heilongjiang province. She used to be a Falun Gong practitioner in her early years, but stopped practicing with the help of volunteers and had led a normal life for some time. However, she finally became desperate and committed suicide after being threatened and intimidated for a number of years by Falun Gong members.

Chen Yaru used to work in a refinery power plant in Harbin and retired in the February of 1997 because of bad health condition. By the end of 1998, she was bewitched by Falun Gong members and started to practice Falun Gong for the hope to cure disease and build a strong body. At the very beginning she found it good for health to have a regular exercise and she continue practice for some time. But later she followed the advice of Falun Gong tutor and stopped taking the usual blood pressure control medicine and only count on practicing Falun Gong as treatment. As a result, her health condition became worse and she felt very painful all day with a swelled red face and blood pressure of 200. Every day she got up dizzy and can’t stop vomiting. She had to lie down in bed to have a rest after a few minutes practicing.

Seeing her condition gradually worsen, her husband Li Qingxi was very anxious and tried in tears to persuade Yaru to go to the hospital. But she did not listen and said the hospital and medical treatment would weak down her practicing and her previous effort would be wasted. Her husband had no choice but to force her to the city hospital and her life was saved that time.

In 1999 the government banned Falun Gong practicing. The community volunteers came to her home and gave her some education videos to watch. In the video, Yaru learnt that some Dafa disciples was cheated and lost their lives and finally she understood that only science is the basic knowledge of health life. She also learnt a lesson from her own experience and gradually got to know the evil nature of Falun Gong.

One day I went to her house to chat, she spoke to me with tears saying “Falun Gong cult was so evil. It cheated me step by step and I had hurt my husband and children deeply. Now I feel very sad.” Then she immediately vowed that she would keep away from Falun Gong and try to lead a normal life. However, Falun Gong members became panic and started to accumulate hatred to her family. Despite truthfulness, kindness and forgiveness it advocated, Falun Gong imposed threat and intimidation against her for a long time.

After the Chinese New Year of 2014 I went to Yaru’s home chatting as usual. But I found her emotions became hard to control and her husband and children also seemed very anxious. I asked about the details and they told me during the past two months, Yaru family has received numerous Falun Gong practitioners’ anonymous harassing phone call, almost uninterrupted for 24 hours a day. Her family was so anxious and could not eat or sleep. Besides, she found posted tabloids on her door forcing Yaru to practice Falun Gong again. Otherwise they would do harm to her husband and kids and let them die without burial.

Yaru said to me that she was determined not to re-join the Falun Gong. She would rather die to cut off relation with Falun Gong than let them hurt her husband and children. I comforted her not to be afraid and advise them to call the police as soon as possible. I returned to my home till her emotion got better.

But in the morning of February 27, 2014, I received a call from her husband saying “Yaru hanged herself in the corridor of her home in order to get her families a peaceful life” And she left a suicide note: It is my fault that I once practiced Falun Gong, brought harm to the society and also to my own family. In order to return a peaceful life to my family, I decided to go. Please take my advice never to practice the evil Falun Gong.