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Death of fellow practitioners woke me up

2009-04-03 Source:Kaiwind Author:By: Yu Shaoting

My name is Yu Shaoting; I'm 71 years old and from Xuyi County, Jiangsu Province. On each holiday and when I enjoy the happy family reunion, I would always remember two of my fellow practitioners. Both of them died because of practicing Falun Gong and I'll shudder at the thought of the fact that I used to be obsessed by Falun Gong and almost died because of it. Then I'll feel lucky to have a family that saved me out of this.

In order to build up our health, two friends and I fell into the trap of Falun Gong cult

In 1998, I retired from the post of a vegetable company party committee secretary; two of my best friends also retired at the same time, Wan Nianhua from a film company and Zhu Gang from the local education bureau. Whenever we had time, the three of us would play Chinese chess, go for a walk with our pet birds, practicing traditional Chinese martial exercises with sword, or just chat for hours. We had such a good time. But you know, when one is getting old, there must be some physical problems. As for my career, due to the irregular working schedule, I had problems with digestive system and always suffered stomachache and diarrhea. So we often talked about how to treat illness and how to improve health. Our neighbor Wu came to join us one day and, at knowing our wishes, said something quite astonishing: "You're lucky to meet me, for I know exactly how to fulfill your wishes; and here's the best thing about it, it's easy and everyone can do it, go to practice Falun Gong."

He told us that, when you fell ill, neither injection nor medication was needed, you would recover simply by reading the book and doing some exercises. At hearing his words, the three of us were so exciting that we wanted to do it immediately. Wu then introduced us to Mr. Li working at local power company (he was the chief of Xuyi Station) to buy the books we needed and to do it step by step. So we met Mr. Li at his apartment and saw a lot of books on Falun Gong there, including Zhuan Falun, The Great Consummation Way of Falun Dafa, Hong Yin, and China Falun Gong. There were also Falun Dafa badges, sitting cushions for meditation, practicing dresses, and portraits of Li Hongzhi at his house. So we bought Zhuan Falun and were so exciting that we believed we'd got a savior. I rushed back home with the book and started to study it right away. I was urgent and wanted to grasp it all at once; but my eyes were no good and I had to skim through the book, focusing on the titles and subtitles. When the day dawned, I finished the book and felt dizzy and weak. But I couldn't go to sleep, for I was still not clear about many concepts and ideas, such as "dual practice of nature and longevity", and "opening heavenly eyes". I've never heard of these things before and thought that the book was profound and insightful.

The three of us were fooled by the heretical ideas of Li Hongzhi step by step

With many questions in mind, we came to Station Chief Li for more instructions. Li told us that we should be patient and do it step by step. We should read the book, practice, then go back to the book, and then do more practices; the practitioners would also meet to discuss difficult issues for further advancement. He told us that one thing we must always bear in mind was that we should never doubt about the words of the Master, otherwise, there would be no effect at all. One more thing that we should do was that whenever we cited the words from such books as Zhuan Falun, we should say "Master Li Hongzhi said that". With these explanations, we got the basic ideas of how to practice it.

So we studied Fa and practiced it, then practiced more and studied more Fa; to study Fa and to practice, these were the only things that we did those days, as if we were enchanted somehow. When the three of us met, we would discuss our feelings and thoughts, believing that we were in good health and immune from all diseases. But at that time, I was also troubled, for when I talked to them, even if I had a lot of things that I didn't understand, I dared not say so. When I did discuss with them about these issues, it seemed to me that they didn't know the answer either but would pretend that they understood. Since it was the rule not to doubt about anything that the Master said, no one dared to say the ideas mentioned in the book was wrong. For example, according to Zhuan Falun, "people would have tumor, inflammation, or hyperosteogeny; but in another space, there must be a soul body in that place, a soul body in a very deep space and no ordinary qigong master is capable of seeing it, people with ordinary qigong capacity cannot see it, and the only thing people can see is the black cloud around the body." This was so mysterious and so hard to comprehend; you have all sorts of things like this. But this was not all the story. To make things worse, my two old friends became increasingly ill. Wan was not well with his legs but when he took medicines, he could still manage to walk and could at least ride bike. But after he practiced Falun Gong, although he always told us that he no longer felt any pain and was easier to move around, yet his body betrayed him. We could see that it was more and more difficult for him to move around till he was totally paralyzed at last. We felt that something was wrong and came to our chief for an explanation. After listening carefully to our question, Old Li told us: "That's a good thing for him." He then said to Wan: "Which is more important, your legs or your life?" What kind of question was that, "life is more important, of course." "That's right," our station chief said. "That's exactly the benefits of practicing Falun Dafa. Look, your legs are no good, but you're still alive and that's because Dafa helped you to remove the illness that you'll suffer in next two decades and helped you to drive away the devils in you. In order to achieve that, you've got to pay a price and that's what we mean by eliminating karma." Well, that was a good thing and we were not good enough to see this; it was as simple as that, but we just didn't get it. So we kept working on it, regretting that we were not good enough. Just do it and let's move on.

The deaths of my good friends reveal the evil nature of Falun Gong cult for me

At nine o'clock on the morning of May 1, 1998, when practicing with me on the platform of our local stadium, Old Wan fell onto the ground all of a sudden and was sent to hospital immediately. Unfortunately, although the distance between the stadium and the hospital is no more than one kilometers, he still died of cerebral haemorrhage. A friend that used to be so alive died in front of me, that made me think twice and more about Falun Dafa. So I went to Old Li but he told me: "You don't understand; this is what we call consummation." I was so confused: we worked so hard to achieve the consummation, so this was it. After that, I was no longer as enthusiastic as I used to be and talked with my family about it. My little daughter works at a local science and technology commission; she said to me: "Dad, don't practice Falun Gong anymore. I heard that those practitioners in Sihong and Chuzhou (counties and districts in surrounding areas) were either severely ill or died because of it." At the news, my wife grounded me and said to me: "I don't want you to go on practicing it; that way, you won't die because of it." Shortly after that, Old Zhu, another fellow practitioner, also died of advanced lung cancer. My belief collapsed at the news; if that's the consummation we worked so hard to achieve, people will surely die sooner or later, what's the point?

The deaths of my good friends and fellow practitioners woke me up from the obsession on Falun Gong. Looking back at the nonsense full of that damned Zhuan Falun, I saw many conflicts and contradictions. Whenever Li Hongzhi finds no way to continue his lies in front of the practitioners, he would say: "You won't get it even if I go on talking to you." I got the full story till the government announced to ban Falun Gong as a cult and knew that Li Hongzhi is the head of this cult. That's so pathetic. Poor Wan and Zhu; I was blessed for not getting severely ill and for not getting involved in it too deep. Otherwise, I would have reached my own "consummation" right now.

I would never believe in any cults like Falun Gong for the rest of my life.

(Kaiwind.com, December 19, 2008)