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The Falun Gong judgment day

2007-08-31 Author:By: Samuel Luo

People are divided into two categories by Master Li the ignorant and corrupt "everyday person" who does not believe his teachings, and the enlightened Falun Dafa disciple who is willing to abandon her conventional thinking and strive to repay her sins. Li describes the poor moral quality and tragic fate of an everyday person:

An everyday person is just an ordinary person in ordinary human society, a person who thinks about how to advance himself and live well. The better he lives, the more selfish he becomes; the more he wants to possess, the further away he moves from the characteristic of the universe. He then heads for destruction.1

When Master Li first made this statement in 1994, he was already prophesizing that cosmic destruction would rain down on everyday people, ending in their complete elimination. His righteous followers, on the other hand, will be saved.

Reading through Li's words one can't help but notice that the Master really detests everyday people. They are guilty of drug abuse and promiscuous sex, they glorify gangsters and violence, they are materialistic and untrustworthy and their greediness and ignorance are destroying the world. Everyday people may see their improved living standard as a sign that society is progressing, but this is just an illusion. In fact, human society is actually regressing.2

So what exactly constitutes this depravity of everyday people? Let us note some of the regressions that Master Li thinks will lead to their annihilation.

Women's liberation is one source of depravity. Li denies that women were oppressed in the old days—to claim that they were is tantamount to judging the ancients with modern people's degenerate notions. When women start to stand up for their rights, the result is "divorce, fighting, abandoned children, and other social problems."3 Therefore Li concludes that the advocacy of independence and self-reliance for women is wrong.4

Mixed raced children are products of ignorant people according to Li. "The races in the world are not allowed to be mixed up," he has stated, "now, the races are mixed up and it has brought about an extraordinarily serious problem."5 Children born of mixed-raced marriages might be "physically and intellectually incomplete"6 and they do not have a "relationship with the higher levels."7 Li also teaches that paradises are racially segregated "Jesus told people not to spread the teaching (Christianity) in the East. I have also found no oriental people in Jesus' paradise."8

Homosexuality is the leading indicator of the depravity and regression of our society. Gays are more visible than ever and laws have been created to protect their evil life style. In Li's poem "the World's Ten Evils," he states "homosexuality, licentious desires—dark heart, turning demonic."9 Li's strongest words against gays come from a lecture in Switzerland. Homosexuality was one of the factors that led to the collapse of the Greek civilization, he said. Furthermore, "Homosexuals not only violate the standards that gods set for mankind, but also damage human society's moral code. In particular, the impression it gives children will turn future societies into something demonic."10 Li describes a special kind of suffering for homosexuals. They will be made to undergo a particularly slow and painful annihilation "That person is annihilated layer after layer at a rate that seems pretty rapid to us, but in fact it's extremely slow in that time field. Over and over again, one is annihilated in an extremely painful way."11

The preceding sins are all familiar to Westerners; fundamentalist preachers of various religions have railed against them for years. However, Li knows something they don't "Demons are everywhere."12 Some of these demons are the many Qigong masters who are Li's spiritual (and financial) competitors. These "sham Qigong masters" are actually possessed by animal or evil spirits and they transmit demonic influences in their teachings.13 These animal and evil spirits, once taking possession of a person, will kill his spirit and take over his body. Although the victim may look like a human, in fact "he is not."14

Ironically for a man who has just started a new religion, Li condemns people who start new religions they are "demons who undermine orthodox religions."15 These demons at the beginning might teach people to do good deeds, but as more people believe in them and as their attachment to self-interests grows, they will found new religions. Such religions are "evil religions," Li warns, they interfere with people's faith in orthodox religions.16

While condemning new religions, Master Li also puts down orthodox religions such as Buddhism and Christianity. Li acknowledges that these religions once were legitimate, but they are being run by people who have been corrupted "They seek fame and personal gain, even becoming politicians."17 Worse, because the "gods [of these religions] see that humankind is too depraved," they are no longer watching over us.18 As a result, these religions can no longer provide wisdom and more importantly salvation to this humankind which is facing catastrophic destruction.

The first time Master Li made a prophecy about an apocalypse was on July 13, 1993 when he met with a few of his earliest followers. It later appeared in print in Zhuan Falun. "A great catastrophe which destroys everything" is a recurring event Li explained.19 When an apocalypse like this occurs all matter will be blown up "usually, all lives will be killed from the explosion."20 One of these cosmic explosions was supposed to take place in 1999. Since no cosmic catastrophe took place that year, truth seekers may wonder if Li isn't a false prophet. But no need to worry—the reason there was no apocalypse was because Master Li personally averted it. He saved humankind! "The comet catastrophe predestined in history is no more, the third world war has been averted, and the peril in 1999 from the cycle of formation-stasis-degeneration-destruction of Heaven and Earth will never recur."21 We should be grateful to Master Li for this reprieve.

