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Abbot of Wuzu Temple returns to life after "death"


Shi Jianren, abbot of Wuzu Temple


An article Abbot of Wuzu Temple in Huangmei Country Receives Evil Karmic Retribution Because of Slandering Dafa, which was published on the website of Falun Gong - Minghui Net on March 19, 2010, slanders and disseminates the false news that abbot Shi Jianren went blind, and publishes the words which totally infringe the reputation of Wuzu Temple and his out of thin air. It also injures the emotion of the followers of Buddhism. Current principal abbot of the Wuzu Temple Shi Jianren hereby solemnly declares:

First, I AM absolutely healthy without any optical discomfort.

Second, Minghui slanders and disseminates the false news with contemptuous words, which has infringed the legitimate rights and interests of Wuzu Temple and mine, even Buddhism. I hereby warn Minghui Net to remove the false information, cease and desist all the torts, apologize to the Wuzu Temple and me, and eliminate all the negative effects as soon as possible.

Third, I will retain the right to pursue legal actions agaist the Minghui net and the infringers.


Current principal abbot of the Wuzu Temple

April 21, 2010



The statement declared by Shi Jianren, principal abbot of the Wuzu Temple



The rumor made by Minghui


(Kaiwind.com, April 21, 2010)