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Tracing Notice on Jeju Daily of South Korea

2021-08-31 Source:http://www.chinafxj.cn/ Author:Chen Hengjie

Editor's Note: On June 24, 2020, a special notice of looking for a lost family member was published on page 16 of Jeju Daily of South Korea. Through the notice, a Chinese father appealed for the return of his daughter, Chen Yang, who had never come back home since she left for South Korea under the influence of the "Almighty God" cult. China Anti-Cult Network republished this notice, hoping that the daughter could hear her father's heartfelt call for her return with the help of the Internet.

The following is the notice attached with a narrative by the father looking for her lost daughter:

Chen Yang, a female born on June 21, 1987, comes from Dalian, Liaoning Province, China. She worked as a gymnastics coach after graduating from Guangzhou Sport University. On November 10, 2015, she left for Jeju Island, South Korea, and joined the “Almighty God” cult after entering the country. Since then, she has never been heard of again. Please contact her father, Chen Hengjie, at 86 1800411960 or 82 01077480488 if you have any clues.

I am a father, and I'm 60 years old this year. I used to have a happy family. My daughter was an especially filial and lovely child. Although we were not rich, we lived a contented and happy life. But this sort of life disappeared in November 2015 when my daughter left home under the deception of an evil cult. Now, when it came to the changes in my family over the years, my friends and relatives would shake their heads and sigh heavily.

My daughter Chen Yang was born in 1987. She was very clever and lovable since childhood, with a great talent for dance. She learned artistic gymnastics at university and once participated in a competition in Russia as a representative. After graduating from university, she grew into a slim and graceful girl and landed a job as a gymnastics coach. She taught students during the day and prepared lessons for them at night, wearing a happy smile on her face every day.

One day in 2015, when my daughter Chen Yang came home, she suddenly said she wanted to develop her career in South Korea. She told me that a teacher surnamed Wang at her school had already made all the contacts for her and that she just wanted to go to see what it was like in South Korea before coming back soon. As a father, I thought she was old enough to be allowed to go out and see the world. Soon, she took a flight alone to Jeju Island, South Korea, on November 10, 2015. Unexpectedly, it was the final farewell to my daughter.

Since then, there has been no news of my daughter. I got very nervous when I recalled that my daughter Chen Yang said before leaving that she would tell let us know when she arrived in Korea. Then I hurriedly contacted Mr. Wang, the teacher whom Chen Yang had mentioned before. However, Mr. Wang knew nothing about my daughter going to South Korea. So I decided to ask my daughter Chen Yang’s friends to help inquire about her whereabouts, but we still got no news of her. By chance, I heard that my daughter went to South Korea not to find a job, but to "do her part" for the “Almighty God” cult under its temptation and bewitchment.

I know something about the “Almighty God” cult and am deeply afraid of it. It used a false Bible of a so-called “God” to deceive people, claiming that the end of the world was coming and that only by believing in it can people be saved and ascend to heaven. Many believers brainwashed by the evil cult killed their family members before committing suicide themselves to allow their family to "ascend to heaven." Also, they persecuted those who criticized their ideas. On one occasion, they beat to death a person in public for telling the truth. Besides, the “Almighty God” cult asked people to sell their houses and give their money to it. Many of the "Almighty God" cult followers were deceived into going abroad privately with their families completely unaware of it. Their life or death was unknown. Therefore, many families in China were broken up by the “Almighty God” cult.

Now, I don’t know whether my daughter Chen Yang is alive or dead after going to South Korea. What should I do?

My dear daughter, you have been away from home for five years, and now your grandma is 91 years old. I have been missing you for so many years, but I have never heard from you. Chen Yang, your grandma is seriously ill and may not live long. She is very anxious to hear from you. How many more five years will your grandma and I have to wait for you to come back? Whenever I recall the lovely way you snuggled up on my shoulder as a child, I couldn't help but cry alone privately…

We look forward to your returning home soon. If you read this article, please send a message home to let us know where you are and how you are doing, so that your grandma can fulfill her long-cherished wish of seeing you before her death!

-Narrated by Chen Hengjie, a father who has lost his daughter, from Dalian, Liaoning Province, China.

Contact number: +86 18004119606; +82 01077480488