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FACT and CBS plan to bring the truth to light about cult-like LCLC

2016-05-03 Source:familiesagainstcultteachings.blogspot.sg Author:FACT

An anti-cult organization, Families Against Cult Teachings(FACT)are working closely with CBS’s  lead reporter and the alleged victims to bring the truth to light about a cult-like church of Lakeview Christian Life Church (LCLC).

According to a post dated on March 10, 2016, FACT has received some complaints about the Lakeview Christian Life Church that claim this church is being run like a cult group. The pastors leading the church are allegedly controlling the lives of congregants, breaking up families, exploiting members financially and more.

A post updated on March 22, 2016 continues to say, FACT contacted CBS News in Pittsburg, PA to alert them about another church in their area that is allegedly manipulating, exploiting and controlling members and breaking up many families. CBS has agreed to do a report on the LCLC and two sides are working closely with their lead reporter and the alleged victims to bring the truth to light about this organization.

The post also points out, numerous ex-members have come forward to take part in the investigation / on-air expose, and FACT thank them for their courage to tell their stories on camera in an effort to expose and effect change.

“If you believe you've been victimized by the Lakeview Christian Life Church (or know someone who has been) and would like to take part in this investigation / expose, please contact FACT immediately via this link: http://www.familiesagainstcultteachings.org/Support/Cult-Complaints/form.php.