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The 4th China-International Organ Donation Congress:Chinese and International Experts Criticized the Unreliable Rumors



The 4th China-International Organ Donation Congress & "Belt and Road" International Cooperation and Development Forum 

Symposiumon the development of organ donation and transplantation of China was successfully held in Kunming on Dec.7,2019. Invited by the China Organ Transplant Development Foundation, over 100 experts from more than 30 countries attending the China-International Organ Donation Congress &"Belt and Road" International Cooperation and Development Forum on Organ Donation attended the seminar and delivered speeches. The participants included members of the task force on organ transplantation of the World Health Organization, The Transplantation Society, and other international transplant scieties. 

Human organ transplant technology is to save the lives of patients with organ failure, but some overseas anti-China political organizations frequently make groundless accusations, slander, and rumors for China's organ donation and transplantation, in which field is full of great love. Since the start of this year, they have made new tricks to infiltrate the political field into academic field by ulteriorly launching so-called "academic papers", to discredit China's great achievements in organ donation and transplantation in recent years. 

How Chinese and international experts view these rumors? How international experts think about China’s organ donation and transplantation? Now, let me take you to The 4th China-International Organ Donation Conference to check out. 


The 4th China-International Organ Donation Congress & "Belt and Road" International Cooperation and Development Forum 


Chinese and foreign experts criticized the unreliable rumors  

Rumors:Some anti-China political organizations frequently attack China organ donation and transplantation. They even falsely claiming that "there are 60,000 to 100,000 organ transplantation in China every year", and those organs are harvested from the so-called  “Prisoner of conscience”.  

Facts: Infact, every postoperative patient needs to take immunosuppressant for a lifetime, and postoperative drugs are well documented. According to the international open immunosuppressant market sales data, China's immunosuppressant sales account for about 8% of the world market share; this is in line with the proportion of organ transplants in China published by the World Health Organization. Only 100,000 organ transplants were performed per year worldwide. Outright data fraud is clear.  

To be frankly, think about it with your toes you’ll know how ridiculous the rumor is. If there are 100,000 people disappeared, their families, friends,classmates,and colleagues definitely know that. How their relatives and friends can said nothing on the internet and social media? THESE are nothing but totally rumor fabricated, with their ultimate purpose on everything shows that the rumors are nothing but the rhetoric and wanton slander of some ulterior motives of anti-China organizations. Their fundamental purpose is to discredit China's international image and curb China's rapid development. 

 Symposium on the development of organ donation and transplantation of China  

In response to anti-China slandering on China organdonation and transplantation. Wang Haibo, director of China Organ Transplant Response System, fights back with facts. At the forum, he introduced COTRS and its working process. 3 cases, with the consent of family members, were used to retraces how their organs are distributed through COTRS. 

Huang Jiefu 

Huang Jiefu (Chairman of China human organdonation and Transplantation Committee and President of China organ transplantation Development Foundation):"On Nov14, British Medical Association published an article wrote by an Israel so-called "scollar", on BMC Ethics. The article violates basic scientific common sense and is full of loopholes,causing widespread doubt from China and the international organ transplantation community. I have to tell the author, As a heart organ transplant doctor, he should spend more time treating people with heart disease, don't say things that even yourself don't believe. There is an idioms in China said that, you can never wake up a person who pretends to sleep. He may talk about equations today, and tomorrow he will tell you another astronomical figure. We don’t care these ridiculous rumors. The rumor always stop at wise men." 

A small group of anti-Chinese forces acts of defiling China will never win the people’s trust. China's transplantation has been on the road of legalization, since the promulgation of regulation on organ transplantation in 2007. China implements strict qualification management for hospitals and doctors engaged in organ transplantation. Currently, 173 hospitals have obtained transplant qualifications. China actively carries out international academic exchanges in the field of organ transplantation and prohibits"transplant tourism". China have cracked down on the crimimals in the violation of laws and regulations in the field of transplantation, punished the institutions and personnel involved in the case, and impose maximum level administrative penalties. From 2017, the police department launched a special campaign to crack down several cases of organ trafficking. Relevant departments punished related medical personnel in accordance with laws and regulations. The Chinese government is doing the right things. Facts are always facts. We will continue to promote the development of organ donation and transplantation in China, making it a reference of global model.

