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How did the Falun Gong come into being?

2007-11-23 Source:银川晚报

The founder of the Falun Gong, Mr. Li Hongzhi, said: 

However broad the universe is, it is smaller than me. I take charge of the whole human race. 

In 1992, Mr. Li Hongzhi combined two kinds of traditional Chinese Qigong that he had learnt with motions from Thai dancing and created Falun Gong. He subsequently proclaimed that he had developed Falun Gong millions of years ago and spread Falun Gong to people on several previous earths. 

Mr. Li Hongzhi explained that Falun Gong practice would prevent illness. In the beginning, in order to accumulate wealth, he held classes to teach Falun Gong to his followers and "cured illness" using his "own energy and power." 

However, things went wrong when he "cured illness" through his "own energy and power," because it encouraged many sick people to delay proper medical treatment and they died as a result. 

In order to get himself out of trouble, Mr. Li stopped "curing illness" with his "own energy and power." Instead, he began to ask his follower to learn his theory, which could help them treat themselves and escape the bounds of mortality and the corruption of human existence. Of course, every follower had to buy his books and tapes to learn his techniques!