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2015-04-29 Source:facts.org


Years of experience have endorsed within me, the truth of the statement: All individuals are vulnerable to cult recruitment. All have moments when they are ‘off guard’ and will unthinkingly listen to what might sound at the time to be a harmless, interesting, life- enhancing or spiritually uplifting conversation.

It is the act of politely listening for a few minutes, without actually comprehending what is being said, that is the seriously dangerous and deliberate trap which awaits many. After such a period of listening, permanent hooks might have been implanted affecting lives (perhaps) forever.

Recruiters who move around in the world are deliberately planted and they know what they are looking for.


When they have found you they are trained to know exactly what to do with you. The vitally important thing is to move away immediately from strange or obscure conversations or from anyone asking (perhaps) if you have a spiritual life, a philosophy, or a belief in God? You have the right to make this move. IT MIGHT BE THE LAST VOLUNTARY MOVE YOU WILL MAKE. Ignore the fact that you were brought up to be polite and listen!


This is the preface of the book “Cults – Who is Vulnerable?” by Audrey Chaytor, Trustee of The Family Survival Trust, the UK, and will be published in instalments on Facts.org.cn.

About the Author:

Audrey Chaytor, who from October 2007 until January 2011 was Chief Executive of The Family Survival Trust, has over thirty years’ experience of listening to, supporting, advising and helping victims of cults, their families, friends and associates. She remains a Trustee to this day. The late John Bazlinton, who was until his death in 2008 also a Trustee, often asked Audrey to write something down to preserve her years of experience. She had been at work on the project since 2009, and in 2011 finished the draft of her work, which she called “Cults – Who is Vulnerable?”. This is a synopsis of the first third of the book, section by section, in order to give a detailed idea of what it covers.