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Falun Gong jeers at Greek fire disaster

2007-09-17 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Bao Shansi

According to media source, since August 24, a large scale mountain fire broke out in Greece, especially in Peloponnesus Peninsula. As of 29, 64 people died in the fire. Currently, the entire country of Greece was in an emergence state, over 9,000 fire fighters and 500 soldiers as well as a large amount of fire engines have rushed to the place for rescue. Nineteen countries and regions in the world sent air tankers, helicopters, and fire fighters to help Greece in putting down the fire.

During the press conference, China Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Liu Jianchao said China was sorry for the severe casualties and financial losses caused by the forest fire. Recently, Premier Wen Jiabao called Premier Karamanlis to express consolation and China Red Cross has sent relief materials to Greece. The departments concerned of Chinese government are managing to contact the Greek counterparts and promise to send both equipments and staff required if needed. We believe that with the joint efforts of both Greek government and people, the disaster will be conquered and they will reconstruct their home soon.


As for the reasons of the fire, according to the analysis made on Greek media, it were high temperature, draught, strong wind and arson. As of today, the authority has arrested 32 suspects for committing the crime of arson and murder. The website of Voice of America also made a report on the reasons of Greek fire, which was entitled "Greece Considering to List Arson as a Terrorist Attack".

Both domestic and foreign media objectively report the Greek fire and express sympathy on the misfortune and disaster the Greek public suffered.

But just when the entire world is sorry and laments the fire disaster in Greece, I saw on Falun Gong media that its practitioners create fallacies about the fire and even takes pleasure at Greek people suffering.

Recently, the website of The Epoch Times published an article entitled "On the Century Fire, How Greek Gods and Goddesses Choose to Cut the Relationship with CPC Olympics". The author Zhang Jielian makes use of the Greek fire to spread rumors and defame Beijing Olympics which is to be held next year.

At the beginning of the article, Zhang Jielian made his point clear by saying that the Greek fire is a natural disaster with certain will of Heaven behind, and managing to explain the early-warning from the Heaven is a presentation of old and traditional Chinese culture featuring a harmonious coexistence of the Heaven and the people. From this perspective, there must be certain inner relationship between the fire breaking out in the source place of Olympics and the much controversial CPC Olympics to be held next year. One might find some revelation from it.

This is Zhang`s fabrication without any foundation, but it is also the means frequently used by Falun Gong media. As for what  he said that Beijing Olympics 2008 confirmed through voting by International Olympics Committee is controversial,  one can't help laughing.

In his article, Zhang Jielian fabricated the entire theory by focusing on the relationship between Beijing Olympics and Greek fire:

Firstly, he falsely elaborated about the surviving of mortuary temple site and the destroying of the place collecting the saint fire.

Zhang Jielian said the great fire broke out on the Peloponnesus Peninsula in southern Greece drew close to the source place of Olympics saint fire, the ancient Olympia site, on 26. Out of miracle, the ancient city site survived, but the place where the Olympic saint fire is collected before the commencement of Olympics was totally destroyed.

Everyone knows that, ever since the activity of collecting and passing torch in Berlin Olympics 1936, the seed fire has been collected from Olympia site every time and there is no such place for holding the ceremony for collecting Olympics saint fire other than Olympia site.

Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Khumzax also said to the journalist from Xinhua New Agency on August 31 that, the ceremony of lighting up the saint fire for Beijing Olympics would be held according to original plan at Olympia site next year.

Secondly, he fabricated the fallacy that Greek gods and goddesses use this century fire to cut relationship with CPC Olympics.

Zhang Jielian said it is a miracle that the fire stopped in front of the mortuary temple site but mercilessly destroyed the place where the CPC Olympics plans to light up the torch next year… Greek gods and goddesses are willing to use the price of a big fire to ultimately destroy the source of saint fire of Beijing Olympics… In other words, Greek gods and goddesses openly choose to cut the relationship with CPC Olympics.

Foreign media has reported the real reasons of Greek fire. According to BBC, "the Greek government offers a reward of million Euro to catch the arsonist". The Voice of America says, "a Greek public prosecutor is now investigating on whether the arson behavior causing the fire violates the laws of anti-terrorism and organizational crime. The authority has charged 7 people for committing arson and offered an award of USD 1.4 million for providing useful information to help the authority to get more arsonists. To categorize arson as terrorist attack gives the police more extensive power in investigating and arresting suspects."


According to Zhang Jielian, the fire was set by Greek gods and goddesses and all the efforts made by Greek government were in vain. In addition, the gods and goddesses destroyed the source place for saint fire of Beijing Olympics so there will be no saint fire available for Beijing Olympics, but then there will never be such thing of saint fire for all Olympic Games held after that.

With social progress and scientifical development, people today have a clear understanding of fire. But Zhang Jielian tries to associate the fire with Greek gods and goddesses against common sense and advocates that fire represents the intention of gods. At last, the only one he cheats is himself.

Thirdly, his arguments that the saint fire of human rights lies at the hands of gods and goddesses and that the right way for Olympics to last one hundred years is to follow the will of gods and goddesses are just nonsense.

Zhang Jielian said when the night fell on August 9, representatives and supporters from Europe, America, Asia, and Australia gathered at the downtown area of Athens, the capital city of Greece. On the day one year before Beijing Olympics 2008, they gathered at the place where Olympic Games originated to light up the saint fire of human rights… The activity is initiated by the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong in China (CIPFG) composed of over 300 political dignitaries, doctors and lawyers…To take over people by gods, this is the top mission of Olympics and the ultimate destiny of a hundred years development of Olympic Games expected by gods and goddesses.

As for the Saint Fire of Human Rights activity, initiated by the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong in China (CIPFG) composed of over 300 political dignitaries, doctors and lawyers, there are detailed descriptions in "The Saint Fire of Falun Gong Lit up by a Lighter" written by Shen Lin and "The Filthy and Dark Saint Fire of Human Right Lit by Falun Gong" by Baiyizhi. The two articles are available on the website of Kaiwind.com.

Out of the hatred for Beijing Olympics and in order to hide the ugly sides of Falun Gong from the public, Zhang Jielian make use of the fire disaster in Greece to criticize Beijing Olympics regardless of the pains suffered by Greek people, taking pleasure in other's misfortune and at the same time calling for human rights. It will definitely hard for the world to accept his conclusion.

In the so-called lection of Li Hongzhi, one cannot find the specific content of human rights they advocate, instead, the words insulting people are everywhere, such as "these lives should have been demolished", "Can people still recognize the laws saving them If they can, then they are saved; if not, then you're hopeless and shall not exist any more." What they follow is a principle of those following my words will survive while those against me will perish", there is no such thing of human right in their mind. The real purpose for Falun Gong Cult to organize the farce of the saint fire of human right is to make trouble to Beijing Olympics so as to revenge its being banned by Chinese government.

Here is a question for Zhang Jielian, you as practitioners on the way of gods while facing a country suffering a big fire, will you use your right thoughts to help the Greek gods and goddesses to fan the fire higher or manage to save the public lives? Even if the Greek fire was set by the gods and goddesses, then Falun Gong must have been involved in it in some way.