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A piece of banknote with strange words

2008-05-29 Author:By: Zuo Wen

A small and clean vegetable market has recently been open near my home. Next to the market was a supermarket. So I frequented this vegetable market just for convenience. Usually, after work I would buy some daily necessities and vegetable in the two markets on my way home. Yesterday I planned to first buy some lavation items in the supermarket and then to buy some fresh vegetable in the vegetable market and then went home quickly.

It was very cold. I came out of the supermarket with two hands full and rushed to the vegetable market. Since I was the regular customer, a woman stall owner began to greet me warmly at the first sight of me, "Hi, what can I do for you?"

I answered, "Only some Chinese cabbage."

"Which kind do you prefer?" she asked.

"How many kinds do you have?"

"Two kinds. One is shorter but whiter while the other is longer but greener." she responded quickly.

"Then I buy that greener one."

"Ok." she picked up Chinese cabbage and weighed it, "Two Yuan and eighty cents."

"I have some change," I put down the items and reached for my pocket. I remembered clearly that I was given several one Yuan change in that supermarket. So I found three Yuans and handed them to her.

She handed the cabbage to me deftly. I said, "Sorry, wait a while. Let me put all the items in order." Of course, I had got so many items to handle. She then gave me twenty cents change.

Suddenly, she said loudly, "Look, there are some words on this banknote." At once I and other stall owners all focused on that one yuan banknote. It is natural that there are some words on the banknotes. But what she referred to must be some strange words. Reacting to our curiosity, she began to explain, "The words are printed onto the banknote. Maybe Falun Gong again." At that time I stood nearest to her, so I said, "Let me have a look." She passed it to me and said with a mocking smile, "Falun Gong is really capable." With a close look I found on the back of this one Yuan banknote were really some printed words which read "XX is doomed! You can only be spared by quitting XXX! If you want to quit X, please call 001-702-873-1734 of USA. Please read the magical book ‘Nine Comments on XXX' to see through the evil nature of XXX. Be sure to know that Communist Party of China can neither stand for China nor for Chinese nation. Let's embrace a new China without XXX." Obviously, this is taking advantage of banknotes to spread anti-China fallacies. I took out another one Yuan change and gave it to the stall owner and said, "I will keep this banknote with strange words." She accepted my money readily.

Since this special banknote was in my hand, the focus shifted on to me at once. Another stall owner, a young fellow, standing just beside me, had a look at the banknote and left humming the song "Without Communist Party of China, there will be no new China…" With two hands inserted into his trousers pockets, he strode with his chin raised high and his singing drew attention from all of us. Unconsiously all of us were moved in a way and felt a sense of warmth in this freezing cold day.

I couldn't help being prying and asked the stall owner, "How do you know these words are printed by Falun Gong? There is no sign of Falun Gong." I shook that strange banknote.

"It must be Falun Gong. None of others." She answered firmly.

"Have you ever known any Falun Gong practitioner?" I asked closely.

"Of course." She responded with some contempt.

"I have known some of them too. Seemingly they claim to have ‘truthfulness, kindness and beauty'." The young fellow who has just sung chipped in. Clearly he has not known much of Falun Gong "truthfulness, compassion and tolerance", and I was sure he had no intention to get it clearly.

The young fellow continued, "Those Falun Gong practitioners look very dumb and foolish. They can be easily spotted. They are very strange."

"Then is it good to practice Falun Gong?" I asked a new question.

To my surprise, this question aroused more people around to utter their opinions. Their comments covered "of course it is no good." "They seem to be abnormal." "It sounds very evil." "Our government had decided to deal with them." All were contemptuous of Falun Gong.

"Since Falun Gong claims to be god, then why does it leave an American phone number?" That showy young fellow said with an extra high-pitched voice.

Apparently they all thought firmly that the words on this banknote were made by Falun Gong. And I could surely figure out that it was not the first time they have ever contacted this kind of propaganda by Falun Gong. However, such aborative propaganda by Falun Gong was only taken as laughing stock. What a great pity for Falun Gong!

I have never expected this usual shopping could give rise to so much fun. I was also amused by Falun Gong's trick.

It was the first time for me to find this kind of banknote. The words on this banknote were printed very neatly.

Despite all the stall owners' judgments, I still wanted to find whether such a banknote was really related to Falun Gong personally. So I searched for that American phone number on GOOGLE. It turned out that only be entering this phone number there appeared 9 web pages which were all linked with the so-called "Global Quitting CPC Center". On each web page there were several service hotlines for this so-called "Global Quitting CPC Center", and one of them was just the number on that banknote. Thus I could conclude that this strange banknote was truly made by Falun Gong.

This issue proves to me that Falun Gong is harboring huge and obvious political conspiracy. Their true intention is just to overturn Chinese Government. In order to achieve their evil purpose, they have tried every possible means. Their tricks have been all-pervasive, and they even make use of banknotes to spread their fallacies. So we should be on great alert against Falun Gong.

(Facts.org.cn, June 11, 2008)