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A bizarre cult

2012-03-20 Author:By Erik Keilholtz

Har har har!

Just reading today's blog comments I see that John lists Andrew Sullivan as one of his favorite cartoon characters. Oh how true.

I have pretty much given up on Sullivan (actually, I rarely read any neo-con pundit anymore, as they just infuriate me), so I would not count him as my favorite, but he is indeed a cartoon character.

Along those lines, I would have to list my alter-ego, President Richard Milhous Nixon, as a favorite character. Or at least as my favorite Quaker.

Speaking of bizarre cults, I am getting sick and tired of Falun Gong acting like all they are is a stretching program. They were part of the Italian Heritage (read Columbus Day, but with a name that does not offend the natives) Parade. Believe me, anyone who dabbles in Falun Gong nonsense automatically loses any claim to Italian heritage. But these folks, with their calm monotone voiceover on the PR system and their matching yellow outfits, are creepy. Really creepy. Creepy as in "I'd like you to read some literature and possibly put a green pod in your backyard" creepy.

One of the people I was watching the parade with said, "oh, the Chinese Scientologists." Would you like a personality test to go with your tai chi?

I rarely praise commies, and even rarer is the day when I praise commie governments, but the People's Republic of China is right to smell a nasty rat in Falun Gong. Unfotunately, they smell nasty rats in Catholics, but they are right in smelling one in Falun Gong.

I can just imagine the next time I see a rat in a yellow suit slowly waving his hands at me and telling me to read some literature.

PS You might see their material calling itself Falun Dafa. It is the same thing, and it is all creepy stuff.

(Posted by erik at October 16, 2004)

The Making of the Tea, and Falun Dafa Zombies!

I had to post on the rather funny thing going on in my kitchen. Amalia and Melanie were improvising an operatic recit on the topic of cleaning a cabinet, and then, selecting and making tea. Amalia jumped right in and was singing along.

So I logged on to the edit page and thought "maybe I should delete some spam comments" and found some laugh-riots from one of the zombies of Falun Dafa/Falu Gong. I remember the first time I saw their Scientology on Tai Chi act, they had these goofy signs reading "Falun Gong is Good!" The last time I saw them they had an upgrade and said "Falun Gong is Great!"

No. Falun Gong is Bullshit. Pure and Simple. Eastern Scientologists. They make Mormons look smart. There, that was your Ecumenical moment for the day. Savor it. Enjoy it.

I know that I am going to get one of my whiner commenters now, to say "oh that is not charitable" and all that hogwash. It is not charitable to sit grinning at a Satanic Cult as it pretends to be a force for good.


Anyway, have a great Fourteenth Day of Christmas! Unless you got rid of your tree before the 1st. Communist! Protestant! Don't get me started on the absurdity of celebrating the Epiphany on the 8th. They don't do that in Rome, so they shouldn't here!

On the fourteenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me... fourteen silly episcopal functionaries sitting around ignoring real problems and doing things like killing the whole Christmas season thing by playing around with the date of Epiphany, thirteen wretched Catholic in Name Only Colleges hiring quacks like Starhawk, etc.

Langsam, Wozzeck, Langsam!




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