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Hao Huijun and Chen Guo talk about “1.23”self-immolation incident Pay Attention to Infiltration of Cults (Part Ⅰ)
Study Series on Falun Gong Issue
·Is human life still priceless 
·Disease or Karma 
·How Falun Gong treat family 
·Religious topics arising from Falun Gong 
·Conflicts between Falun Gong teachings a... 
·The 'Miracle' stories advocated by Falun... 
·What is 'consummation' promised by Li Ho... 
·Falun Gong and its origins 
Inside China's 'crematorium'
2014-08-22 Kaiwind  Post a Comment
SHENYANG, China - On a sunny morning last month, two men in blue suits ferried wheelbarrows full of coal into the boiler room that heats the wards of the Liaoning Provincial Thrombosis Hospital. Inside the room, the workers shovelled coal into the chutes to keep the furnaces burning.
Response from Radio-Canada to the complaint
2014-08-20 radio-canada.ca  Post a Comment
Some of our audience members wrote in with comments about our feature report .Malaise dans le Chinatown., broadcast in the October 30 episode of Enquête。This feature report aimed to explore the importance of the organization Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) outside China, and its impact on Chinese commu...
·Lawmakers diverge on Chinese organ harvesting 
·Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor 
·We do not believe that the evidence provided in the report 
·Wang Cuiyuan Died Miserably 
·Falun Gong lies slammed by hospital 
·Falun Gong Sujiatun organ harvesting allegation 
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·Rumors of Harvesting Organs Live 
·Falun Gong Show: Propaganda as Entertainment 
·Tian'anmen Self-Burning Incident 
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·Handbook of Falun Gong Issue 
Beijing Time:
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·Falun Gong under the Shadow... 
·Where did Eastern Lighting ... 
·《21世纪经济报道》 ;21st Century Business Herald
·《21世纪商业评论》 ;21st Century Business Review
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·Print Media Coverage of Falun Gong in Australia and New Zealand
Abstract: This paper assesses the accuracy of articles on Falun Gong published in Australian and New Zealand newspapers, using primary so...
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·Scientist from Canada accuses “spiritual ...
·The Falun Gong Cult
·RationalWiki: Falun Gong
·China's Most Evil Cult
·The cults in America
Public Opinion +more
·Inside China's 'crematorium'
Abstract: SHENYANG, China - On a sunny morning last month, two men in blue suits ferried wheelbarrows full of coal into the boiler room t...
·Response from Radio-Canada to the complaint
·Right to Life
·How I bumped into Eastern Lightning
·Lightning in My Living Room
·The dangerous Eastern Lightning
·Students present research on Asian-America...
Rumor & Fact +more
·Undeniable Evidence of Li Hongzhi’s Swindling Money (Photo)
Abstract: Li Hongzhi, who was proud of his success at that time, was fond of taking photos and took selling his photos as an easy way to ...
·Truth on Falun Gong’s faked news about ‘R...
·Is vice principal Liu really paralyzed?
·The Epoch becomes sources of rumors
·Falun Gong-related media keep silent over d...
·When did Sun Faquan break one leg?
·Professor Qi Baiping angry at fabricated re...
Voice of Religion Circle +more
·A solemn statement again from abbot Shi Jianren
Abstract: Since the rumor that I were blind was published on the website of Falun Gong, my friends of Buddhist circle and disciples calle...
·Racism among the Cults
·China's Falun Gong
·A review by a Christian: The dangerous fa...
·Abbot of Wuzu Temple returns to life afte...
·Voice of Buddhism: Uncovering the true fa...
·The Falun Gong heresy
FAQ +more
·What is Falun Gong (FLG)?
Abstract: It's a hard question. Because the creator of Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi, gave us different answers before and after he came to Amer...
·Who is Li Hongzhi?
·How do the Falun Gong practitioners think ...
·Why did the Falun Gong practitioners refus...
·How do the Falun Gong practitioners think ...
·Why do two million practitioners dare not ...
·Who dares criticize Falun Gong?
Word from Ex-member +more
·Wang Cuiyuan Died Miserably
Abstract: Wang Cuiyuang lived happily with her husband and child. She was diagnosed with lung disease because working at Cement Plant of ...
·I Lost My Beloved Son (Photo)
·My Younger Sister Died Tragically On Way to D...
·Zhang Zhihua: karma elimination kills my elde...
·Zheng Suxia drinking pesticide in pursuit of ...
·Bai Guizhi: My Life Full of Sunshine Again (P...
·Du Yujun Was Reported to Be Insane (Photo)
Official Statement +more
·Lawmakers diverge on Chinese organ harvesting (2014-08-18)
Abstract:  House Foreign Affairs subcommittee unanimously approved a resolution condemning the practice. But Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.)...
·Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Democracy,...
·We do not believe that the evidence provi...
·Falun Gong Outlawed in Kyrgyzstan (Photo)
·Falun Gong practitioner denied refugee st...
·Lawyer Pleads Guilty in Manhattan Federal...
·Chinese Embassy reminds people of Falun G...
·Facts about the so-called 'Divine Perform...
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