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Why Li Hongzhi not talk about 'purpose of dancing contest' with his followers

2007-09-17 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Shi Chuan

When Li Hongzhi held the "Lections in New York Fa Conference in 2007" ("lections in Conference" for short in the following context), a Falun Gong follower asked, "what is the purpose of the first Global Chinese Dancing Contest of NTDTV?" Li Hongzhi answered: "I don't want to make it clear so early, just wait for the future".

However, if we read  Li Hongzhi`s "lections" delivered before, the reason and the purpose of holding "Global Chinese Dancing Contest of NTDTV" was already "clear".

Li Hongzhi said, "Da Fa followers hold Chinese New Year Evening Performance every year...why shall we hold it? Entertaining ordinary people? Absolutely no, everyone knows clear about this. Our purpose is to show the style and features of Da Fa followers, to disclose the rumor and slander the evil Communist Party had infused to people, and save all flesh and tell the truth through it."

Then what's the results? Let's cite Li Hongzhi's own words: "After I watched the New Year Evening Performance every year, I am half happy and half unhappy…… on the scene I heard some people talking something bad. When they left after the performance, the reactions are very different.That is to say that the Performance did not achieve the results as we expected." The problem is so serious that "I once thought whether  to continue or not  if  the results of Evening Performance should continue with such a effect ."

But what shall we do without it? Li Hongzhi finally pockets his dignity of the "main Buddha", "I will lead you to do this." "So I ask followers to recruit talented people, establish dancing school, set up musical group……including creative and drilling works, your master has attended a lot of activities." (By the way, I want to remind Falun Gong obsessed followers, Li Hongzhi used to say that "Buddha is not like human, he can make things done very soon without paying out physical strength but with an idea, an idea of Buddha can create a level of heaven at once." But now, only an artistic performance requires him to do everything by his own from recruiting, establishing the school, setting up musical group and the creative and drilling work, what is the difference between him an other "ordinary people"? Li Hongzhi's speech of "showing his contributions" is another evidence that he has no "theurgy" of a "Buhhda".)

In order to show the effect of his personal attendance, Li Hongzhi used his "unique skill" of "big talk makes people convincing" again: "The performance of God's Rhythm makes people shed tears from the beginning to the end, and more and more people cry." When speaking of this, Li Hongzhi might think it was not proper since this was attributing the contribution to the actors. Then he added quickly, "Children are performing in this space, while my dharma body and many other gods are performing in other spaces. So it changes people 'great'."

It is so "great" that "the effects of performances are very good from Christmas to now, people are 100% changed after watching the performances." "When they come out from the theatre, their attitude towards Da Fa followers are 100% changed." Then he even thought that "when you are telling truth, it's usually one person to anther, or one to several people. But the audience of an artistic performance is several thousand people, at least one thousand." "After one round performances around the world, the number of audiences will reach more than 200 thousand. I think it is worthwhile." "So just one group is not enough, we need two, three or more."

However, "educating from the very beginning" solely relying on "Fei Tian Artistic School" sponsored by Li Hongzhi couldn`t meet the needs of Li Hongzhi of expanding performance groups in a short time, after all, the artistic talents cannot be bought up like "popcorn", which can be very soon. Even Li Hongzhi, who called himself "capable of everything" and "capable of creating the whole universe", could do nothing to the objective process of becoming a person with special skill. Therefore, under such kind of circumstance, "the Global Chinese Dancing Contest of NTDTV" came into being.

The purpose of citing so many words of Li Hongzhi is just to prove that Li Hongzhi already makes clear the purpose of "the first Global Chinese Dancing Contest of NTDTV". His purpose is to gather dancing talents in the world who don't know his inclement intention through the "contest", and recruit them to "tell truth" to people with "artistic performance" so as to solve the problem of "one group is not enough".

As to the "advantage" of "Global Contest", Li Hongzhi makes it clear in the Conference, "this contest is a world-wide international contest, which is an international activity whatever," "and the award is also an international award".

"Minghui net" is worthy of the mouthpiece of Li Hongzhi, it published the "lection"of Li Hongzhi "honestly" and "vividly". It added (Master laughed) (everyone laughed and applauded" after the words of "it is an international activity whatever". It means that before others comments on the words "it is an international activity whatever" said by Li Hongzhi, he himself thought his words laughable. As to "(everyone laughed and applauded)", the reason is that "master laughed", "everyone" "laughed foolishly" following him, and even "applauded". All these vividly show the "idiotic" condition of "Da Fa followers" who are "mentally controlled" by Li Hongzhi!

How laughable entitling the action of expanding the evil religion as "international contest" and alluring people with the specious "international award" are? "International contest", "international activity", "international award" are all self exaggerated by Falun Gong! No international organization with authority has recognized or authorized this.

Although no international organization with authority has recognized or authorized this, Li Hongzhi still recruits followers with  "international contest", which is harder to be recognized than recruiting talents for the "performance group" directly, and the so called "international award" surely has more attraction than setting up an ordinary award!

By the way, I sincerely persuade those artists who want to promote the tradition of Chinese dance to recognize the true purpose of the "contest" held by Li Hongzhi―― "promoting the tradition of Chinese dance" is false, expanding the group of the evil religion Falun Gong is real. Never be cheated by Li Hongzhi and not to allow your artistic talents to be used by the evil religion.

The above are just the "daydream" of Li Hongzhi, while Li Hongzhi is always hurtfully struck by reality! There is no need to cite reports of the mainstream media in the world disclosing the failure of Falun Gong "round performance", it is enough to show the truth just to take the reaction of "Da Fa followers" in England published in Falun Gong "lections in the Conference".