Guo Yanhong

Guo Yanhong(Supervision Commissioner of Medical Administration Bureau of national health and Health Commission):"Organ donation and transplantation is a scientific issue as well as ethical and legal issues. Under these this is love and hope. If this disturbs and blasphemes this loving and hopeful statement, I think it is an insult to each of our experts present and absent. I hope an end of the insult." 

Wang Haibo

Wang Haibo (Director of China Organ Transplant Response System-COTRS in China):"I’m not worried about the ridicules rumor, because the data in our COTRS system is not just a data point, but a name, a true person with story and a family. There are more than 26000 donors data in system, which representing more than 26000 life stories."

"The current situation is, the Chinese, as well as international experts, including WHO officers, WHO task force members, have been relentless harassed by these systematic coordinated rumors, for years. These harassment are very consuming to all of us. We have a lots of work, to promote the quality of organ donation, to train better doctors, to save patients’ life. But now we have to spend lots of time to clarify all these nonsense accusations. These harassment is not only slowing down the progress of China’s organ transplant reform, but aslo a desprect, a insult to the altruistic donors and their family."

Chen Jingyu

Chen Jingyu (Vice President of Wuxi People's Hospital):"In China, there are many good doctors of heart transplant. They try hard to enter the international transplantation family.While being rejected once by once. There are many misunderstanding frominternational community. Because they are all being misleading by the rumors. I hope international experts further support China in transplantation.I hope you can come to China to check it out. And there is a Chinese saying goes like that: seeing is believing."  


Zheng Zhe

Zheng Zhe, (Vice Director of National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases, Vice President of Fuwai Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College): "In China, a number of large heart transplant centers have already incorporated world-class capabilities regarding the management of heart transplant, while comparable outcomes on transplant and long-term survival were also achieved as other top centers around the world. In the future, we will establish an international cooperative-exchange system to embrace world’s talents in heart transplant, standardize and perfect the best use of technical specifications of heart transplant, and also launch more comprehensive training programs for heart transplant, try every effort to improve the overall quality of heart transplant in China. We also invite faculties from all over the world to visit China and share their thoughts and experiences, to help and support China's organ transplantation cause, and benefit more Chinese patients."   

Experts attending the meeting strongly refuted the defamation and rumors of organ donation and transplantation in China

Campbell Fraser

Campbell Fraser(Professor of Griffith University):"This paper on BMC, they criticize on COTRS, we already established that there is no scientific basis for the paper. This paper is a political document. This paper is just part of the coordinated dark forces that try to frustrate China progress. They are try to destroy all the work we have done."

Bjorn Nashan

Bjorn Nashan(Past President, German Transplantation Society):"I’m working in China more than 2 years in HeFei. So I have my foot to the ground. I see what going on and I see so far is that everything is going on to the legal. Nothing is altered. They are very strict to their reporting and the filing of data, they are doing everything to assure the process is according to the law. "

Francis Delmonico

Francis Delmonico(Chairman of organ transplantation task force of WHO):"As international supporters, we can see the achievements on China reform. That a real good job. And I hope these mileage achievements can continue in the future." 

Nancy Asher

Nancy Asher (immediate Past President of TTS):"In our international community, we heard noises, but we have being here several times, we really support China. We all know China history, but there is reform. Respond such incredible false paper is a waste of your time."  


J. R. Nú?ez

J. R. Nú?ez(a World Health Organization (WHO) officer who oversees global organ transplantation):"Rumors are rumors. It will happen in any country and region in the world. The purpose of rumor disseminators may be different. But we don't need to listen to rumor. What really matters is what happens in reality. I have also witnessed the great progress made in organ donation in China in the past five years. So, even if there's a rumor, we don't have to listen to it."  

