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Lies collapse on themselves


Since the tragedy Tian'anmen Square self-immolation incident happened, the cult organization Falun Gong hasn't stopped claiming that the people involved in the incident are not Falun Gong members. It has created lies and called white black and even stigmatized that the Chinese government has manipulated such an incident. But this cult organization has a guilty conscience. It sent some people to investigate this incident shortly after its occurrence and has got a special report that the people who were involved in the self-immolation incident are Falun Gong practitioners.

The cult organization Falun Gong announced a declaration immediately after the Tian'anmen Square self-immolation incident, denying that the participants were Falun Gong members and creating rumors. Meanwhile, through its compiling department of Ming Hui Net, its website, it directed its underground stations in China to send people to Henan Province to collect the information about the self-immolation participants.

Our reporters, after learning of the news, began to follow up and conduct interviews.

Du Fang (former Falun Gong core member): Lao Zhou gave me a piece of note. It was not big, only one fourth of a piece of letter paper with the names of the seven people who had participated in the self-immolation at Tian'anmen Square. He said he wanted to know the basic information about these people and if they were Falun Gong practitioners. He added that the Ming Hui Net needed such information. Then I phoned a familiar Falun Gong practitioner in Kaifeng (a city in Henan) and asked him to find out such information.

Du Fang succeeded in contacting Feng Haijun, a Falun Gong core member in Kaifeng, Henan Province and gave him the names of the seven people, telling him to carry out a survey about them immediately. At the same time, Si Mei'e, a Falun Gong core member in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, also got the same directions to tell Feng Haijun to ascertain the identities of the seven people.

Si Mei'e (former Falun Gong core member in Zhengzhou): At that time, Feng Haijun said, "I will go to Kaifeng by myself since I came from there. You are not familiar with that place. You needn't go with me. " Thus he went back by himself.

Reporter: How many people do you know among the seven involved in the self-immolation?

Feng Haijun (Falun Gong core member in Kaifeng): About four.

Reporter: Do you know each other that you all are practicing Falun Gong?

Feng Haijun: Yes, yes, we know.

Liu Yunfang, male, 57 years old, a resident at 5 Wuliangmiao Street,Kaifeng, Henan

Wang Jindong, male, 51 years old, former worker at Maodun Group in Kaifeng, Henan

Liu Chunling, female, 36 years old, a resident in Zhenhe District, Kaifeng, Henan

Liu Siying, female, 12 years old, a student at Pingguoyuan Primary School

Among the seven people who had participated in the Tian'anmen Square self-immolation incident, Feng Haijun had been acquainted with Liu Yunfang, Wang Jindong, Liu Chunling and Liu Siying before and had exchanged his experiences about practicing Falun Gong with them.

Feng Haijun: Liu Yunfang is actually the one known as Old Fellow Liu. He once wrote an essay about consummation, he talked about his experiences and learning in Falun Gong practices. His essay was widely circulated and made him well-known in Kaifeng.

Feng Haijun wrote an investigation report soon after he got the information about Hao Huijun and her daughter Chen Guo as well as Liu Baorong through other Falun Gong members.

Reporter: How many words are there in your investigation report?

Feng Haijun: I don't know the number. It seems more than one piece of paper.

Reporter: More than one piece of paper?

Feng Haijun: Yes.

Reporter: Whom did you give it?

Feng Haijun: I gave it to a woman in Zhengzhou.

Reporter: Where did you give it to her?

Feng Haijun: I remember it was in the western suburb of Zhengzhou City.

Du Fang and Lao Zhou had arrived in Zhengzhou at that moment. They met Feng Haijun at a practicing station at No. 2 Huaibei Street, Zhengzhou.

Du Fang: He wrote down the brief information about the seven people involved in the self-immolation incident and confirmed they were actually practicing Falun Gong. I read it and changed a few words to simplify it since I thought some information was trivial. Then I gave it to Lao Zhou, and Lao Zhou gave it to Ma Le and asked him to post it on the Minghui Net.

Ma Le was a core member of Falun Gong in Zhengzhou City, who was responsible for the communications with Falun Gong's overseas headquarters and the Minghui Net because he is computer savvy.

These are computers seized in the room in Xicai Community in Zhenzhou in which Ma Le lived and these are materials downloaded from the Minghui Net.

Ma Le (former Falun Gong core member in Zhengzhou): I sent this information in an email to the Minghui Net as soon as I got it.

Reporter: How did you send it to the Minghui Net?

Ma Le: I used an PGP encryption for e-mail introduced by the Minghui Net. I sent an encrypted e-mail to them directly.

Reporter: Who was the receiptor of the e-mail?

Ma Le: The Minghui Net compiling department.

Reporter: What is the cryptography system? Who provided it?

Ma Le: There is a public key on the website which uses a unique cryptography. You can encrypt your e-mail with this public key and send it out. No one else but the receiptor can decipher it with his private key. So it's safe with this cryptography system. Other people, including me, can't decipher the e-mail after I have sent it out. I can't decipher it after I have encrypted.

Reporter: Even you can't decipher it?
Ma Le: No.

Reporter: Then who can decipher it?

Ma Le: The one who has got the key. Only the receiptor, the Minghui Net, can decipher it.

The Minghui Net is directly under the control of the overseas headquarters of  Falun Gong, which is in charge of communications with the Falun Gong illegal stations all over China and directs the stations to carry out activities according to the instructions from the Falun Gong headquarters.

