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Awakening to reality after 'sending forth righteous thoughts' failed


My name is Gong Xiaonan and I work in a shipyard in Chibi City, Hubei Province. When I was a Falun Gong disciple, I was convinced of the power of "sending forth righteous thoughts" and became totally faithful to Falun Gong. Later on, I made myself a fool repeatedly in the course of "sending forth righteous thoughts." Yet gradually I came to realize that Falun Gong was truly a deceptive cult.

One night I went to a remote village with a fellow practitioner to distribute leaflets. When we just walked into the village, a dog barked at us fiercely, and more dogs came out and were about to spring upon me. However, I was not afraid at all, since I believed the Master would protect me and a few dogs were definitely unable to hurt me. Therefore I squatted and began "sending forth righteous thoughts." Strangely, the dogs did stop running after us. So we went on distributing leaflets, and I was even more convinced that "sending forth righteous thoughts" could really do wonders.

On the Eve of Spring Festival of 2005, my whole family was having a reunion dinner. I seized this opportunity to "send forth righteous thoughts" to my family members and advised my father to ensure his safety by quitting the Communist Party. As a result, my father drove me away from the dinner table with eating nothing at all. The whole family then broke up in discord. They said I must get some psychological problems, while I believed what I did was beneficial to my father.

One day in February last year, I wrote about a dozen of posters about Falun Gong with a brush pen and went out to paste them that afternoon. I planned to paste from our company all the way to the town. However, some one called the police when I just finished the third one; then a police car appeared with wailing sirens. Again, I was very calm: I was doing the right thing to save the world's people and the Master would protect me. I even imagined if I "sent forth righteous thoughts," the policemen would be struck dumb by my spell. Of course, I was arrested by two policemen. And on our way I kept "sending forth righteous thoughts" to drive away the "demon," but to no avail.

When I mentioned the "dog incident" to government instructors later, they all laughed, explaining it was common for dogs to stop running after you if you bent down. I tried it again, only to find it was true! Suddenly, I realized Li Hongzhi was a big liar. With the help of my colleagues, relatives and friends, I first doubted and finally completely denied Li Hongzhi's heresy. Now, when I look back at all these, I find at that time I was truly absurd and ridiculous!

(Kaiwind, December 25, 2007)