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Korean Netizens Reveal that Actor Park Bo Gum is a Part of a Cult

2016-02-17 Source:koreaboo.com Author:koreaboo.com


On a popular Korean community called Insitz, netizens recently discovered a post claiming that rising actor Park Bo Gum is actually a part of a cult.

After being cast as a member of the recent trending drama “Respond 1988”, actor Park Bo Gum has been enjoying a recent rise in popularity. As his popularity rose however, controversy about his peculiar choice in religion followed.

Park Bo Gum: “When I was young I used to take piano lessons. I played until I was in elementary but I hated how the teacher disciplined me with a ruler so I quit. I’ve been playing piano at church ever since”.

Park Bo Gum has been playing piano at church every Sunday. He attends a church called “Jesus Centered Church”

Jesus Centered Church is a branch of Christianity that is a massive cult in Korea that claims that their minister Lee Cho Seok is a man sent by god who is capable of exorcising demons and curing illnesses.

With many media outlets and netizens reporting that he was part of a religious cult, the actor made a point to clarify that he’s just an ordinary christian, refuting all claims that he’s part of a cult. Despite his attempt to clarify the misunderstanding, however, netizens have refused to believe his claims, pointing out that his church and Pastor Lee Cho Suk have clearly brainwashed the actor.

Comments from netizens

Look up minister Lee Cho Suk and you’ll see what kind of cult this is

I saw a video of the religious group Park Bo Gum attends and the minister was “curing” followers who were possessed (when people are sick they say they’re possessed in this group) and grabbed them by the neck and yelled “begone! begone!” and the followers collapsed and claimed they were cured

Seriously not normal..it’s such a shame Park Bo Gum

They claim they aren’t a cult because they have huge following. Even churches in Korea who are mainstream started as a cult and they earned amazing amounts of money and increased followers to “become” a non-cult. This is why I hate protestants they’re so corrupt.


The thing about these cults are that they brainwash people and they become zealots…

He even admitted to going to this church…

Oh my god…good bye Bo Gum…

We need to save him!

Oh my….

This is too much…