Ma Le: The Minghui Net gives orders and all the stations across the country must obey them. That's almost what I know.

Reporter: It's like a command.

Ma Le: The bulletin board of the command tells us what to do. Though sometimes it doesn't make it clearly, it may guide you how to do.

Ma Le sent the investigation report about the Tian'anmen Square self-immolation incident to the Falun Gong overseas headquarters in line with the requests of the Minghui Net editorial department. He found, however, the Minghui Net didn't post this report, yet other files sent together with that report to the editorial department had been posted on the website.

Ma Le: The other things I sent with the report had been posted.

Reporter: What are the content of the other files?

Ma Le: Personal announcements about some people in Zhengzhou and activities of Falun Gong members in Zhengzhou. I sent together with it the details I knew. And the Net posted them.

Reporter: All these materials were posted on the Minghui Net?

Ma Le: Yeah, they were posted. But the background information that confirms the identities of the self-immolation incident participants received no response after I sent it. It hasn't acknowledged this.

The cult organization Falun Gong's overseas headquarters did not dare to acknowledge this fact, but made a statement to deny its involvement in this incident, though knowing that the Tian'anmen Square self-immolation incident was made by Falun Gong members. Further more, it produced a lot of publicity materials to stigmatize the Chinese Government and spread rumors and create confusion among the common people publicly.

Si Mei'e: Later I read from an article downloaded from the Minghui Net, saying they were not Falun Gong practitioners, and saying that no body had seen them practicing Falun Gong. I began to suspect Minghui Net ever since. 

Du Fang: I don't think they have told the truth, at least failing in "truth".

Si Mei'e: I began to think it hadn't told the truth as for the self-immolation incident. We Falun Gong practitioners were told that we should believe in the Minghui Net and should listen to, read and study what was downloaded from the website. It seems that what I've seen with my own eyes is not the same as what is said in the articles downloaded from the Minghui Net. Why should I believe in them? So I began to suspect since then.

Those who were directly ordered to investigate the Tian'anmen Square self-immolation incident had realized that the cult organization Falun Gong headquarters was creating lies and calling white back.

Ma Le: When you look at things from the different angle, you will find out something is different from what they have posted. They also post something that may not be true. At that time there were similar cases in Zhengzhou. Some materials have been posted, with great differences with the facts.

Reporter: What do you mean to say that something you've sent to the Minghui Net are not true?

Ma Le: I mean the case about Song Xu. The article posted on the the Minghui Net said Song Xu had refused food for a number of days when he was in custody. But I learnt that it's not the fact. He is taking food as normal there.

A guilty conscience is a self-accuser. The cult organization Falun Gong, through its Minghui Net, calls white black, spreads rumors and makes confusion in order to delude those Falun Gong obsessed people. Some of them even went to Wang Jindong's home to spread rumors and make troubles.

He Haihua (Wang Jindong's wife): They told me Wang Jindong was not a real man. I said, "I have lived with my husband for over 20 years and I can even recognize him from his voice. You say he is not real, how many times have you met him? "

Wang Jindong (participant of the Tian'anmen Square self-immolation incident): Someone said Wang Jindong didn't cross his legs when he set fire on his body. They said the reason why Wang Jindong didn't cross his legs was that he had been bought off. Is there anyone who is willingly bought by and going to die for the other man?

Wang Jindong told the reporter that he went to the Tian'anmen Square for self-immolation only because he had been bewitched by Li Hongzhi's fallacies.

Wang Jindong: There are the same words in the book "Get rid of the last attachment". He (Li Hongzhi) has said clearly those disciples who dare walk out can neglect life or death. And he added in the blank that this neglect included our body. So as disciples of "Dafa", we should "sacrifice ourselves for Dafa and can do everything" in our deep heart.

The Minghui Net editorial department, under the control of the Falun Gong headquarters, deliberately spread false news to denigrate the Chinese Government, only to make more and more people understand it more clearly.

Wang Juan (Wang Jindong's daughter): If Falun Gong acknowledges the truth, it will come out that it admits that it is a cult which forces people to harm and kill themselves and others.

Xue Hongjun (participant of the Tian'anmen Square self-immolation incident): He dare not admit. He dare not. He is a hypocrite. He is a big liar. He isn't teaching people to cultivate. Instead, he is cheating the kind people and stirring up them in the guise of cultivation. He has instigated the blind-minded Falun Gong practitioners to walk up a criminal road that is anti-socialist and anti-government, as well as confronting and disrespecting the law.

Xue Hongjun has written an open letter to Li Hongzhi. He said in the letter that he began to practice Falun Gong in 1994 and met the standards of Dafa in his every words and behavior, but ending with a crime. He asked Li Hongzhi in the letter, "Where on earth do you want to lead us to? Will you be satisfied when you have put us all on death ground?"

Li Hongzhi and his cult organization Falun Gong have had a guilty conscience from the very beginning. In order to cover up their weak nature, they have to create lies for survival. It is relying on the lies that they have cheated the Falun Gong obsessed practitioners, confused people's minds and get a bit of remains of meal from overseas forces that are against China.

Lies collapse on themselves in front of the truth. However, we must keep on the every alert of the nefarious intentions of the lie makers.

(CCTV, January 20, 2005)