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Views of Shen Yun show at Lincoln Center

2014-05-22 Source:Kaiwind

Liana K.

New York, NY


I just went to watch this yesterday at Lincoln Center.  Unfortunately, my expectations must have been set extremely high because I was pretty disappointed in the overall show.  I don't want to discredit the amount of talent these performers have, but the dance choreography seemed very repetitive - different outfits and backdrops, but pretty similar moves. The live orchestra was great, however, and the solo singing performances were very well done as well.  I think it's the fact that you expect a lot more when you pay $150 for a mezzanine seat in Lincoln Center. I would have wanted better background props.... all it was was a huge screen with graphics and animation like a cartoon.

Terry N.

Manhattan, NY


Warning: if you visited China and have seen dances there, this performance will be a waste of your time and money.  Really...It was mehh. The theme was rather random, just basically showing a bunch of different Chinese themes rather than tying them all together...So I actually got bored and almost fell asleep...

I wish the Classical Chinese dance could be more synchronized. In fact, most of the skits, the dancers weren't on beat.  Maybe they were tired?  It was the last show of the season.  Anyway, I was hoping for something of Yang Li-Ping caliber...but there weren't much principal dancers there. I couldn't tell which dancers were better because they all sucked. Okay, maybe that was harsh, but I didn't like it at all.

The dresses were pretty, but the background props were lacking. So cheap! I paid less in college to see dances with better setting... wtf.

The dancers were okay. I would rather watch ballet...felt like I wasted 120 dollars because I walked out during intermission. I found the dance to be "meh"...I sat in row E5. I also didn't like the political message of Falun Gong mentioned in there multiple times in the chorus and in one of the dance skits.

Jon S.

Monmouth Junction, NJ


Ignoring the multiple commercial plugs during the show, the incredibly bizarre and blatant political message revealed the motivations of this show as a surprise church conversion brainwashing for the Falun Gong movement rather than a celebration of "5000 years of Chinese culture."  My only praise goes to the shows advertising agents: I have no idea how they masked the poor choreography and low quality cgi backdrop to the general NYC public enough to have the show return to Lincoln Center. Half the audience walked out during the applause.


Original text from: http://www.yelp.com/biz/shen-yun-new-york?sort_by=rating_asc