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Li Hongzhi's nonsense about Armageddon, and the Universe


Male Commentator: An important premise and foundation of Li Hongzhi's Falun Dafa is that the Earth we are living on has undergone many times of destructions, and inescapably will be destroyed again. Here is a passage from a video.


Video of Li Hongzhi: Of course, we investigate with the supernatural power, we found that the human race had eighty-one such destructive strikes, only a few survived; the strike was not partial. I say the whole human society is under such a state; to look further, the images are not clear, only eight-one times could be checked.


Female Commentator: It is quite unexpected that Li Hongzhi was so modest, admitting his own power could reveal only eight-one past destructions.


Male Commentator: But when I look it up in the "Explanation of Zhuan Falun," a student asked him, why you taught this Gong Fa only nine times. These words rushed out of the mouth of Master Li's Our Universe has been destroyed nine times.


Female Commentator: Let us see how Li Hongzhi made up this story in another Fa-lecture.


Video of Li Hongzhi: At this moment, humans on this earth may have an apocalypse. Whether this will come or not, I won't tell you. For this matter, I won't say so, and I won't say not so. But there is one sure thing that I can tell everyone this earth was destroyed eight times in the past.


Video of Li Hongzhi: In this very position of our Earth, on the position of this Earth before that, there was an Earth. And then on that position of the that Earth, there was another Earth. That Earth is definitely destroyed, that is, exploded. Yeah, many times, and this number is very great, that is there have been many times of explosions.


Male Commentator: Li Hongzhi is definitely speaking nonsense. Whether the human race had been destroyed eighty-one times, or the Universe had undergone nine destructions, or the Earth was exploded eight times or numerous times; they are all about the past. This time, Li Hongzhi is implicating warnings of impending dangers, prophesizing that the human race is facing new Armageddon.


Female Commentator: Let us listen to a passage of his tape.


Audio of Li Hongzhi: Exploded to the void! Originally this Earth should have been exploded last year. Ah, that should not be told, because one layer does not understand another layer's affairs.


Female Commenator: This was what Li Hongzhi said five years ago. Then, this Earth should have been destroyed six years ago. Why it did not explode He boastfully told his disciples many times it was due to his total effort, and tried all his might, that the Earth explosion was postponed by thirty-years.


Male Commentator: Then, why the Earth should explode, and who makes the destiny that the Earth should explode. Let us listen to Li Hongzhi's explanations.


Video of Li Hongzhi: The human society is the garbage disposal station of the Universe, everyone should know, all not-good things drop down here. It seems to be, the Earth is the center of the Universe, everything that falls down, falls down to the center.


Female Commentator: Cursing the Earth as the garbage station of the Universe has become the standard issue of Li Hongzhi's nonsense. We also discover many of Li's parodies of the Earth.


Video of Li Hongzhi: I said yesterday, the human society is the excretion of the higher life forms, the humus of that. Human living in this dirty environment is like human jumping into a septic tank, all lives in the septic tank. Liking a comfortable spot, and complaining another discomforting area. What are you pursuing, you are in the septic tank.


Male Commentator Li Hongzhi, without refraining, dared to speak of the Earth as a big septic tank, and all human races are living in gods excretion.


Female Commentator: This crazy man used such dirty language to disgrace the Earth, and to humiliate human races. It is a rare display. But his venomous languages do not stop here.


Video of Li Hongzhi: A rotten apple, the Earth is what we see a rotten apple in this huge Universe, it is totally rotten. The molecules inside that apple are like the human of ours. Every molecule is like every person, thoroughly rotten. Then, should not this apple be destroyed, thrown out, and disposed of inside a clean room, an apple infested with worms, why should you keep it here Aren't you committing a bad act. This is like this Universe. This Earth has changed into such a state. If not destroying it, whoever not destroying it, then, is the god doing a bad thing.


Male Commentator: A garbage station, a septic tank, a rotten apple. Li Hongzhi curses the Earth through his seething teeth.


Female Commentator: According to the horrid description of Li Hongzhi's, the Earth is the evil abyss of the Universe. Therefore, the destruction of the Earth to purify the Universe is the logical outcome. He is thus openly hostile to the human race.


Male Commentator: Should we continue to list more examples The Destruction of the Earth is the Li Hongzhi's favorite basic point in every Fa-gathering. Scientific research has shown, since the birth of the earth about 4.6 billion years ago, it has gone through significant changes, but there was never any explosion of total obliteration of human race. At this peak of age, the earth should endure for many more billions of years without destruction. Li Hongzhi obviously intended to create fear, scare the people, with his devious Armageddon, so as to create social upheavals and chaos.


Female Commentator: Then, according to Li Hongzhi's logic, where should human who are burdened with such sins seek salvation in the face of the impending destruction of the Earth Let us listen to Li Hongzhi's answer.


Video of Li Hongzhi: About the End of Fa Period, everyone has seen, human race is rotten to such a degree, it is totally chaotic. No one cares about it, all have given up, because human race has been corrupted to such a degree. If there is anyone doing the salvation, I say, I am the only one.


Video of Li Hongzhi: I say, I am doing an unprecedented thing. I said, I open a wide door to modern humanity.


Video of Li Hongzhi: All over the country, I am the only one who is bring the people up to higher levels, passing the Dafa. This is positively true. There is not a second person doing this thing.


Male commentator: It is very clear Li Hongzhi is making up a big lie. According to his saying, the deeply sinful human race is facing a disaster, having reached the end, the only salvation comes from sitting cross-legged under the halos of Li Hongzhi, following him in the cultivation of Dafa, thus to open an exit door, for a ticket of escape. From this we can see how much hatred Li Hongzhi has carried toward humanity, and the earth of our inhabitation. His crazy desires and ambition to portray himself as the savior is very revealing.


Female commentator: At this point, humanity is the only known intelligent life form in the universe. The Earth is the mother of all human races. When astronauts looked down to earth from space, they exclaimed, this beautiful blue planet will have anyone's heart.


Male commentator: We have only one earth. Though there are poverty, and evils on this planet, she is the only loving home that we can have. Today, we are cleansing the corruption of Li Hongzhi's and his garbage, exactly for a healthier and better human society.


(Facts.org.cn, April 8, 2009)