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Eastern Lightning forcing people to join the group

2013-03-25 Author:By Sdraco

The cult group in China, originating in Henan province. A few web sites has detailed information on the teaching and methods of this cult group. They supposedly use torture, lure, lies, bribery, etc to get Christians to submit to their teaching. They claim that only those who believe in the female messiah will get forgiveness for their sins. The new age is the age of the kingdom.

End time prophesy on false prophets, earthquakes, wars, are being realised over and over again. When is the Lord returning?

Can you imagine if the Eastern Lightning sets up shop in Singapore. I am sure many will be brainwashed to join them. Singaporeans are so protected, and so well regulated. When you read about such things in China, you cannot imagine how little protection the people have. Imagine being forced to join the group. If you don't, they will break your hands and legs, and set fire to your homes. In Singapore, we would surely report to the police, complain to MP, etc.

Sometimes, I worry for the children. If they are not street smart, they will be easy prey to such groups. When we overprotect them, they will grow up truly innocent and dreaming of all things nice.

The harshness of the world and reality of life needs to be explained to them. Take time to slowly educate them on some of the realities of life. They need to be informed.

(Blogspot.com, January 12, 2005)


Original text from: http://timesofyourlife.blogspot.com/2005/01/eastern-lightning.html