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Falun Gong opposed by more governments and people

2007-09-05 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Lao Shi Ren

After being declared as cult and was cracked down by the Chinese government in 1999, Falun Gong followers are fewer and fewer, and the people in China seldom talk about this cult organization now. However, Falun Gong overseas organization and master Li Hongzhi, residing abroad, are reluctant to admit their downfall and still carry out some activities now and then.

From Minghui.org and Epochtimes.com, the media run by Falun Gong, we can see that the activities carried out by Falun Gong in recent years have nothing new but the same old stuff, instigating people to gather in streets and squares or besieging Chinese Embassies and Consulates. The Epoch Times reported a lot about Falun Gong winning sympathy and support around the world.

In fact, the activities of Falun Gong directly affect the social order of the Chinese communities and hinder the normal economic and social activities of the Chinese people. Falun Gong is being opposed by the public in the overseas Chinese communities ever more.

In 2003, the World Overseas Chinese Anti-Cult Association, established by the patriotic overseas Chinese in Spain, published "the Copenhagen Declaration", calling on the patriotic overseas Chinese to take actions to firmly fight against Falun Gong cult.

In July 2006, the first lane master of Pancoran in West Jakarta led about 50 overseas Chinese to guard the scene, not allowing Falun Gong members to enter the Chinatown. On the banner hung out by the local residents, it was written in both Chinese and Indonesian "Residents of Glodok Strongly Oppose all Activities of Falun Gong".

On August 7, 2006, Falun Gong members in Jakarta, Indonesia were ordered to make trouble in the Chinatown again, continuing their farce of "Harvesting Organs Live". The local Chinese were so angry that they rose and chased away these rascals out of their own abuttals. Several obstinate Falun Gong members were driven out of the Chinatown by the local Chinese and sent to the police, passers-by applauding.

In fact, although Falun Gong prevailed once due to a temporary lack of understanding on the part of the public, as its trouble-making activities escalated, foreign countries became more vigilant to its movements.

On April 20, 2006, Falun Gong member Wang Wenyi disturbed the China-US leadership meeting at the White House South Lawn. Through this incident, people further realized that Falun Gong is not only a cult, but also a dangerous organization with political purposes. Since then, foreign countries adopt a more cautious attitude with regard to the applications for activities made by Falun Gong. Some examples of the attitude towards Falun Gong of some countries are as follows:

1. On November 30, 2006, Singapore Subordinate Court convicted two Falun Gong members Huang Caihua (Ng Chye Huay ) and Yu Wenzhong (Erh Boon Tiong) guilty of "harassment" and fined them SGD1500 and SGD1000 respectively. The two refused to pay the fine, as a result of which Huang Caihua was immediately sent to Changi Women's Prison for imprisonment of half a month and Yu Wenzhong was directly put in the Queenstown Prison for 10 days.

2. Canadian residents also took an aversion to the "torture displays" carried out by Falun Gong members that destroyed the city face as well as to their so-called force-creating protests that affected the sentiment of the citizens. As required by the public, in the early June of 2006, Sullivan, mayor of Vancouver, ordered Falun Gong to tear down the "protest wall" built on the sidewalk before the Chinese Consulate. Chinese Press (also known as La Presse Chinoise), a media of Montreal after going through litigation for more than 4 years and finally winning Falun Gong over its false accusation, published four special issues of "Truth Magazine" consecutively, castigating Falun Gong cult. Chinese Canadian Katherine, after getting rid of Falun Gong, wrote articles on her own initiative to expose the inside story of Falun Gong and registered for the establishment of an anti-cult association in Canada.

3. On October 31, 2006, Human Rights Committee of San Francisco (US) ruled to turn down the groundless complaint of Falun Gong with regard to "the group discrimination of Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry against Falun Gong in the new year parade in Chinatown", and no appeal was allowed.

4. On the morning of December 29, 2006, Falun Gong members planned to gather in front of the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, hanging up banners and playing a farce of supporting 16 million party members to quit the party, totally devoid of conscience and respect for the law. However, they were dispelled by the police as soon as they had squared themselves up and before sitting in meditation. This year, ceremony to celebrate the King's birthday was held in Thailand. Falun Gong members, masqueraded as entertaining group, tried to join in the performance. After making clear their true identities as Falun Gong members, the sponsor immediately cancelled the program they were going to perform at the celebration of the King's birthday.

5. In 2007, Russia sent 3 Falun Gong members back to China for 2 consecutive times. Since 2006, the Interior Ministry of Russia has refused to issue residential visa to Chinese Falun Gong members and asked them to leave Russia. The Russian police forbid all activities of Falun Gong and have arrested many times those Falun Gong members who turned a deaf ear to the discouragement.

6. In 2007, Korean authorities called off, for three times, the performance of Falun Gong's "Divine Performing Arts Troupe"  for the sole reason of their spreading of Falun Gong.

7. Strongly called upon by Chinese Malaysian organizations, on June 19, 2007, the municipal parliament of Ampang Jaya sent a letter to an advertising company, ordering it to remove a billboard read "Good Falun Dafa" on the No. 2 Mid. Ring Highway of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia before June 27.

It is very clear that the escalated conducts of Falun Gong will further attack the bottom line of forbearance  of the  foreign countries, and the leeway of survival for Falun Gong will be ever narrower.