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Chinese Consulate: NTDTV is a propagandizing tool of Falun Gong


In a statement today, the spokesman of Chinese consulate general in Sydney says that the US-based "New Tang Dynasty Television", which called itself a public media, is actually the propagandizing tool of the cult Falun Gong. And he hopes the people in Austria, especial overseas Chinese to recognize the essence of it, not to be cheated and taken advantage, and not to support them and attend their activities.

The spokesman says, "NTDT" plans to hold the "First Chinese New Year Evening" in New York on January 18 and 19 next year and will broadcast it to the whole world with satellite. In order to produce programs for the evening, the "volunteers" of "NTDT" may "interview" some overseas Chinese in Austrilia and some tourists from China. Acturally, these "volunteers" are the so-called Falun Gong members.

The spokesman points out, Falun Gong is a dye-in-the-wood evil organization like the "Aum Shinrikyo" of Japan, has killed more than 1,700 peple and is still poisoning some people who don't know the reality. By making use of Qigong and declaring "Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance", Falun Gong endeavors to cover its true face of being an evil religion by all means, make anti-China propaganda, hold anti-China activites, and tarnish the image of China and Chinese people.

The spokesman says, by organizing the so-called "First Chinese New Year Evening" in the name of spreading Chinese culture, the real purpose of "NTDT" is to propagandize the evil religion as well as oppose China, and this is a kind of insult to Chinese culture and overseas Chinese. And he hopes everyone to recognize its essence and not to be cheated.

(China News, December 18, 2003)