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The Falun Gong Cult

2012-12-21 Author:Academia.edu,By Dion Peoles

       Written while I was still in the US Air Force, and well-before I would eventually work for the United Nations Day of Vesak and MCU, the Buddhist leaders of the world officially renounced them. See page 89, of this document, as well: http://www.vesakday.mcu.ac.th/vesak51/Commemorative/Commemorative_3.pdf


More Info: This is an undergraduate paper I wrote early in September 2001. I still think the Falun Gong Cult is a cult, and should be dismantled - agreeing with the opinion of the Chinese Government at the time of the writing. An unauthorized Chinese translation of my article, appears in its older form, here: http://www.kaiwind.com/hwzs/ywcz/201206/t146728.htm -- I am unaware of the angle that the hosts are giving the article.



New Introduction (11 July 2012):


Well before I became involved with Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, and the United Nations Day of Vesak celebrations, which are attended by the leading Buddhists in the world, I wrote this article. I wrote the article during a period when I was studying and proclaiming to be an active Marxist. I admit today that this article is very partial towards socialism – there is no escaping this, and it is very evident from the sources I use. What is not evident is that I still proclaim these points made below, because I have never seen a recantation of these beliefs by the group mentioned in this article. Without an official statement, these opinions derived from academic research, still stand. Even more importantly is the following document:http://www.vesakday.mcu.ac.th/vesak51/Commemorative/Commemorative_3.pdf - where anyone can read, and as found on page 89: The leaders of the Buddhist world: “…affirm that Falun gong is not in accordance with the fundamental teachings of Buddhism.” As such, I maintain that I hold no sympathies towards this undermining, troublesome cult.


(Academia.edu,11 July)



Original text from: http://www.academia.edu/1474522/The_Falun_Gong_Cult