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MFAPRC: Foreigners who participate in Falun Gong violate Chinese law

2007-09-11 Author:By: Du Li

At a regular press conference on April 2, Foreign Spokeswoman Zhang Qiyue says that Chinese government is determined to protect the basic human rights and freedom of its people by banning the cult Falun Gong according to the nation's laws. According to Zhang, since Chinese government has banned Falun Gong, foreigners who paticipated in such acitivities are illegal.

Zhang stressed that the cult has brought disasters to families and society and caused the death of about 1,700 followers. Therefore, Chinese government's legal banning on Falun Gong was fully supported by Chinese people. Since there were some ill-natured report on Falun Gong, Chinese diplomatic missions overseas were designated to clarify the misunderstandings and the actions China had taken against Falun Gong to help the public recognize the evil nature of Falun Gong.

Zhang said, "Recently there were some foreigners having illegal activities concerning the cult Falun Gong or making trouble in regarding to the Falun Gong issue. These are all against Chinese laws. Since Chinese government has banned on Falun Gong, treatment by relevant Chinese authorities on these foreigners who have paticipated in such illegal activities definitely conforms to laws and regulations. We call on all countries to educate their people to abide by Chinese laws and regulations when they come to China."

Zhang said, "When repatriated, some of them spread rumors that they have suffered inhumane treatment in China. I want to stress that those who had voilated Chinese laws received their deserved treatment. I can clearly state here that they have been treated humanely in China."

(China Daily, April 2, 2002)