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Seeing Is Believing: How Falun Gong Killed People

2021-09-02 Source:http://www.chinafxj.cn/ Author:Hou Chunxiao

Looking back on his experience of being fooled by Falun Gong, Cheng Lei showed a self-deprecating bitter smile on his face. There was unspeakable pain in his bitter smile. Apart from that, there was endless hatred against the evil cult. Initially, he only wanted to eliminate diseases and keep fit by practicing Falun Gong when he believed in it. Never had he expected that he would fall into the abyss of the evil cult. More regrettably, after being turned into a puppet by the Falun Gong cult, he had been deceiving people, even his own relatives, by “spreading the Fa,” yet he himself was completely unaware of it. In the end, he witnessed them dying in pain even with the protection of “Master’s law body."

Cheng Lei is a resident of Kaiyuan Township, Shulan City, Jilin Province. He suffered from severe stomach problems, diabetes, and many other diseases when he was young, so he wanted to have a healthy body. At that time, someone gave him a "folk remedy"-the Falun Gong practice. That person said that practicing Falun Gong could cure all diseases. Thus Cheng Lei believed in Falun Gong and began to practice it with the idea of just having a try, as he was very eager to find an effective treatment for his diseases.

Cheng Lei clearly remembered that he became a real Falun Gong practitioner on March 27, 1997, when he was at the home of a Falun Gong believer named Liu Dapeng. In the following days, Cheng Lei had been immersed in the so-called “Gongfa (gong method)” and “Gongli (gong potency)” of Falun Gong.

After some time, the heretical fallacies of the Falun Gong cult quietly took root in Cheng Lei's mind. Then, instigated by the Falun Gong cult organization, Cheng Lei embarked on the road of "spreading the Fa" in a muddle-headed way. He began to pull people to join Falun Gong and practice it in his hometown of Kaiyuan Township. Also, he passed on to his fellow practitioners the same heretical fallacies instilled in him by the Falun Gong cult, causing them to get increasingly unenlightened until they fell under the complete control of the cult.

Aunt Li was an old lady who learned Falun Gong with Cheng Lei. She had been practicing gong and "studying the Fa" wholeheartedly without ever missing a single activity. But after a few months, she stopped coming to the group practice, but Cheng Lei didn’t understand why. Cheng’s mother told him that Aunt Li was hospitalized. Cheng was taken back on hearing the news and said, "How could it be possible for a Falun Gong practitioner to be hospitalized?" According to "Master" Li Hongzhi, people’s illness was caused by "karma" in their bodies, and injections and medication would only suppress "karma" and aggravate their illness. Based on his heretical fallacies, it was obviously against the "Fa principles" to be hospitalized for medical treatment

Aunt Li had uterine cancer. Before practicing Falun Gong, she had been taking medication for years to control it. After practicing Falun Gong, she stopped taking medication as she felt protected by “Master's law body.” As a result, her disease that had been under control deteriorated. Recently, she felt increasingly severe pain, but she still insisted on not taking any injections or medication. Finally, she was forced into the hospital by her family and underwent a hysterectomy. Due to the delay in treatment, Auntie Li lost her life in the end.

However, Cheng Lei’s ideas about the unfortunate death of Aunt Li were very absurd. In his view, the reason why Aunt Li ended up like this was that she hadn’t made enough "advancement" in "studying the Fa" or let go of her family and family affection, which prevented him from obtaining protection from "Master's law body.” In other words, the responsibility of Aunt Li’s death lied with herself.

One day, Cheng Lei received from a cousin a message saying that the cousin’s father or Cheng’s uncle-in-law was ill. At that time, the cousin didn’t know that Cheng Lei was a Falun Gong practitioner. After receiving the message, Cheng Lei rode a motorcycle to the home of his uncle-in-law on the same day. He felt that only "Master" could help his uncle-in-law "eliminate karma and dispel diseases," then he told his uncle-in-law about Falun Gong that could "cure all diseases." His uncle-in-law was entranced as he listened. After his uncle-in-law practiced Falun Gong, the first thing his uncle-in-law did was to throw away all the drugs he took. Cheng Lei praised his uncle-in-law by saying, "You are very enlightened. It is right not to take medicine. Every medicine has its side effect. So you’d better rely on Master to help you eliminate karma and dispel diseases!"

Three months later, the cousin told Cheng Lei that Cheng’s uncle-in-law, who had got seriously ill, was forced into hospital by the family. However, after giving Cheng’s uncle-in-law a diagnosis, the doctor lamented that the patient came too late for treatment. A few days later, the uncle-in-law left his loved ones forever amidst his obsession with Falun Gong.

Auntie Li and Cheng’s uncle-in-law, two of Cheng Lei’s innocent fellow practitioners, were thus robbed of their precious lives by the Falun Gong cult. It’s a pity they were still looking forward to the protection of "Master’s law body" even when they were dying, without understanding what "Master's law body" was on earth! After talking about the misfortunes of his fellow practitioners, Cheng Lei said, "I was not cured of my illness after practicing Falun Gong. Instead, I was left with so many mental traumas. What the Falun Gong cult preaches are all lies, not good things!"

Falun Gong is indeed an evil cult that deceives people. Those who rely on Falun Gong to cure their illnesses will on bring eternal pain to them.