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From a victim of Falun Gong to 'a secret agent'

2008-05-29 Author:By: Jian Feng

Recently, I accidentally read an article entitled "Qiao Aiping, a secret agent who persecuted Dafa followers, died because of her sins" published in "Minghui Net" of Falun Gong on July 27, 2006. This article claimed that "Qiao Aiping, the Falun Gong practitioner from Pu Yang City, Henan Province, who had served as a secret agent for many years and attended the persecution against Falun Gong practitioners, died because of breast cancer on July 1, 2006...We hope those who still serve as secret agents and attend the persecutions against Falun Gong practitioners will learn a lesson form her, wake up and avoid danger at the last moment, and stop their actions of committing crimes".

After reading this, I cannot help being furious. Qiao Aiping was my colleague, whose family was broken up because of Falun Gong. However, when she was on her way to "consummation" because of denying medical treatment, she was kicked off by her so-called "master", stigmatized and set up. This hideous behavior reminded people of the frightfulness of Falun Gong again, and people cannot help feeling furious against Falun Gong and feeling mournful towards the action of Qiao Aiping, who was never repentant of practicing Falun Gong and ended up with death.

My colleague, Qiao Aiping, was born in a family of cadres. She graduated from an institute and was a woman with lively character, literary talents and optimistic attitude towards life. Before her death she was a cadre in the Federation of Literary and Art Circles of Pu Yang City, Henan Province. Her husband was her classmate. They married after graduation and had a boy several years later. Their family life was happy, which was admired by surrounding friends.

However, who can imagine that such a clever and able-minded woman and her happy family was poisoned by Falun Gong and Li Hongzhi, and eventually ended up with a broken family within a few years?

Qiao Aiping began to practice Falun Gong in August 1998 influenced by her husband. At that time, they got up very early and returned home late. Both of them didn't take care of their child and her extreme worship towards Li Hongzhi was obvious in her words. As her colleague and a close friend, I felt a little nervous at that time. But it was out of my imagination that Qiao Aiping and her husband didn't regain consciousness after Falun Gong was banned by the government according to laws. On the contrary, they went further and further. They ignored laws and family affections, went to Beijing and appealed to the higher authorities, and assembled and made troubles...

In order to save the family, Qiao Aiping's superior leaders, friends and relatives tried to persuade and educate her. The earnest persuasion of leaders, friends and parents once changed the thought of Qiao Aiping. And she had recovered normal life for a while. She worked hard, took good care of her child, found the hope of life again and felt the warmth of the society.

However, the evil hands of Falun Gong never let the woman, who was in pursuit of happiness, pass. Deluded by the so called "lections" released by Li Hongzhi and instigated by so called "fellow practitioners" of Falun Gong, Qiao Aiping became restless again and she believed Falun Gong's hearsays of making one healthier and curing illness, "Fa body's protection", "achieving consummation" and so on. Despite of the persuasion of her leaders and relatives, she secretly practiced Gong, colluded with other practitioners, alienated the society and her family, and went towards the gulf of life.

In the winter of 2004, Qiao Aiping was diagnosed as a galactophore cancer patient. According to the doctor, she had the possibility of curing the cancer if only she took the treatment seriously. However, she refused to go to hospital and take medicine, and she insisted in believing that "the illness of her body is caused by her sins, Li Hongzhi is the Biggest Buddha in the universe who can eliminate her sins". She was forcibly sent to hospital by her colleagues and family members not until she was diagnosed as the advanced breast cancer. However, her illness was not able to be controlled since it was too late. In June 2006, she died at the age of forty.

This is another life and another fragmental family. When will the tragedies, with people passing and family broken up, caused by Falun Gong be stopped? When will the people bewitched by Falun Dafa regain consciousness? She abandoned her career and affection, fell ill and died without treatment because of obsessing with Falun Gong. And after her death, the cult of Falun Gong didn't let her pass. It made rumors, abandoned her ruthlessly and made use of her as the propagandizing tool of bewitching people and threatening "Falun Gong followers".

(Facts.org.cn, June 25, 2008)