The "Da Fa followers" in England said: "it's our fault that the round performance of the New Year Evening of NTDTV fails, the performance in England cannot be carried out, and we are facing a lot of problems about the site……" After hearing this, Li Hongzhi was a little terrified and maybe he was unconscious at that time, he said, "I think it is a question if we cannot find a site." But then he added: "how is it possible?" Of course, this kind of thing should never happen! Li Hongzhi had told his followers many times that "the things in the world are not determined by human being, but by the god!" As to the round performance, "my dharma body and many gods attend it in other spaces", if the performance site in England couldn`t be found, how could Li Hongzhi show the world  the value of the "main Buddha"?

However, the reality is ruthless, then Li Hongzhi used the measure of cursing again and the objects of his curse included not only the British officials, but also the person from middle and upper society in the world. He said, "People from middle and upper society in the world say that they know nothing about Falun Gong, I think they are just pretending to be foolish. In particular, if someone from the governmental department says that he doesn't understand Falun Gong, he is pretending intentionally. That is to say, they already know about Falun Gong."

In fact, no one is "pretending to be foolish". One of the words of Li Hongzhi is right, that is "they already know about Falun Gong." But they know Falun Gong is not what you talk about, they don't know "Communist Party of China is persecuting Falun Gong, and Falun Gong is a virtuous practicing organization with the idea of Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance." On the contrary, they know Falun Gong is an evil religion which brings harm to the Chinese people. After Falun Gong was banned by Chinese government, Li Hongzhi fled to foreign countries and led Falun Gong to do bad things against Chinese government and do harm to China`s social image. As to this point, "they already know it clear", just as Li Hongzhi says.

Actually, the people from governmental departments said they knew nothing about Falun Gong was just a diplomatic language. Li Hongzhi didn't understand the meaning in it, on the contrary, he cursed that others were "pretending to be foolish"!

In fact, "taking part in politics", and "telling truth" with music, painting, science and other measures, all these measures Li Hongzhi asked his followers to take were the "practicing measures" "I didn't choose for Da Fa followers", just as Li Hongzhi said in the "Lection in Conference in San Francsco" on Nov. 5, 2005.

I will cite several paragraphs in it here:

"What is politics? It's a different theory with different people. But I am telling you that Chinese people regards the form of government and the activities concerning the issue of regime and policy as politics. However, it's different in the western society. They just think the social activities of human being are not in the category of economy and religion, but politics."

"If the master allows you to practice in this way, is it right? Right, it must be ok……However, the master didn't choose such way for you and didn't ask you to practice in this way".

From the above paragraphs we can see that until Nov. 5, 2005, Li Hongzhi still said that he didn't choose the practicing way of "attending politics" for his followers. But why he chooses this way for his followers now? And why he equates the attitude towards "attending politics" as the attitude towards "Fa"?

Let`s see another paragraph:

"We all know that painting, music, sculpture and modern science are the skills of different human lives, it seems that they are created by human so as to flourish the human society. Actually they are not, what are they? I am telling you that they are practicing……there are elements of Fa in all these things, can I ask you to practice in that way? Surely yes, I just didn't ask you to do that. And that is the way of different spheres and different lives."

So, the practicing way of arts, science and so on Li Hongzhi chooses for his followers is wrong! "It is the way of different spheres and different lives."

Why the "Fa" he said before doesn't count anymore? Li Hongzhi said for many times that his task of this time was "pre-determined", but why the "pre-determined" "arrangements" changed again and again? (By the way, those Falun  Gong obsessed followers should consider the attitude towards "Fa" of Li Hongzhi, how does he dare to tell you "it all depends on your attitude towards "Fa"!)

In fact, the reason of changing again and again is very simple, it is because that Li Hongzhi always overrates his own power, and declares that Chinese government and Communist Party of China will "die soon" more than once. Here I will cite more paragraphs in Li Hongzhi's "lection" in San Francisco so that Falun Gong obsessed followers can make his judegments:

"Practitioner asks: ordinary people say that the Olympic Game will improve the fame of China, and the evil Party will collapse after that."

Li Hongzhi answered: "There is a few years before the Olympic, and it's hard to say whether the evil Party can make it."

When he was exciting by his own words, Li Hongzhi began to "daydream" again: "Before long the society of China will turn into a state in which people in their offices, in factories, in stores or beside dining tables will ask each other: 'have you quitted the Party?' 'I have quitted for a long time.' 'Hey, why don't you tell me when you quit the Party?'"

People obsessed with Falun Gong, please compare and consider, from Nov. 5, 2005 to now, is the situation like what Li Hongzhi said? On the contrary, China has made great achievements and earned recognition of more and more countries. The diplomatic policy of harmonious world helps China make more and more friends. While Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong is more and more isolated. And that is why Li Hongzhi makes a new "choice", he not only chooses to "attend politics", but also chooses practicing measures which should be "the measures of other spheres and other lives" for "Da Fa followers" today.

By the way, I want to disclose a truth which Li Hongzhi disclosed himself: After Falun Gong was banned; the health of Li Hongzhi was worsening! The liar of "the Buddha forever young" will be exposed by the worsening appearance. In case "followers" will leave him after recognizing the truth and even turn back against him, Li Hongzhi made precautions in the "lections in Conference San Francisco" on Nov. 5, 2005. He said: "No matter how powerful your master is, the old force still influences me, it divides the power of your master and his outside appearance. They will also do something bad to your master, which will influence the outside body of your master too. Since the 7.20 incident in 1999, there have been so many devils your master have to handle, and so many "Ye" of the followers your master should bear, all these things also does harm to the outside body."

I suggest those Falun Gong obsessed followers who are still convinced that Li Hongzhi can bring consummation to them, you should think about the "inside meaning" of the "confession" of Li Hongzhi".