However, his reprieve is only temporary. Corrupt, everyday people are by no means out of danger, for the Master went on to make a new prophecy. This time if the corrupt everyday people still fail to raise their morality, they will be weeded out by the Master's Dafa (great law). Unlike the 1999 explosion, which was to have been an act of nature, the coming Judgment Day—called Fa-rectification—has been deliberately arranged by the Master alone.22

Evil people will be punished for their sins, the Master promises "All the evil beings in the world will be knocked down into hell when the Fa rectifies the human world, and for all eternity they will pay for the sins they committed."23 Despite the fact that Master Li has always claimed to be the most compassionate being on earth, he displays no lenience toward those who dare to disagree with him. "Let me tell you, when this Fa-rectification matter is over, humankind will enter the next stage, and those people and beings who in their minds think that the Great Fa of the cosmos isn't good will be the first weeded out."24 That is why, purely as an act of mercy, the Master does all he can to urge his followers to recruit as many people as possible into the Falun Gong so they can be saved.

While warning of dire consequences for the non-practitioners, Li has designed a specific kind of cultivation for his followers. The word cultivation in Chinese culture refers to the process a secular person or a monk undergoes in order to attain ultimate spiritual achievement. However, popular Chinese myths have long used the term cultivation to refer to a mystic process some legendary characters took to become gods. The cultivation Li provides for his followers appears to follow the tradition of Chinese myths. By upholding Li's Dafa and suffering tribulations, Falun Gong cultivators are not only guaranteed salvation and a return to the higher levels, they are also promised god-like status.

To become a cultivator one must first go through a purification process. Li believes that everyday people are too corrupt to take on his cultivation "how can you, with such an impure, dark body and a filthy mind, practice cultivation toward a higher level"25 Purification can only be accomplished by Li's Fashen (spiritual body) which possesses the "mighty divine powers" of the Master.26 All impurities and filth inside an everyday person are purified in an instant. It turns an "everyday person" into a "cultivator."

A cultivator then must be protected by the Master in order to pass the many deadly tribulations along the path of cultivation. Master Li claims to possess power unheard of among religious Masters. "I am rooted in the universe. If anyone can harm you, he or she would be able to harm me. Put simply, that person would be able to harm this universe."27 Li guarantees that he alone is able to safeguard all of his followers through all fatal tribulations no matter where they are. But they must suffer those non-life threatening tribulations.

When karma is paid in full, when enough virtue is accumulated, the cultivator achieves consummation. The Master describes the exciting moment when a cultivator becomes a superbeing "‘Boom!' all locks will be exploded open at that very second… he can see at his level the truth of different dimensions, the forms of existence for different lives and matter in different time-spaces, and the truth of our universe."28 Li calls such a superbeing a "Buddha" and even a "god."29 He promises "When the day of Consummation really comes, let me tell you, Dafa disciples really will ascend in broad daylight, and the whole world will be able to see it."30

Master Li provides his followers a ladder to heaven; but to get on this ladder one must be obedient and loyal to him alone or else risk the chance of being weeded out when his great law comes to judge humankind. Li is not a "Master" who teaches a set of healthy exercises. He is an authoritarian leader who demands unquestioning obedience from his followers. "Remember these words from Master," Li says, "however I handle something is righteous, and those who are dealt with are always wrong. The reason is, that's the choice of the cosmos, the choice of the future."31 Megalomania of this sort is a typical characteristic of cult leaders!

Employing deception in recruitment and worshiping a self-appointed authoritative leader who claims to be all powerful and all knowing are characteristics of cults. The Falun Gong has caught the attention of prominent American cult leaders. Steve Hassan, the author of Combatting Cult Mind Control and Releasing the Bonds Empowering People to Think for Themselves, recently told San Francisco Chronicle in an interview that Li Hongzhi comes very much out of the cult extreme, the authoritarian stereotypee.32 Dr. Margaret Singer, the pioneer of cultic studies included the Falun Gong in her famous Cults In Our Midst

Personally, I have no doubt that Falun Gong has many of the characteristics of a true cult, including utter obedience to a charismatic leader, coercive thought control, financial exploitation of its followers, a doomsday prediction that promises salvation only through total obedience and subservience to the cult leader, zero tolerance for dissent, and a very strict organization from which it is difficult to escape.33

2006 marks a decade that the Falun Gong has been actively recruiting in the United States, yet it continues to be reported as a harmless meditation group by American media. Some people are skeptical about the group but as one of them pointed out "criticizing a movement that is already being persecuted is distasteful."34 Such a position plays right into the hand of Master Li. Yes, most Americans do not support the ban of the Falun Gong in China, but criticism of Master Li and the cultish nature of the Falun Gong can actually help practitioners recognize they are being deceived and controlled. We must be willing to expose the deceptive and exploitative practices of Master Li in order to educate the American public about the true nature of the Falun Gong.

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