The "Chinese experience" is highly praised by experts from the international organ transplant authorities 

The rumor will be stopped by the wise. An open, transparent, scientific, ethical and fair system for human organ donation and transplantation in China is being gradually established and improved, which is in line with China's national conditions and traditional culture. The Chinese experience in organ donation is in line with the guidelines of the World Health Organization, and highly recognized by the international community. 

"The biggest feature of the Chinese experience in organ transplantation is the strong support from the Chinese government, which is an example that many countries should follow." These words were from Francis Delmonico, Chairman of organ transplantation task force of WHO. 

In May 2007, the state council promulgated the Human Organ Transplantation Regulations. In 2011, the Amendment (viii) of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China made it clear that the organ trafficking was a serious criminal crime, providing legal guarantee for cracking down relevant illegal and criminal acts. Since 2015, voluntary donations by Chinese citizens have been the only legal source of organ transplants. At present, China has embarked on a path of organ donation and transplantation that according to international practices and conforms to China's reality, and has initially established a scientific, fair, ethical system of human organ donation and transplantation.   

Regulation on Human Organ Transplantation(2007)

J. R. Nú?ez, a World Health Organization (WHO) officer who oversees global organ transplantation, told in the meeting: "China's organ transplant reform has achieved remarkable results in a short period of time, and China's experience can serve as a model for the entire Asian region and the world." "The most prominent features in the Chinese experience are two things: strong government leadership and a sound health care insurance system," Nancy Asher, immediate Past President of TTS notes. 

According to the latest data, from 2015 to 2018, the number of organ donations completed in China each year was 2766、4080、5146、6302, with a rapid growth, and the number of organ donations in 2018 ranked second in the world. With the help of the Chinese Organ Transplant Response System, medical indicators such as the severity of patients' illness and the matching degree of organs are taken as the only criteria for the allocation of donated organs, so as to ensure the scientific, transparent and fair allocation of organs. 

Report on Organ Transplantation Development in China(2015-2018)

"Although China started later than some countries, the Chinese Organ Transplant Response System is now a model for the world",  M. Manyalich, President of DTI said. 

In an interview by the media after the meeting, M. Sánchez Sorondo, Bishop&Chancellor, PAS said the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Science greatly appreciated Chinese  

It is reported that in order to shorten the transfer time of donated human organs, reduce the impact of the transfer process on the quality and safety of organ transplantation, and ensure the safety of patients' lives, the National Health Commission and other departments issued the Announcement on Establishing a Green Channel for Transferring of Donated Human Organs in May 2016. Since the establishment of the green channel three years ago, the transfer time of organs has been shortened by an average of 1 to 1.5 hours, the overall organ sharing rate in China has increased by 7.3%. The utilization rate of organs has increased by 6.7%. The sharing distance of donated organs has been greatly expanded, and thousands of patients with end-stage organ failure have been cured. 

Green channel for organ transplantation

In terms of technique, the surgical technique of organ transplantation in China has been constantly improved and innovated, in some field, reached the world advanced level. Organ transplantation has been carried out in China, and some organ transplantation technologies have achieved breakthroughs, leading the international level, such as autologous liver transplantation, non-ischemic organ transplantation, and pediatric liver transplantation. 

"Our Chinese counterparts are diligent and willing to learn,"  Bjorn Nashan, Past President, German Transplantation Society said. "I see China's healthy development in the field of organ transplantation and the tremendous efforts it has made to improve the development. 

It can be expected that in the near future, China's organ transplantation model will lead the world organ transplantation to a new peak, and the smear without facts will disappear. 

"The paper accused China Organ Donation and Transplantation is not a scientific approach. This is not a scientific paper. It’s a political attack, nothing at all. Academic research shoul be a truth discovery journal, must not be a political behavior."

"What they are doing now is to maintain rumors. And we are going to see that again, again, and again. The more it happened, the more we must fight against this and be patient focused. China should keep doing what they do now, that China can be the leading country on international organ transplantation."