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Shen Yun not so spectacular


English's reviews on Shen Yun

"Shen Yun Not So Spectacular"
by E K on 25/02/08

I watched this show last night and was utterly disturbed by the contents. You are led to believe that it is a show that celebrates the vastness and beauty of Chinese culture, instead what you really get (in your face) is a long and very drawn out propaganda, for the cause of Falun Gong.

This show is uncomfortable, shoddy, tacky and extremely boring to watch. Even if you are sympathetic to the cause of Falun Gong, at the end of this show you will be put off by the underhanded way they have used the guise of Chinese culture as a channel of furthering their cause.

Do not watch this show, you will leave feeling very cheated and angry at what you have been exposed to. In short, you may have felt better if the performances had been entertaining, however, the strong underlying message of Falun Gong 'evangelism' takes away any credit to the performers, who may genuinely love the 'art' they have been preaching, oh sorry I meant practicing.

Avoid these con-artists, they should be stopped!

"Religious propaganda disguised as familyentertainment"
by J M on 25/02/08

Severely disappointed.

The show was marketed to be based on Chinese culture but it was nothing of the sort. It insulted the Chinese culture by basing it on a religion(Falun Gong) formed by a person in 1992 claiming to be from outer space(No the Chinese culture has nothing to do with aliens).

The dances were ok but the evangelistic songs were extremely annoying, I cannot believe I paid ???40 to be preached at by the Scientology of Asia. The brochures mention
nothing about Falun Gong(I wonder why, the phrase "wolves come smiling in sheeps' clothing comes to mind").

If you want to learn about Chinese culture, avoid at all costs. There are much better shows around with no hidden agenda.

Just read the strangely good review from Epoch which completely contradicted the amount of walk outs during the show, upon further investigation, EPOCH are formed by Falun Gong members themselves!

Wonder why they would give themselves a good review? Well done, you have shot yourselves in the foot by lying to the public YET AGAIN.


Fake entertainment shows, fake media, what next?

 "Thinly veiled, talentless propaganda show"
by Freelance Two on 23/02/08

I went to see this show last night which was billed a celebration of traditional Chinese culture. In fact it is a protest piece promoting the Fallon Gong religious movement.

The flyer depicted beautiful costumes and backdrops, instead there were dances about Fallon Gong believers being beaten up by Communist prison guards. The backdrops were computer images projected onto a wall and the traditional dancers and costumes from the flyer did not appear in the show. Several awful old singers then sang hymns about their religion, wearing modern opera-style gowns.

If you are thinking of going to this show, don't waste your money! I am really, really angry that I paid 55 pounds for tickets. It was a rip-off and am going to ask for a refund.



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