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The story of a former Falun Gong backbone member: Trapped in cult for 20 years has ruined my life

2020-12-03 Source:Chianfxj.cn Author:Xue Lin

According to traditional Chinese culture, good and evil must have their reward; all outcomes have their causes. A person whose mind is filled with heresies and controlled by an evil cult will not achieve much in his or her lifetime. Unfortunately, I was such a person. I have been trapped in the quagmire of the Falun Gong evil cult for 20 years, which has ruined my life forever.


Straying into an evil cult without knowing it

My name is Yuan Shichong (pseudonym). I was born in a hometown of overseas Chinese in Taishan City, Guangdong Province. After graduation from university, I became a public servant in a town in Taishan City. As I felt at ease in my work, I began to explore new things in my life.

One day in November 1996, as I was walking past the Zhengxian Gymnasium in Taishan City, I saw people gathered around a banner that read "Voluntary Teaching of Gong." After going over to have a closer look, I was immediately attracted by such slogans as "No Charge", and "Falun cultivates people ceaselessly even though they don't perform the exercises every moment." At that time, I had worked for four years, doing my job with skill and ease; besides, I had no girlfriend. So I had much time and energy for exercising my body. It was with these thoughts in mind that I fell into the pit of demons created by the Falun Gong evil cult.

Becoming the head of a Falun Gong assistance center

Initially, I attended the reading activities of senior practitioners as much as possible on holidays in order to keep up with their pace. In the reading classes, there were dozens or hundreds of people, who, as required by Li Hongzhi, were not allowed to discuss the right and wrong of Zhuan Falun, except reading the book together. After reading the book, they would talk about their experience of practicing Gong, i.e., those things as miraculous as depicted in the Brief Biography of Li Hongzhi. Some practitioners said they had seen "Falun", others said they remained safe and sound after being hit by a car and thrown away for tens of meters, and still others said that they stopped taking medicines after practicing Falun Gong and thus saved them a lot of money a year. No one verified the authenticity of these "miracles" they described, and nor did anyone talk about the problems they had encountered.

Later, Wu Kai,a fellow practitioner of mine, and Yu Rong, the head of Jiangmen Falun Gong assistance center, asked me to serve as the head of the Falun Gong assistance center to be established in Taishan. They wanted to let me take charge of organizing people to spread the “Fa” and practice Gong. They told me that they chose me as the head because I was among the first batch of practitioners in Taishan and was also an officer from the governmental department. That’s how I became the head of the Taishan assistance center, which of course was not legally registered.

I used to put all my energy into my work at my institution, but it was no longer the case after I began to practice Gong. Now, I devoted all my time to Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong. During the working hours, I spent the office resources of my institution doing things related to Falun Gong, instead of focusing on the job that I should have done. In one of Li Hongzhi's early books, there were “Instructions to Practitioners”, which clearly stated that Falun Gong practitioners were not allowed to participate in politics. However, Li Hongzhi said later in “Validation” scriptures, “As a cultivator, you should make use of all feasible conditions to spread Dafa."


Falling under the mind control of Li Hongzhi’s heresies

Li Hongzhi said that every time we finished reading Zhuan Falun, we could get rid of a layer of the shell. Who didn't want to “reach Consummation as a god” as soon as possible? Therefore, I diverted all my energy to practicing Falun Gong. At 4 am every morning, I would turn on the Falun Gong music and start practicing. It took me two hours to finish a set of exercises. Every day after work, I would ride to the park where I could practice and exchange experiences with a group of fellow practitioners. During some other time, I would repeatedly read Li Hongzhi's books, listen to his audio recordings, and watch his videos. All my time, except the eight hours of work, six hours of sleep, and one hour of eating, had been spent on Falun Gong.

Being brainwashed by the Falun Gong books for a long time, I gradually accepted the views in them, with my mind occupied by the "scriptures" and “images” of Falun Gong. One day during the lunch break, I felt like I saw a Falun (Law Wheel) spinning around when I was half-dreaming and half-awake. According to Li Hongzhi, what I saw in my dream was real, as my “heavenly eye” might have been opened. This made me so excited that I had no doubts as to the correctness of Li Hongzhi’s words. In reality, it has nothing to do with the “heavenly eye”, as what you think about in the day, you will dream of at night.

Getting no protection from “Master’s Law Body”

Li Hongzhi said that Falun Gong practitioners could be protected by his Fashen (Law Body) even if they went to the moon, so most of his Dafa disciples didn’t take safety seriously. As a result, those practitioners misled by his fallacies such as “Law Body protection” often got into trouble in the society.

In October 1997, the Guangzhou Falun Gong General Assistance Center informed various assistance centers in Guangdong Province that it would organize large-scale activities for practicing Gong and “spreading the Fa” in Tianhe Sports Center. On the day when I went to Guangzhou by minibus, a gang of people got on the bus when it arrived at the bus stop on Heshan road. While the bus was going forward, I felt the wallet in my trousers pocket being moved. When I turned around to have a look, the gang had already gathered around me. It was obvious that they were a gang of professional robbers with a specific division of labor. I was suddenly robbed of all the money I had, and the robbers swaggered off immediately at the next stop. To my disappointment, Li Hongzhi's "Law Body" hadn’t provided me with any protection in the whole process.


