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Shen Yun Performing Arts false advertisements- scam internet, internet

2012-04-05 Author:By Veritas

Caveat emptor!
The 2012 March showing of Shen Yun in Minneapolis was a slap in the face to the true spirit of the performing arts.
It was nothing but a cult propaganda and a rip-off via false adverstisments. We scrimped and saved and paid the full exorbitant adult price for my gradeschool-age child to learn the 5000-year culture of the Chinese as advertised. Instead of my child gaining appreciation of the Chinese culture, I am asked who and what Dafa is, and why there were no Chinese musical instrumentalists performing solo as advertised. Instead, the entire performance was dance number after dance number interspersed with several skits sending inappropriate political and cult messages about Dafa. There were piano-accompanied solo soprano and tenor songs with cult overtones underscored by the lyrics portrayed on a back screen. It was obvious that Shen Yun was using the arts as a front for their propaganda. It is simply a deplorable scheme to mislead and cheat the public for financial gains.
I recommend you save your money and watch documentaries if you really want to learn about 5000 years of Chinese culture and the performing arts. At least you won't be cheated out of big money to listen and watch "religious" and political propaganda. Shen Yun scammed us out of $470 in tickets through false advertisment. I am sure there are thousands out there have fallen victim the same as us. Caveat emptor.


(Ripoffreport.com, March 13, 2012)

Original text from: http://www.ripoffreport.com/theaters/shen-yun-performing/shen-yun-performing-arts-fals-149f9.htm