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Shenyun is front for Falun Dafa commercials

2012-07-02 Author:By Swamig

Good evening. I just got back from a production of Shenyun. And unfortunately, we wound up walking out about three quarters of the way through, because unbe noticed us what was been promoted as a Chinese acrobatic dance troupe and production. What we found out to our dismay was it was basically a front for Falun Dafa.

Ok, as the production itself got to be quite boring, after you’ve seen the third dance, you have seen the whole production. People within the production, they were quite good, quite limber. They did great jumps, like I said they are very limber. So that wasn’t the problem.

The costuming was quite fine. The songs were very cheesy. The choreography left a lot to be desired, but the absolute worst thing was basically tantamount to been stocked in a commercial propaganda for Falun Dafa for a number of hours at a high cost. The tickets were not cheap, the tickets were up to 90 or 80 dollars a piece.And when we got to the second dance, that was where Falun Dafa were holding the banner “we are so persecuted”. We got up and walked out, because it was enough after that. Not that there is anything wrong with the Falun Dafa, energetic exercise. that’s quite good, it’s quite a nice qigong type of exercise, but the fellowers of it, the dances of it, gets to be into very much more that heaven, the good, the bad and everything is black and white, and that’s very fear-based. And so it really felt like a button switch.

And they weren’t honest in what was taking place, because if they has said up front that this was for Falun Dafa and it’s all about Falun Dafa, I doubt we would have bought the tickets. And I am sure that a lot of people who buy the tickets wind up just staying because it was not cheap to go. But really, in our honesty, you can’t be saying you are such a wonderful high spiritual organization then basically lie to people and not disclose what it is and what you are doing. So just be informed, if you are thinking about going to the Shenyun production. Basically what you gonna get is once again two hours plus of just indoctrination, propaganda about Falun Dafa. That’s what you are up for. And if you love Falun Dafa, ok you might enjoy the production. But if that’s not what you are looking for, then by all means, spare yourself and save yourself a lot of money, and go find something else more entertaining to do for the evening.

So I just want to let people know what’s out there. Once again, it’s a lot hypocrisy, and they are not honest, and that’s not any type of path that I will recommend, I won’t recommend something that basically does something like that, putting out production confused to charge a lot of money for you to get indoctrinated into Falun Dafa and persecution for two hours.but your life, do what you want and enjoy it. So that’s all I have to say this evening. Just that basically Shenyun is front for Falun Dafa commercials. Hope you have a wonderful evening, thank you.

Original text from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzWpnY008vM