Historical photo: the old bus station of Taishan

The bus driver asked me to call the police, but I didn't. I dared not ask why the Master’s “Law Body” had failed to work, because it was wrong to challenge Master’s “theory”, and it was “ideological karma” to do so. Later, I came to Guangzhou penniless, attended the so-called "Fa Conference" complacently, and shared my experience of “Fa-study” which I had thought up in my mind after being robbed. At that time, whenever we suffered losses in our work or life, we would think up “something” according to Falun Gong’s heresies. For example, we would assume that we had "eliminated karma" and gained virtue and Gong, which meant that we were a step closer to reaching Consummation as a God.

Trying in vain to ask my parents to practice Falun Gong

Li Hongzhi spread rumors that a catastrophe was coming and that only by practicing Falun Gong could we survive. Worry brings fear. So I tried by every means to persuade my parents to practice Falun Gong with me. However, after hearing what I said, my parents told me that I had been deceived by Li Hongzhi’s heresies. Besides, they urged me to work hard so that I could make achievements in my work and bring pride and glory to them.

I invited my father to visit our practicing site to see how good Falun Gong was! Under my persistent persuasion, my father indeed paid a visit to our practicing site, but he didn't utter a word there and then. Unfortunately, my father felt a headache the next day, saying that he had caught a cold. So, my mother complained to me, "You are harming your father, aren’t you? Your father had been in good health, but you insisted on taking him to practice Falun Gong!"

Because of the disagreeable conversation with my parents, coupled with the fear of the impending catastrophe, and the desire to reach Consummation earlier so as to leave the earth full of crisis, I left home to live in the dormitory at my workplace, hoping to read more Falun Gong books, spread Falun Gong outside with my fellow practitioners, and travel to other places to study the “Fa” collectively. Consequently, I went home less and less, getting more and more isolated from my family.

Being a kind-hearted man, I used to help those farmers in want of food and clothing while working at my institution. However, as I had been immersed in Falun Gong’s heresies for too long, I lost my original conscience and humanity bit by bit, totally ignoring the existence of people around me. Such indifference of mine to others had further increased with more learning of Falun Gong.

Breaching national laws and confronting the government

On April 25, 1999, Li Hongzhi challenged the government by directing tens of thousands of followers to participate in an illegally-organized gathering. As a government worker, I should have known that this was an act of defiance of the national laws, but I didn’t consider it as a wrong act at that time, as I had been poisoned by Li’s fallacies for too long a time.

On July 22, 1999, the state announced a ban on the Falun Gong evil cult and all its activities. Being influenced by the heretical fallacies of Falun Gong for so long, I had always regarded Li Hongzhi as a God, believing that Falun Gong didn’t pursue worldly things, but taught people to be good. However, Falun Gong was identified as a subversive organization in the newspapers and TV reports, which made me quite confused for a while.

But the desire to "reach Consummation” still dominated my mind. On October 25, 1999, I went to Public Complaints and Proposals Administration of the Ministry of Public Security to file a complaint. After returning to the place where I worked, the leader of my institution asked me to reflect on my deeds. However, I considered the kindness of the leader as a blessing from "Master". On the surface, I was coping with my work as usual, but in private, I was still studying the “scriptures” issued by Li Hongzhi, planning how to fight against the government.

My life was ruined for repeated violation of laws

I was punished by law again and again for breaking the law from time to time. I had even been sentenced to reeducation-through-labor and prison terms. After I was sentenced to prison in November 2010, I was dismissed from the institution for which I worked. My wife was also a Falun Gong practitioner, and it was because we both believed in "Dafa" that we fell in love with each other and got married. Later, she lost her job and lived on odd jobs for a long time. We had to support our two children going to school.

Looking back on my experience over these years, I felt it was due to the mind control of the Falun Gong evil cult that I repeatedly violated the laws and thus lost my freedom. Instead of reaching “Consummation” as Li Hongzhi had promised countless times that we would, both my wife and I lost our jobs and landed in a predicament for being addicted to Falun Gong.

What I faced at that time was more than financial problems. As I believed in Li Hongzhi’s fallacy that practitioners needn’t take medicine to cure illness, I never cared about my minor ailments and pains, thinking that I had left my health to the care of "Master". In November 2010, I heard from Li Hongzhi that Falun Gong practitioners could start Bigu (abstention from cereals). As a result of Bigu, I felt numbness on the lateral side of my right foot until now. In 2014, my teeth became loose, but I didn’t seek any treatment due to my belief in the “divine power” of Li Hongzhi. Finally, I had to have a dozen of my teeth pulled out in 2016. If the teeth extracted later were included, more than half of my teeth had disappeared. It was too late when I realized that Falun Gong had no magic effect on our health.

Retracting from the wrong path with the help of government

The real demon is Li Hongzhi. Over the years, Li Hongzhi had turned me from a human being into a “devil”. However, the Party and the government hadn’t given up on me. They had provided opportunities for me to realize my errors early, and finally, they turned me from a “devil” into a human being. I sincerely thank the Party and our country! Only the Communist Party of China, which puts people’s interests as the top priority, could help me return to the right path. I was saved by the tireless anti-evil-cult volunteers, who are true doctors treating my mind and engineers shaping my new soul.